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Fiction and Non-Fiction in Contemporary Times




I was invited by Fatima Jinnah University for Women to talk about the topic of fiction and non-fiction in contemporary times at the prestigious occasion of Fatamians Literature Festival 2023. In which I explained my own journey that how an engineer became a writer, i explained about my passion to write fiction and non-fiction, because I had always used parts of non-fiction (reality ) and merged them with fiction to create intriguing stories; an example is my work of “the oblivion of affection” and “the hitlers nephew”, “A slash B normal”.

Link of youtube lecture

I also explained that how did i organically started making money just because I loved writing and i wanted to invest my time to write novels. The power of imagination is unreal, I also emphasized on the aspect that we are never going to get a combo of fiction and non-fiction in our mainstream media, so start writing today. If you have some unique stories to tell then just start writing, because 13 years ago when I started writing the hitlers nephew I only had ideas but my writing was not up to the mark, today I revised it because the stories that I had written back then were intriguing. So, now that i have polished my writing skills, I can also revised my old works, my current work triviality is also inspired by final year project of my bachelors degree, ” The Zigbee based synchronised clocks”, and even the idea of that project came about because of a dream that I saw in which I was stranded in a desert. Therefore, even for my readers the message is somewhat similar, start turning your dreams into realities, or as a writer start turning your ideas into physical books.

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The Bedwetter – While being Wet he explored the Whole Universe




Once upon a time in a small town, there lived a curious and adventurous kid named Alex. Alex loved exploring the world, whether it was through his imagination or by cycling around the neighborhood. He often found himself daydreaming about cycling through vast green fields, feeling the wind rush through his hair.

One sunny afternoon, Alex dozed off on his favorite armchair, lost in a daydream about racing on his bicycle. In his dream, he was pedaling with all his might, his legs moving in perfect rhythm with the spinning wheels. The excitement in his dream was so real that his body reacted to it.

However, as the dream progressed, Alex suddenly felt an urgent need to relieve himself. His eyes shot open, and he realized that his dream was interrupted by a very pressing matter. Panic surged through him, and he leaped up from the armchair, searching for a solution. His eyes landed on a small garden just outside the window.

Without wasting a second, Alex rushed outside, hoping to find a spot to answer nature’s call. He darted through the garden, scanning for a suitable hiding place. But as he fumbled to find a suitable spot, his body had other plans. The moment he found a quiet corner, the plants surrounding him started growing rapidly, towering above him.

Confused and desperate, Alex tried to stop the flow, but to his horror, he couldn’t. He looked down at his own body, desperately pleading with his own private parts to cease their release. “Stop! Stop! Please, stop!” he begged, his voice filled with embarrassment and distress. But his pleas fell on deaf ears as the stream continued relentlessly.

Suddenly, Alex’s eyes snapped open. He found himself back in his room, drenched in sweat. His heart raced, and he struggled to catch his breath. His friend, Ethan, sat across from him with a bewildered expression on his face.

“Bro, I saw you peeing all over your bed,” Ethan said, unable to contain his amusement.

Blushing furiously, Alex felt a mix of relief and embarrassment flood through him. He couldn’t believe that his dream had somehow become a reality, albeit an embarrassing one. He glanced at the wet bed sheets and quickly realized that he needed a plan to cover up his mishap before his parents found out.

“Let’s not tell anyone,” Alex pleaded with Ethan, hoping to salvage some dignity.

Ethan chuckled and agreed to help his friend. They hurriedly stripped the bed and bundled up the wet linen, brainstorming ways to wash them without their parents noticing. They tiptoed upstairs to the laundry room, hoping to avoid any confrontation.

However, just as they were about to begin their covert operation, Alex’s parents appeared at the top of the stairs, a concerned expression on their faces.

“Kid, have you peed on the bed again?” his mother exclaimed, her voice a mix of disbelief and exasperation.

Alex’s face flushed with embarrassment as he stood there, caught in the act. He stammered, trying to find the right words to explain the situation, but the evidence was clear. Ethan stood beside him, wearing a sheepish grin, knowing that their secret mission had failed.

As Alex’s parents took in the scene before them, a mix of amusement and frustration, they exchanged a knowing glance. While they were disappointed that Alex had once again wet his bed, they couldn’t help  friends, a story they would laugh about for years to come.but find the situation somewhat comical.

Sighing, Alex’s father shook his head and said, “Well, I guess it’s time for a serious talk about  using the bathroom before bedtime.”

And so, amidst a whirlwind of embarrassment, laughter, and life lessons, Alex and Ethan learned that dreams, no matter how vivid or embarrassing, can sometimes have a way of seeping into reality. From that day forward, Alex made sure to use the bathroom before bedtime, hoping to avoid any more unexpected mishaps. But, this ugly dream was just the start of this phenomenon that is called as the bedwetter

As the school day progressed, the whispers and gossip about Alex’s bedwetting habit continued to spread among the students. The group of kids who had been making up stories about him grew bolder with each passing moment. Alex and Ethan sat together at another table, finishing their lunch, aware of the stares and whispers directed their way.

Feeling frustrated and embarrassed, Alex turned to Ethan and asked, “Have you told them again?”

Ethan shook his head, replying, “No, I haven’t. But maybe you should tell them yourself. Otherwise, they’ll keep making up stories, and you’ll feel even more ashamed.”

Nervously, Alex glanced over at the group of kids who had been spreading the rumors. One of them, Jake, seemed particularly agitated. Determined to confront the situation head-on, Alex made his way towards Jake, hoping to set the record straight.

However, upon reaching Jake, Alex was met with a surge of anger. Jake swung his fist at Alex, aiming to hurt him for reasons beyond the bedwetting rumors. Instinctively, Alex raised his thermos to defend himself, but in the heat of the moment, he misjudged his movement. The thermos rolled off his hand, striking him in the face instead, causing his cheek to swell.

Jake, surprised by the unexpected outcome, quickly retreated, leaving Alex nursing his throbbing cheek. The commotion drew the attention of teachers, and soon Alex found himself back in the headmistress’s office, accompanied by his concerned mother.

The headmistress listened attentively as Alex explained the situation, recounting the rumors and the altercation with Jake. Sensing Alex’s sincerity, the headmistress decided to address the issue firmly. She summoned Jake and the other kids involved in spreading the stories, demanding an explanation for their behavior.

Reluctantly, the kids confessed to their part in the rumor mill. The headmistress expressed her disappointment and issued appropriate consequences, reminding them of the importance of empathy and understanding.

Turning to Alex, she offered words of encouragement, advising him to be cautious and to report any future incidents promptly. She assured him that his well-being and reputation were important to the school community.

After the meeting, Alex returned home, his swollen cheek a painful reminder of the day’s events. His mother, a mix of concern and anger, scolded him for getting into a fight but recognized the need to address the underlying issue.

The next day at school, as Alex navigated the hallways with a hint of trepidation, a new classmate caught his attention. Nerma, a Muslim girl from Bosnia, entered the classroom, exuding a quiet grace and beauty that captivated Alex instantly.

Over time, Alex’s friendship with Nerma blossomed. They often found themselves seated together during classes, helping each other with their respective subjects. Nerma struggled with algebra, while Alex found history challenging. Recognizing their complementary strengths, they agreed to study together, exchanging knowledge and expertise.

Nervous yet excited, Alex brainstormed with Ethan about his upcoming study session at Nerma’s house. Ethan, always the mischievous one, suggested watching a movie to prepare for the possibility of seeing naked women, as a lighthearted attempt to broach the subject of puberty.

They devised a plan to acquire a VHS tape with scenes of a movie that included nudity. Sneaking it into Alex’s house, they settled in to watch, unaware that Alex’s father had arrived home early.

Caught off guard, Alex’s father walked in on them, his face filled with surprise and disappointment. He sternly questioned the boys about the tape, demanding an explanation for their actions. Concerned for their well-being, he decided to take both Alex and Ethan to the local video store, urging the owner not to lend any movies to the kids in the future.

Through all the ups and downs, Alex learned valuable lessons about navigating rumors, friendships, and the complexities of growing up. And as time went on, he discovered that the path to self-discovery was filled with unexpected twists and turns, but it was in those moments that he found the truest connections and forged the most meaningful relationships.

Finally, the time has come and alex visits nermas house, he is being welcomed by her parents. While studying, alex cannot control his affection for nerma, tries to kiss her but she stops him and says to him that her parents have asked her not to get involved with any christian kid.

Feeling disheartened by Nerma’s rejection, Alex returned home with a heavy heart. The realization that his religion had become a barrier between him and someone he cared about left him questioning his own beliefs and values. He contemplated how he could bridge the divide that seemed to separate them.

As he walked through the streets lost in his thoughts, a familiar voice calling his name snapped him out of his reverie. It was the same kid from school who had been harassing him earlier. Fear gripped Alex as he realized he was being pursued. He quickened his pace, desperately trying to find a safe haven.

Running as fast as he could, Alex managed to reach his house just in time, shutting the front door behind him. The group of kids outside began pelting his room with pellets, their malicious intent evident. Their actions grew more aggressive, and a stray pellet shattered the window, sending shards of glass scattering across the floor.

The incident left Alex shaken and fearful for his safety. He sought solace within the walls of his home, grateful for the protective embrace it offered him.

Later that evening, as his family gathered around the television, a sudden disruption in the broadcast caught their attention. The antenna was malfunctioning, causing the screen to flicker and distort. With his father absent, Alex took it upon himself to investigate the issue. He climbed up to the rooftop to inspect the antenna, unaware of the danger that awaited him.

In a cruel twist of fate, Alex lost his footing and slipped, tumbling down from the rooftop. The impact left him with a broken right hand and a sense of profound vulnerability. He was rushed to the hospital, where his mother tirelessly cared for him, her love and concern unwavering.

During his recovery, Nerma paid him a visit. She expressed her sympathy for what he had endured and acknowledged the limitations placed on their relationship by her parents’ expectations. Despite the restrictions, she conveyed her desire to remain friends, offering him a sense of support and understanding in a difficult time.

As Alex reflected on his experiences, he realized the importance of resilience and the strength that could be found within oneself. He recognized that the challenges he faced were opportunities for personal growth and self-discovery.

With time, Alex’s broken hand healed, but the scars from his encounters remained, serving as reminders of the lessons he had learned. 

Overwhelmed with mixed emotions, Alex held onto the hope that there might still be a chance for a deeper connection with Nerma. Her kiss on his forehead lingered in his thoughts, sparking a sense of possibility within him. He became determined to find a way to navigate the religious barrier that separated them.

Meanwhile, the disappearance of his dear friend Ethan weighed heavily on Alex’s mind. The search efforts by his family and the police yielded no leads, leaving them in a state of worry and uncertainty. Days turned into weeks, and the absence of his closest companion created a void in Alex’s life.

Then, one fateful day, a note mysteriously arrived for Alex. The message, written in Ethan’s handwriting, revealed a surprising revelation: “I am too a bedwetter.” Alex showed the note to his parents, who became deeply concerned and promptly handed it over to the police as evidence.

After conducting a thorough analysis, the police confirmed that the note was indeed written by Ethan. This discovery intensified the search efforts, as authorities recognized the urgent need to locate him.

Days passed, filled with worry and unanswered questions. But then, a ray of hope emerged when news spread throughout the school that Ethan had returned. Alex’s heart raced with excitement and relief. He immediately rushed back home to find his long-lost friend.

Upon arriving, Alex discovered Ethan calmly lying on his bed, as if he had never disappeared at all. Bewildered, Alex approached him, eager to understand the truth behind his absence. Ethan began recounting a fantastical story about his journey to a cave in his dream, where he spent an entire lifetime before returning as a child.

Alex, initially taken aback, couldn’t help but laugh in response to Ethan’s mischievous nature, and told him that he is very good at making up these stories. But Ethan is adamant about the fact that he did live a lifetime in that cave, and he advised Alex not to stop peeing the next time, just keep peeing and don’t wake up whatever happens. Alex is still not convinced but he promises Ethan that he will try to do that the next time he falls asleep on his bed. 

To be continued!

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Let’s Dive deep into Ocean Gate’s Submersible Tragedy




The website now says that they have suspended all exploration and commercial operations after the recent tragedy in which CEO Stockton rush himself with five others and lost his life. The expeditions that were advertised on the ocean gates website for Titanic’s exploration were of 8 days and 7 nights, May 23 to June 23, max people were 6 on board, 5 others including the CEO Stockton rush, the minimum age for participation in this exploration is 17+, maximum people indicated for a dive were 6 per week. Wifi is also available on board. The departure and return location is St, Johns New Newfoundland, Canada. Dates for the 2024 expedition are also available on the website, 2024 Expedition Mission 1: June 12 – 20, Mission 2: June 21 – 29. Other essentials are listed below;



Price Includes

  • One submersible dive
  • Private accommodations
  • All required training
  • Expedition gear
  • All meals while on board

Price Excludes

  • Airfare and travel
  • Hotels and meals before departure
  • Travel or personal insurance

The video of the whole experience is also present on the website so that viewers can be advertised how and what are they going to experience if they are going to be on board for the titanic wreckage exploration.

It has also been indicated on the website that tourists onboard will be taking their trip with none other than PH Nargeolet, PH Nargeolet is a renowned Titanic expert, having led six expeditions to the Titanic wreck site and lectured at numerous Titanic exhibitions around the world. He’s known as “Titanic’s Greatest Explorer.” It was his 28th dive that led him to his death, in one interview, he recounts the memory when Stockton contacted him about the submersible, he said that he responded, “it’s okay, it’s fine, I will accompany you”. Seems like PH didn’t care about the design since, he had already dived and had seen the wreckage so many times, he could have hoped onto any submersible not considering the safety standards that has been taken or undergone by the manufacturer of the submersible.

From day 1 to day 7 the drip has had these features;

Day 1 St. John’s – Newfoundland – Canada

Arrive in the seaside city of St. John’s to meet your expedition crew and board the vessel that will take you to the wreck of the RMS Titanic. Visitors will familiarize themselves with life on a working vessel as we begin the 400-nautical-mile-journey to the wreck site.

Day 2 North Atlantic

Welcome to the wild North Atlantic Ocean. As we continue to steam out to the dive site, visitors will learn more about the days ahead and get to know the rest of the expedition crew more. The Expedition Leader will go over important safety information and dive day logistics, and our science team and content experts will help visitors prepare for what they may discover on their dive. It would be wise to make it an early night – dive days begin bright and early and ocean gate may be diving as soon as Day 3. 

Day 3 – 7 Titanic Dive Site

Depending on the sea state, diving could begin as early as Day 3.

On a dive day, ocean gate said that they will begin with final dive checks on the back deck before heading to the bridge for a pre-dive meeting. Then visitors will climb inside Titan, OceanGate’s five-person submersible, to begin the dive. Those who are not diving the first day will be incorporated into other areas of dive ops — like driving the dingy, assisting the Expedition Manager, collecting media or simply enjoying watching the team work together to do something truly unique.

Once the submersible is launched visitors will begin to see alien-like lifeforms whizz by the viewport as visitors sink deeper and deeper into the ocean. The descent takes approximately two hours but it feels like the blink of an eye. Visitors may assist the pilot with coms and tracking, take notes for the science team about what people see outside of the viewport, watch a movie, or eat lunch. There is a private toilet at the front of the sub if nature calls.

Soon visitors will arrive at depth, and after some navigating across the seafloor and debris field, finally, see what you’ve been waiting for: the RMS Titanic. The content expert onboard will point out key features, be they of the wreck itself or the life that calls this corner of the ocean home. Enjoy hours of exploring the wreck and debris field before making the two-hour ascent to the surface.

Once on deck, you will be welcomed back by the expedition crew and be able to share the story of your incredible accomplishment.

On the days you’re not diving, you may be part of the dive ops crew for the other dive team, review underwater footage from your dive, chat with experts about the dive’s discoveries, sit in the sun on the top deck, watch a pod of whales swim by the ship, drive a dingy in the wild North Atlantic – non-diving days are just as busy as dive days.

Ocean gate will begin to steam back to St. John’s on Day 7.

Day 8 St. John’s – Newfoundland – Canada

Signal Hill is the first thing visitors will see as we motor into St. John’s. Take a moment to reflect on all that you have accomplished – ocean gate also claimed that, the visitors are one of less than 300 people in history who have dove into the world’s most famous shipwreck. Visitors leave the vessel with a collection of media from the dives and an amazing adventure to share when they get back home.

This is the total 8-day plan that was made to explore the Titanic wreckage, a novel so-called submersible that was made up of carbon-fiber. There were many speculations that had been done on the structural compromises that had been made by using this particular material, that is not usually used for manufacturing a deep diving submersible. Only future can tell what was the main problem due to which it lost its communication and then imploded, or it imploded due to which it lost its communication with the control central.

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About Creator of Topibaaz




Hello there, this is the creator of Topibaaz speaking, I am called, “Ammar akhter khan”. Amidst the chaos of the Pandemic, I started this blog/social media infotainment website called Topibaaz. However, I did not have enough time to introduce myself. As my Amazon bio says, Ammar Khan is a nerdy researcher, intricate novelist, and a picky traveler, his books are published on Amazon and he has also presented his various research papers at international conferences. Not only this Ammar Khan has an academic writing course that is present on Udemy for beginners, along with it, if you are interested in data analysis, do delve into other courses that I had published on my Udemy account. Just search my full name on Google, “ammar akhter khan”, and I am an open book. Additionally, Ammar is a Pro-earth and mainly focused on global issues and research related to the solution to Global warming, Poverty eradication, Provision of education, and introduction of new technologies in the World.

I have recently published a novel called Triviality – science fiction. Along with it, my other writings are Hitler’s Nephew, the oblivion of Affection, A slash b normal, and Jibran of India. Also, do read the short stories that I had published on Topibaaz, especially, “the last cigarette that I lit” which is not yet completed, but soon I will be able to complete the story. Anyways, I have long-term goals to serve humanity, whether I use my education as my tool or my knowledge, or my content. Say good luck to me!

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