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Travelling Guide to Saudi Arabia etiquette customs and Traditions




Saudi Arabia is an official kingdom, it houses many Asian workers from Pakistan and India. Therefore, the official language is Arabic but there are other languages like Urdu and Farsi and many other Asian languages are spoken in this region. Also, the dialects in three different regions of Saudi Arabia are different. Islam is the main practising region as every year, the city of Makkah and medina house millions of people from around the world. These people perform their pilgrimage in the city of Makkah and also visit the Medina. Saudi Arabia is also an ally of America, Pakistan and India. Although, this country is also involved in a big conflict currently going on in Yemen. 

Culture of Saudi Arabia 

  • The eastern coast is populated with Shia Muslims, while the Sunni Muslims are populating the majority of Saudi Arabia. 
  • The official holiday in Saudi Arabia is of Friday, that is also a holy day for Muslims all around the world. 
  • Additionally, drinking is prohibited in Saudia Arabia, and there are various laws implemented to stop smoking, gum chewing, etc. 
  • Major celebrations include the Saudi national day, that is 23rd of September. The Eid ul Adha, and Eid ul Fitr. 
  • Additionally, there were bans of various kinds, like bans on cinema, ban on women driving cars. But now with the new king on the throne, the things are changing very fast for Saudi Arabia. 
  • The culture is changing very fast with temples of Hindus and churches for Christians are also being built
  • Not only this but cinemas are also open and women are also now allowed to drive the cars
  • Women can also attend a social gathering with men and various other sports events, before that it was not allowed in Saudi Arabia.

Family status in Saudi Arabia 

  • The tribal and close family traditions are common in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Saudi’s give all of their importance to their family culture, their clans and their tribes
  • Most of the families in Saudi Arabia and are close and contains many family members
  • Therefore, their social networks are mainly derived from the family cultures, cousins, friends etc
  • Nepotism is considered a privilege in Saudi Arabia, and the people are proud of it
  • Common beliefs are mainly divided among economic divides in the country, even the king of Saudi Arabia enslaved his cousins to get to the throne and to cement his stature in the kingdom

Gender roles in Saudi Arabia 

  • Gender difference is strict as indicated above that women were not allowed to go out without covering their heads or wearing an abaya
  • Additionally, women were not allowed to socialize
  • But now gender roles are gradually changing and the women are provided with equal opportunities in the country
  • Also, most of the women do not work in Saudi Arabia
  • Additionally, the presence of a male guardian is also necessary for Saudi Arabia
  • Women can invest in the property and own any property on their name

Women are conceptualized as the cornerstone of the family and nurturer rather than the provider of the family 

Socialization in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  • Socialisation is on a path to change in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, dramatic changes have happened in the last 40 to 50 years
  • In the older days, mothers used to give birth in the homes, she also played the role of the wet-nurse. But this aspect also induced the religion, and culture within their children and the whole family
  • Additionally, servants are also very responsible in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia to raise the children of the families

The economy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s economy is based on the oil and petroleum
  • Before the discovery of oil in Saudi Arabia, the kingdom was exporting coffee, sheep, cardamom, rice and clothes
  • Now, it produces very basic ingredients because most of its economy is based on oil
  • Modest income has been received by the kingdom of Saudi Arabia since the people from all around the world visit Saudi Arabia because of pilgrimage and they spend a lot of money on their holy journey
  • Not only this, now the kingdom of Saudi Arabia is opening various sites for tourists also, additionally, single women will be given visas also

Culture and arts of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  • Poetry and literature are widely renowned in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Recitation of the holy book Quran is also a normal tradition in weddings and various other events
  • Although, the mindset of people is changing and is being influenced by the cultures of Egypt and Lebanon
  • Because the shariah law is being imposed, various publications are being censored that are written against the king
  • Folk art and sculpture is also one of the most common arts and culture that can be experienced in Saudi Arabia
  • Additionally, paintings and statues are not considered valid in the culture of Saudi Arabia
  • The younger generation is being influenced by online gaming and the utilisation of the internet
  • The tradition of soccer in Saudi Arabia is also very prominent, a good national team also compete in FIFA tournaments

Business and etiquettes 

  • In the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, most of the men wear long and baggy shirts and also wear a traditional Arabic hat
  • Business is not given much priority over families, traditions and culture
  • Religion is intrinsic even in the business values of Saudi Arabia
  • Most of the workers are from Asian countries like Pakistan, India and Bangladesh
  • Conservative business attires are worn by women, the colours should also be neutral
  • Saudi’s expect three kisses while greeting or meeting with them
  • Saudi’s are strict about their time, and expect their business meetings to be started at the given time also
  • Negotiations are mostly made based on money because the kingdom is rich, therefore it has no problem to hire anyone for any particular project

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