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Humans can now know if they are exposed to Covid-19 through Mobile tracing technology



Most of the people think they don’t have symptoms of COVID-19, and they are most that are spreading the Virus all over their premises. The various strong measure has been taken by governments especially locking down their countries, having severe impacts upon their economies. A technological framework has been devised by the 130 volunteer researchers who are aiming to help people to return to their work, and this particular principle is called as contact tracing. Bluetooth low energy has been utilised that is mainly integrated with almost all of the smartphones in use today for the detection of close encounters with the infected people. The framework will be built on the basis of total transparency and privacy.

Most of the people who get on to the bus sit very near to those who are being infected. That person could only be a few feet away, and the person might not hear the other person coughing. But now this application can alert the person to recognise who is the infected person nearby. The people who are being tested positive will install the application and type a special code, the code will be transferred to the servers, and then this code will indicate that how many persons have been contact with the infected one. The user’s data is synchronized with those people who have been in contact with him for the last 21 days. Then these codes generated by all of the users will be transferred to a person so that he or she knows who is infected and who is not. 130 European researchers and technologists have worked on this application. Pan-European Privacy-Preserving Proximity Tracing project is the name of this particular framework designed by the team of the volunteers.

it has been indicated that if the contact tracing is being conducted manually, then the process would be very slow. On the other hand, if the process is automated then this particular process can help trace the infected people very quickly and informed those who are not infected. This is not just an application but this could be called as whole ecosystem of technologies. Additionally, the users if they are exposed to the virus, will be alerted to self-quarantine at home rather than resuming their outside activities. The application does not use GPS data, does not take any credit card data, does not use surveillance or monitoring system that is the reason why it is different from the system that has been used by countries for contact tracing.

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