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All playstation users can now claim two games; Destiny and uncharted collection from playstation store for free



All of you gamers are being locked in your homes for good, no need to buy any new titles because these games means 4 titles exactly. ecause uncharted collection has 3 games. And with destiny it makes 4 games from playstation. So its kind of a treat for the gamers by sony Ps4. Personally, Topibaaz played uncharted 4 before playing the whole collection. The whole experience was amazing since Topibaaz bought play station 4 in like 2016 ish. At that time uncharted 4 was hot and obviously the story line, the graphics, you never want that game to end. It was a perfect game. Not only this people but you dont have to have a ps4 plus membership to get these games just login to the playstore and download your games. Pretty bad if you have a ptcl internet, then it will take days, for ptcl users, download it over night with the use of a mobile internet package that would do the trick for you.

Topibaaz played destiny also, that was just 3gb of games and seems very spectecular, and philosophical. Since, it had a few amazing aspects that i cannot reveal now, you have to play it yourself. Although, you have a time frame to own these games until may 5. Not only this but in germany and hina users will get Knack 2 and journey. So boys and girls, time to play the games and get rid of the quarantine dillema.

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