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The culture of banning games like PUBG is not good for E-sports



Pakistan is on 11th spot in E-sports ranking, just because a guy named Sumail Hassan who is a 20 yr old has played more than 60 tournaments in the world. He is accounted to an earning of $3,591,225.34. On the other hand, PUBG game has been banned on the basis of spreading violence. Let me remind you who get us a playing pistol in our childhood, our family members. They want us to play with toy guns, why these toys are even made, arent they spreading the violence. We all grew up playing a virtual cop, IGI, counter strike and various other first-person shooting games. These games are in our DNA, obviously its fun to play games. There are tons and tons of guys in Pakistan who are earning money by playing PUBG, and some are even supporting their families.

Sumail is a prime example as he used to play DOTA 2, in internet cafes in Pakistan. He did not have much money to even afford a single personal computer. Arsalan Siddique is another prime example of the verge of E-sports gaming in Pakistan. This guy had gaming zones at the front of his home, his parents told him, that he was little he was going and sleeping in those gaming zones. Arsalan is the best Tekken game player in the world, he is being sponsored by the Red bull brand. Therefore, if we want these sponsors to stop investing in the youth of our country then we can ban every game that our children play.

Life is also a game, our enemies use weapons and we defend against them. But banning games and that young guy are not allowed to take part in e-sports activities is just plain stupid. Some of the guys are earning money by streaming games online and they don’t want this opportunity to go away from their hands as they want to do good for their family. Since now their families are counting on them to make it to the international level. If we want more guys like arsalan, sumail to lift our flag in this world, then just stop this stupidity and lift the ban from a bloody game.

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