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You can’t get enough of 2020, Scientists have found a parallel universe where time runs backwards



Another parallel universe, where time would run backwards after the big bang, the research paper is called as the CPT symmetric universe. Various stories have emerged that NASA have found a parallel universe, although it’s still big speculation, although scientists have found the signals of the fundamental particle that might change our current understanding of the physics. Additionally, it has to do something with the interaction of the particles with the ice. Daily star has also said that there is a parallel universe right next to us, where time is running anticlockwise. All these speculations are based around a research paper, that was published from IceCube Neutrino observatory.

A stratospheric balloon-based experiment in Antarctica is called as Anita, that has antennas pointed back to earth, it is the first observatory in order to analyse neutrinos of any particular type. In 2016, high energy particles have been found by ANITA, and they were coming from the surface of the earth, which might be impossible. Therefore, in order to interpret this signal, we need understanding of opsy-turvy universe, which means a parallel universe might have been created with our big bang with runs time in the opposite direction. where everything is different, negative is positive, right is left and the time runs backwards. We still don’t know why there is no antimatter int he universe, other possible explanations like exotic physics can also be considered for it.

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