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Hello there, this is the creator of Topibaaz speaking, I am called, “Ammar akhter khan”. Amidst the chaos of the Pandemic, I started this blog/social media infotainment website called Topibaaz. However, I did not have enough time to introduce myself. As my Amazon bio says, Ammar Khan is a nerdy researcher, intricate novelist, and a picky traveler, his books are published on Amazon and he has also presented his various research papers at international conferences. Not only this Ammar Khan has an academic writing course that is present on Udemy for beginners, along with it, if you are interested in data analysis, do delve into other courses that I had published on my Udemy account. Just search my full name on Google, “ammar akhter khan”, and I am an open book. Additionally, Ammar is a Pro-earth and mainly focused on global issues and research related to the solution to Global warming, Poverty eradication, Provision of education, and introduction of new technologies in the World.

I have recently published a novel called Triviality – science fiction. Along with it, my other writings are Hitler’s Nephew, the oblivion of Affection, A slash b normal, and Jibran of India. Also, do read the short stories that I had published on Topibaaz, especially, “the last cigarette that I lit” which is not yet completed, but soon I will be able to complete the story. Anyways, I have long-term goals to serve humanity, whether I use my education as my tool or my knowledge, or my content. Say good luck to me!

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