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A DIY COVID-19 vaccine, Josiah Zayner (a biohacker and former NASA scientist) is working at home



Zayner does DIY science experiments but now he has taken a huge task, that is to create a covid-19 vaccine and he says it is a great opportunity for the Bio-hackers. Josiah left his professional science career to proselytize DIY home science experiments. Currently, according to the sources, there are mainly around potential vaccines that are in a phase of development or either testing. Zayner used to be a NASA scientist but he said that he had to elevate the value of the DIY home science-based experiments. Zeyner is also famous for his experiment when he injected himself with the gene-editing tool Crispr when he was attending a conference. Zeyner saw an opportunity when a group of researchers published a study that a DNA vaccine can trigger the protective immunity against the Covid-19. He also said, that is it works for monkeys then it should be tested on humans.

The project is termed as Project McAfee. He is also doing a collaboration with Mississippi and Ukraine, where this entire process will be shown on live streams and to demonstrate how easily this process can guarantee a vaccine. The science of genome editing has made things more simple for the bio-engineering aspects, as most of the DNA can be changed to get the expected results. These DIY experiments mostly have one common issue and that is their safety concerns. The genome editing is just like editing a computer program or a code having various programming lines and these can be changed to produce the expected output. In the case of the SARS-CoV-2, the scientists developed a vaccine that is able to produce antibodies within the monkeys, it was tested on 35 monkeys.

These DIY experiments had been made simple because now you can order your own DNA online and then you can do experiments on the basis of it. Zeyner is doing the same, as he will order the coronavirus spike protein sequence and then he will put into a particular solution that would give him ease to inject it into the bodies of humans. So many tools can be ordered online, as the bio companies are selling them commercially to any potential customer. After the experimentation, the vaccine will be given to some amount of people, to test its effectiveness. A collaborator has stated that he would want to see these biological experiments get normal in future, so that people do not have to wait so long in order to find a cure.

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