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Its confirmed Gigi and Zayn are having their first baby together



Rumors were there, but in the last night show of Jimmy fallon, Gigi hadid confirmed that she and zayn are having their first baby together. Its a big step Zigi relationship, the couple had on and off romance but now thy have decided that they are going to tie themselves together even more, in the form a super cute baby. Zayn has always loved Gigi, even when both of them broke of Zayn expressed his love for Gigi to his friends. He said, I am thrilled to welcome a child with Gigi.

Jimmy Fallon is also Topibaaz’s favourite night show host, since the guy has a true smile on his face most of the time and is always spontaneous in what he does. He also expressed love for the coming child, and has also shared his support, that if you need uncle fallon, then he will here for the child anytime. Topibaaz wrote very late about this babay thing, because you know, the rumors, but now that it has been confirmed by the mother of the baby, it is the right of Topibaaz to talk about the news. Topibaaz wishes a solid relationship to both of them and also wishes them a good future together.

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