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Elon Musk wants to die on mars, building rockets that are refueled by mars environment



In a podcast of Joe Rogan, an employee of SpaceX has revealed that Elon Musk always jokes about that he wants to die on Mars. Also, he is not kidding, as he wants to live his old days as a fellow martian. Martian is name for mars so, Elon musk will be a martian if he successfully builds the space colony that he has envisioned. Therefore, mars will be fueling those rockets that took the humans to mars and after the wait of 2 years window, the rockets and starships will be refuelled themselves. Carbon dioxide and water are both present on mars’ environment, hence liquid methane will be created in a reaction and the liquid methane will fuel the rockets.

Garret Reisman, an old employee of Nasa said that Space X is moving at a fast rate because Nasa has to follow various protocols before taking any decisions while at Space X decisions can be made at a faster pace with fewer hindrances. At Space X they can take their decisions quickly and if they feel those might be wrong then they revert to the right things, but in Nasa same things would take a lot more time to execute. Elon Musk recently tweeted that coronavirus panic is dumb because in his opinion it should have been controlled easily. The U.S has not been able to keep its people secure from the coronavirus and now most of the big companies have allowed their workers to work from home. On the other hand, his recent tweets show a Falcon 9 booster landing on zone 1.

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