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Why Elon Musk is wrong about Robots and we need backup like IronMan



In this day and age, where humans have created a lot of smart technologies and various automated machines, Covid-19 has crippled our systems. Humans are working to save humans, which means we have to put more humans at stake in order to save some. This means that the idea of the creation of robot works, but only if they think like humans. Elon Musk has repeatedly stated that he does not like the idea of giving more power to Artificial intelligence but now that the world has seen countless deaths because of the Coronavirus, it could be noted that we need robots who can take care of us, we need robots who can give us medicines and we need robots who can work 24/7 without any sleep. This means that we have to make our technologies efficient enough so that they can give enough support that we cant go financially bankrupt, while most of the world is in lockdown because of the coronavirus. Stocks have plunged and the people with inside information, people who had connections, sold their stocks while the normal trading people had lost tons and tons of money. America and China, one of the biggest economies in the world, are shut down, what happened to the world, are we not enough powerful to fight this virus, what happened to the economic war that we were fighting against each other.

Humans in health care are the most vulnerable to the coronavirus since they come into contact directly with the patients. If the world has designed an army like Tony stark as he did in iron man3. Then the world would be at ease right now, robots will be given instructions from home, what to give to the patients, how to treat patients. Additionally, some robots should be running simulations on how to defeat the coronavirus. Robots are an added workforce for humanity, not only this they could have been used to deliver food, groceries etc. On the other hand, humans are doing so, some privileged people are at their home sitting and watching movies. Daily wagers, who earn to eat are out there working for us. The world has to make sense in future and we have to create a backup, like in the second clip from the 3rd iron man movie, tony had a lot of back-ups that helped him as an army. If he would be alone then he would have lost the battle. The world can take a bad form in the future, we can witness many viruses like this, therefore we have thought it through and make sure are we making enough progress and do we have a backup or not.

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