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Toshakhana- The culmination of all the Corrupt Political Elites of Pakistan



In recent times, Pakistan has been grappling with a myriad of challenges, both domestic and international. From a struggling economy to mounting security concerns, the country has its fair share of problems to deal with. One issue that has been at the forefront of public discourse is corruption. Pakistan has long been plagued by corruption, and it is widely recognized as one of the biggest hurdles to progress and development in the country.

The latest development in the ongoing fight against corruption is the release of the Toshakhana gifts record since 2002. The Toshakhana is a repository of gifts that are given to the President, Prime Minister, Ministers, Governors, and other high-ranking officials of the country. The record of gifts given and received has been made public for the first time since 2002. This move is significant as it will provide much-needed transparency in the government’s affairs and help to root out corruption.

The Toshakhana record shows that gifts worth billions of rupees have been given and received by the high-ranking officials of the country. These gifts range from luxury cars and watches to precious gems and jewelry. It is worth noting that these gifts were given by both foreign and local individuals, and some of them were received by the officials in their official capacity.

One of the most notable entries in the Toshakhana record is the gift of a gold-plated assault rifle given to former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif by the Saudi Arabian government. The rifle is valued at approximately Rs 65 lakh and was given to Mr. Sharif during his visit to Saudi Arabia in 2017. The Toshakhana record also shows that former President Asif Ali Zardari received a diamond necklace worth Rs 44 lakh from a Saudi prince.

The release of the Toshakhana gifts record is a welcome move in the fight against corruption. It will provide the public with much-needed transparency in the government’s affairs and help to hold high-ranking officials accountable for their actions. The record will also serve as a deterrent to those who might be tempted to engage in corrupt practices.

However, the release of the Toshakhana record is only the first step in the fight against corruption. The government must also take steps to ensure that those who engage in corrupt practices are held accountable for their actions. The country’s legal system must be strengthened to ensure that corrupt officials are prosecuted and punished. The government must also take steps to promote transparency and accountability in all aspects of governance.

The release of the Toshakhana gifts record is a significant development in the fight against corruption in Pakistan. It will provide much-needed transparency in the government’s affairs and help to hold high-ranking officials accountable for their actions. However, the government must take further steps to strengthen the legal system and promote transparency and accountability in all aspects of governance. Only then can Pakistan hope to root out corruption and make progress towards a brighter future.

The release of the Toshakhana gifts record since 2002 has been met with mixed reactions from the public. While some have welcomed the move as a step towards transparency and accountability, others have criticized it as a selective disclosure of information. Many have pointed out that the record only covers a limited period and does not provide a complete picture of the gifts received by the officials.

Despite these criticisms, the release of the Toshakhana record is a positive step towards promoting transparency in the country’s governance. It has shed light on the extravagant gifts received by high-ranking officials, some of which are worth millions of rupees. The record includes entries for luxury vehicles, expensive watches, jewelry, and other high-value items.

It is not only the monetary value of the gifts that is concerning, but also the potential conflicts of interest they may create. The officials who receive these gifts may feel obliged to reciprocate in some way, which could lead to corrupt practices. The Toshakhana record has highlighted the need for clearer rules and guidelines on the acceptance of gifts by officials in Pakistan.

The release of the Toshakhana record is also a reminder of the importance of holding public officials accountable for their actions. Corruption has long been a pervasive problem in Pakistan, and it is often the poorest and most vulnerable who suffer the most from it. By providing transparency in the gifts received by officials, the government is taking a step towards addressing this issue.

However, the release of the Toshakhana record is only the first step towards combating corruption in Pakistan. The government must also take other measures to ensure accountability and transparency in governance. This includes strengthening anti-corruption laws, increasing the independence of anti-corruption bodies, and providing greater protection for whistleblowers.

Furthermore, the government must also address the underlying causes of corruption, such as poor governance, lack of transparency, and weak institutions. This will require significant reforms in various areas, including tax collection, public procurement, and the administration of justice.

The Toshakhana gifts record since 2002, which has been made public in Pakistan, provides a detailed account of the gifts received by Pakistani officials over the years. These gifts include everything from luxury vehicles and expensive watches to precious gems and jewelry. Some of the notable gifts listed in the record include:

  1. A gold-plated assault rifle: Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif received a gold-plated assault rifle worth approximately Rs 65 lakh from the Saudi Arabian government during his visit to Saudi Arabia in 2017.
  2. A diamond necklace: Former President Asif Ali Zardari received a diamond necklace worth Rs 44 lakh from a Saudi prince.
  3. Luxury vehicles: The record shows that several officials received luxury vehicles as gifts, including former Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani, who received a Land Cruiser worth Rs 13.5 million, and former President Pervez Musharraf, who received a BMW car worth Rs 14.5 million.
  4. Expensive watches: Several officials were also gifted expensive watches, including former Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, who received a watch worth Rs 5.5 million, and former Chief Minister of Punjab Shehbaz Sharif, who received a watch worth Rs 3.5 million.
  5. Precious gems and jewelry: The Toshakhana record shows that officials received a range of precious gems and jewelry as gifts, including diamond rings, necklaces, and bracelets.

It is worth noting that some of these gifts were received by officials in their official capacity, while others were received as personal gifts. However, the Toshakhana record has highlighted the need for clearer rules and guidelines on the acceptance of gifts by officials in Pakistan.

The release of the Toshakhana gifts record has also raised questions about the potential conflicts of interest that could arise from accepting such gifts. Officials who receive gifts from individuals or countries may feel obliged to reciprocate in some way, which could lead to corrupt practices. The record has underscored the need for stricter regulations on the acceptance of gifts by officials and greater transparency in the country’s governance.

In conclusion, the Toshakhana gifts record since 2002 provides a detailed account of the gifts received by Pakistani officials, including luxury cars, watches, and jewelry. While some of these gifts were received in their official capacity, others were received as personal gifts. The release of this record highlights the need for greater transparency and accountability in the country’s governance and stricter regulations on the acceptance of gifts by officials.

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Corrupt Political dynasties, Influence of Army and Rigged Voting System of Pakistan




Corruption is a pervasive problem in many areas of Pakistani society, and the country’s voting system is no exception. Pakistan has a long history of election fraud, with allegations of vote-rigging, intimidation, and coercion being common occurrences in many parts of the country. This has led to widespread disillusionment and distrust in the electoral process, making it difficult for the government to maintain legitimacy and for citizens to have faith in their elected representatives.

One of the most significant issues with the voting system in Pakistan is the prevalence of vote buying. Political parties and candidates are known to offer cash, goods, and other incentives to voters in exchange for their support. This practice undermines the integrity of the voting process, as it allows those with money and power to influence the outcome of the election, rather than allowing citizens to vote based on their beliefs and values.

Another issue is the lack of transparency and accountability in the voting process. The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) is responsible for overseeing the electoral process, but its effectiveness has been called into question on multiple occasions. There have been allegations of biased decision-making, and it has been criticized for not doing enough to prevent electoral fraud and ensure fair elections.

Additionally, the use of violence and intimidation is also a common tactic used during elections in Pakistan. Candidates and political parties have been known to use force to intimidate voters, and there have been reports of violence and even deaths during election campaigns.

The consequences of a corrupt voting system are far-reaching. When people do not trust the electoral process, they are less likely to participate in elections, and this can lead to a lack of representation for certain communities or groups. Furthermore, when elections are not perceived as free and fair, it can lead to civil unrest and instability, which can have negative implications for the country’s social and economic development.

Hence, the corrupt voting system in Pakistan is a significant challenge for the country’s democracy. Addressing this problem will require a concerted effort from all stakeholders, including the government, civil society, and citizens. The government must take steps to strengthen the ECP’s independence and increase transparency in the electoral process. Civil society must continue to advocate for free and fair elections, and citizens must remain vigilant and actively participate in the democratic process. Only through collective action can Pakistan’s voting system become more transparent, accountable, and truly representative of the will of its people.

Corrupt political dynasties are another major issue in Pakistan that exacerbates the problem of corruption in the country’s political system. Many political families have dominated Pakistani politics for decades, with political power being passed down through the generations. This has led to a concentration of power among a few elite families, creating a system that is ripe for corruption and abuse of power.

One example of a political dynasty in Pakistan is the Bhutto family. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, the founder of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), was the first democratically elected prime minister of Pakistan in 1973. However, his daughter, Benazir Bhutto, also served as the prime minister, as did her husband, Asif Ali Zardari, who became notorious for his corruption during his time in office. Despite allegations of corruption and abuse of power, the Bhutto family has remained a powerful force in Pakistani politics, with Benazir’s son, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, now leading the PPP.

The Sharif family is another prominent political dynasty in Pakistan, with Nawaz Sharif serving as the prime minister on three separate occasions. However, his tenure was plagued by allegations of corruption, and he was eventually removed from office in 2017 due to corruption charges. Despite this, the Sharif family remains a powerful force in Pakistani politics, with Nawaz’s brother, Shehbaz Sharif, serving as the leader of the opposition.

The concentration of power in the hands of a few families creates a system that is susceptible to corruption, nepotism, and cronyism. This is because political families often use their influence to secure government contracts, favors, and positions for their relatives and allies. This results in a lack of meritocracy, as individuals are not appointed to positions based on their qualifications or abilities, but rather on their connections to those in power.

Moreover, political dynasties perpetuate a sense of entitlement and privilege among those in power, making it easier for them to abuse their positions for personal gain. This undermines the democratic ideals of accountability, transparency, and fairness, and contributes to the erosion of trust in government institutions.

The influence of the military on Pakistani politics is another factor that contributes to corruption and undermines democratic institutions. The military has played a significant role in Pakistani politics since the country’s inception in 1947, and has often acted as a check on civilian politicians, frequently intervening in politics to protect its interests.

The military has been known to interfere in elections, often supporting particular candidates or parties that are viewed as favorable to its interests. In some instances, the military has even rigged elections or coerced political leaders into forming alliances that align with its interests. Such actions undermine the basic principles of democracy, where free and fair elections are the cornerstone of a representative government.

In addition to electoral interference, the military also exerts its influence through the country’s security apparatus, with many key government positions being held by military officers. This allows the military to have significant input on government decisions, even in areas that are not directly related to security or defense.

Moreover, the military’s influence extends to the economic sphere, with military-controlled entities often receiving preferential treatment in government contracts and other economic activities. This leads to a concentration of wealth and power in the hands of military officials, further entrenching their hold on the political system.

This situation has led to a situation where the military has significant influence over the civilian government, with politicians often unable or unwilling to take decisions that go against the interests of the military. This has contributed to a culture of impunity, where military officials are often immune to prosecution for corruption or human rights abuses.

To address this issue, it is crucial to promote greater transparency and accountability in government institutions. This can be achieved by strengthening democratic institutions and creating greater checks and balances on the power of the military. Civil society must also be empowered to hold the military accountable for its actions, and political leaders must prioritize the interests of the country and its people over their own personal gain.

In conclusion, the influence of the military on Pakistani politics is a significant challenge to the country’s democratic institutions and contributes to corruption and a lack of accountability. To achieve a more equitable and democratic system, it is necessary to promote greater transparency and accountability in government institutions and to create a political system that is more representative of the country’s diverse population.

Additionally, the prevalence of corrupt political dynasties in Pakistan is a significant challenge to the country’s democracy and its ability to govern effectively. To address this issue, it is crucial to promote greater transparency, accountability, and meritocracy in the political system. This can be achieved through a variety of measures, such as strengthening institutions, promoting transparency in political financing, and empowering civil society to hold those in power accountable. Ultimately, the success of these efforts will depend on the willingness of Pakistan’s political elite to prioritize the interests of the country and its people over their own personal gain.

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The Last Cigarette that I lit!




It all started when I lit a cigarette in an old Parisian neighborhood, to contest the cold night, hearing the huge cheers behind my back. The nightclub that I was standing in front of, was overcrowded with people. People were trying to behave like humans in an inhumane way, the clubs were never my thing, how can I concord with the buzzing trance where liaising is out of the question. I tried it multiple times to commingle with the high-pitched beats but it seemed like an excuse to lose myself in a peculiar environment but my adroitness is built around consciousness. Or am I totally right, and such places are designed to not be yourself, so you can be as far away from reality as you can.

Trance emerged in the first place to harmonize with the unconscious levels of our brain, once it is able to set up its attack and succeeds, you move along and every beat controls your body. Since the unconscious part of your brain has been tangled with and conquered by the pitch and the beats set up by the musical instruments. A person like me, who knows too much about trance, should have been in love with it, but I guess I never bow to a controlling kind. Once, I know that it is designed to control me in the first place, my senses have invigorated and assembled a sentient army.

All of this is very thoughtful, coming from a person who is letting the cigarette eat his brains out. it’s all about human preference, we prefer to do what seems right. I am halfway down my cigarette, its scorching is benign to my lips, although it swipes away the saliva that is advertently produced by my body leaving behind a series of tobacco toxins. But that’s what tobacco does slowly gleaning your prudence to instill imbecility and then you are a walking slave, to a tobacco stick; Smoking a cigarette is not more than an Asininity.

Hé! attendez ne le jetez pas encore… les derniers morceaux sont les plus excitants ! C’est là que réside la vraie saveur… ( in french)

Hey! wait doesn’t throw it yet… the last bits are the most exciting! That’s where the true flavor lies… (That’s the English of what she said)…

She forbade me to throw my cigarette, instead grabbed it forcefully…. Let’s imagine the scene again in a slow mo… she is coming closer with a warning eyeing my cigarette so that I cannot commit the last act, an act of throwing my unfinished cigarette, and then.. she said what I wrote earlier… and just took my cigarette without even asking for any permission.. not that I care about these last bits .. but her takeover was active and energetic .. if I put it precisely, then it was a brisk attack!

Now, I am going to utter a few words that most of English-speaking tourists think of as magic words and use them as a privilege over non-English speakers. Although, English is not even my mother tongue that’s what I use often as a tourist for communication.

Sorry! But I don’t speak French! But it didn’t open any unforeseen doors.

Vous êtes paresseux.. and English translation is that “You are lazy”… ( She responded )

While pondering upon my taken cigarette, I said an obvious word! …..What?

I meant you are lazy! ( She responded again to my reaction )

You can imagine the french accent but as I told you before that she took over so quickly that out of 100 times, I had a 1 percent chance to react. As she enthralled the remains of that cigarette, she tried to make some conversation with the very owner, who lit up the delights of that scorching paper and tobacco. First time in pairs as a tourist? yes, just visiting a few old mates here. But how do you know it’s my first time here???? Your cigarette brand is foreign otherwise, you would be accustomed to a local one. So, you mean that the piece, you just snatched from me, that was about to become a part of Parisian history eventually… was not even worth the smoke ….at all? (I said it with a pause).

Correct! ( While Nodding )

or as you say in English that it was ….sheeth….. (Even the word “Shit” sounded like a Prophecy in her European accent)..

You want to come ?? … Ah! No … Clubs are not my thing… ( I showed my complete disinterest )

Well, I was walking back to my home..

Ohh! Comes as a surprise to me that a total stranger needed a company while going back to her place..

if you are thinking about that … then I am not putain ( she meant a whore or slut.. I knew the word, by the liberty of my friends ) and this is not some scam… I know that’s what scammers say .. but I am not a walking Parisian scam… otherwise, if I had wanted .. I would have scammed you a long time ago….

She was picking me apart, piece by piece… I was thinking .. we just had a few minutes of interaction… and she is saying … a long time ago…

I know what you are thinking.. again.. I noticed you in the bar, your friends were talking to you in English.. and foreigners are speaking targets.. ( she meant.. the moment we start speaking English, probably she meant walking targets but speaking targets seemed relevant too…isn’t it?? as we become an easy target for scammers)

So, we Parisians can also easily notice people who are speaking English… but you seem different .. your accent is a bit different from your friends….

I guess, now that you had completed your psychoanalysis on me, you could probably guess where I am from… Your friends looked like they were from India, I haven’t seen anyone who had a brown beard like you spoke with an accent and was from India.. so I don’t know have you migrated to an English country…

You seem a bit confused right there! ( it was the first time, i felt in charge)


Fuck! she grabbed that few minutes of pleasure away from me.. ( I had to nodd )

Amen ! from Pakistan…

Are you from the north, because they had ancestral links from Alexandar? You are right, but I am not from the north, I am actually from the south and I am blessed by the heat and sunlight.. that’s why most of us, who live in the south are mostly brown or dark brown, and correct you are talking about people who live in Hunza.

Goes the same for some European countries … so why not clubs.. is not a cultural thing in Pakistan..

Well! that’s an easier explanation, but go and check out my mates .. how happy are they!

Then let’s get in again, and this time, I will be in charge… again .. she grabbed my hand without my consent and took me inside… charging through the crowd, and then she plugged her handsfree in her phone and put one earbud in my ear and the other in hers.. and started texting someone .. suddenly the DJ started playing a melo tune… and she played the same tune in her phone too..

I didn’t said anything to her … nor she said anything to me… we started dancing slowly, it was so discreet that my guard went down and the melody started to resonate in my encephalon. My body went through a strange and amorous sensation, my eyes were unsheathing vivacity slackening my grip on reality. It felt like floating on water, even the full force produces less shift, eyeing the destination felt like we are closing-in on it, but it still seems very far. Her intermittent breaths set the tone, her flushed cheeks aroused my ardour. Alleviating my stress levels, breaking all the poignant reminders of clubs, passing over the reminiscences without giving any due attention. I had no choice but to concede to this divertissement, she knew all the script and yet I was just a pawn following the queen’s movements. She was pulling all the strings to my body, and I was up and about after her extravaganza.

When it stopped! It felt like inception! A new world that I have stepped into!

Now, we were heading to her place, whatever was happening felt like a startling surprise! Why am I gushing about her? it’s probably because of her ascendancy that has taken over my soul. She broke my silence .. So… How was it?

Quiet an experience, but how many times have you done this… you clearly had connections with that DJ! ( I spilled out my entire acumen )

Yes! we all do, actually, most of my friends are business partners in this club. I used to be a DJ once and I can still take over sometimes when someone needs me to cover for them.

Yeah! you clearly know your music, and how to react to it!

How to react! cant you give me a compliment that I can dance very well! ( She was coming back at me)

Glancing each other with gentle smiles, I looked ahead towards the devious nabes of pairs, weaved to amiss. It seemed like a maze that was bound to make you overlook your own place, people waiting to commit a crime, offering you drugs. It was more of a scary and dark welcome rather than an inviting gesture by the not-so-calm neighborhoods of pairs. I have heard that Paris is the nerve centre of perfumes and Parisian often demonstrate such perception by using good quality perfumes to stand out from the rest of the Europeans, but I was smelling something else, see there is a difference between toxic waste. when you are drinking water and then you discarding the remains, might not smell that bad. But when you are only drinking beer and there is so much beer in your stomach that your body is being forced to expel the remaining, then it becomes the supreme level of malodorous. No less than a radiation level that man should never be allowed to experience, but it is actually noisome; offensive to your body.

If she would be reading my thoughts, she could have sanctioned my ass to the police, that I am probably a refugee trying to harass Parisian women.

Excuse the smell, in these neighborhoods, it’s just getting stronger and stronger! she uttered (Probably human senses react in the same way and they have a way to interact with each other )

Well! I was just thinking about the same thing, that Paris smells so delicious!

Yes, not quite delicious but murderous in these small neighborhoods… and I like to live in these small neighborhoods. I am not scared because I know my way and people are familiar with the locals but I understand it must be difficult for a tourist to go about their way through these dark neighborhoods.

But you can say, that this is what’s unique about this neighborhood!

Yeah! strong piss smell!

She laughed!

Well look at the top, it’s around midnight, hostels won’t allow the guests to access the rooftops, so this is either people signaling others to rob someone or a lonely someone trying to commit suicide. And normal Parisians who do 9 to 6 would never be up there at midnight, they had already slept.

Never quite imagined Paris to be a quiet place, where people would suicide lonely (I was curious to know more)

You know France is ranked second highest for suicides in Europe?

No! is it?

Yes ! and the suicide rate in France is around 18 per hundred thousand, and probably it is around 7 per hundred thousand for women.

I hope that poor dude is just looking to rob a tourist, I pointed in the direction of a guy who was focusing on us and then suddenly vanished from the rooftop.

You just scared that poor guy, he might be thinking we are from the police or we are going to call cops. So, it’s a Parisian secret keep it and it has to die with you.

So where do you live exactly ?? I mean what’s this area called.. because I am always looking at the maps and with you by my side, I am not looking at one..

You can say this is northern 18th and 19th district, google it and you will know the rest ..

And trust me there are so many shortcuts in this neighborhood, from where these people can run away and you have no chance of catching them at all!

Show me any of your prized possession…

Well, I have my purse and … give it to me ..

And then.. I witnessed the same exact moment, how she snatched my cigarette, she snatched my purse and started running and then i shouted…

Am I supposed to chase you!

If you don’t care about your purse…( she shouted, and took a quick turns towards a…. yes)

When i ran and saw with my own eyes, it was a cemetery, and she was laughing, and calling my name..

Ammar! Catch me if you can! you are lazy …

I thought .. I haven’t told her my name yet, has she gone through my belongings ..

I was not perspiring but after midnight, it’s scary for a tourist to chase after a girl in a cemetery, who has his purse, in which he has kept his driving license, his identity card, his credit and debit cards.. whatnot…

I was clearly losing her, and she had no intentions to stop, now I had been trying to find her for about 10 minutes but she was already gone. She was not even in my sight, I shouted..

Hey! I don’t even know your name, and this is getting a bit too much for me .. I thought we are just playing a game …

Someone shouted from the Rooftop! ( Not anymore she is long gone )

That took the bejesus out of me, It was a rug pull, a sudden shock and then I started cursing myself how could I be so careless, I didn’t even know her name, how would I fucking file a report against her.

Should I go back to the bar, it is going. tobe a long night … and then I started tracing my back footsteps, footsteps that are blemished by this unforeseen controversy. Foreseen for meticulous people but for people like me it was an inescapable danger. Handing over my prized possession to a total stranger who even took my cigarette unilaterally from me was a risk comparable to putting a glass on the edge of a plinth!

I literally faced a barrage of questions and disappointment was apparent on my friend’s face… they literally told me that they thought I would be better left alone. But they never knew that I had the audacity to hand over my belongings to a total stranger. A person like me is a true definition of gullible, I can be easily fooled and tricked, just because I perceive people around me to behave in the same way that I do! But it’s a fact people like me will always fall into such traps! We are programmed fools blinded by our nativity, a bunch of nincompoops and dullards who keep a positive perception of this world.

It’s going to be a long night, we faced a lot of trouble answering all of the copper questions, their investigation was more focused on us. They would rather blame us and jail us for negligence than listen to us. Their intentions were clear, you are stupid, go and sort your shit out yourself. The french lady copper constantly said, ” ces stupides tourists “, and I finally had the courage to tell them. Hey, I know you are saying stupid. But if you don’t know the name of the person you have been hanging out with all night long, it’s hard to prove anything at all. So, I was in a phase of acceptance, rather than arguing about anything, that was the job of my friends. Their faces made it pretty clear, that I have spoiled their night, and they could have been hanging out and enjoying themselves rather than spending the night at this suffocating police station. it felt like all the homeless pairs have volunteered to spend a night at the police station so that they can feel at home rather than sleeping openly outside but here at the police station, they had been looked after by the policeman. They thought of these policemen as their waiters, who would bring them things, all of those locked-up guys looked happy, trust me. Well, it was my first time at a police station, thank God, it’s not me who has done something horrible to someone, it’s me who is the victim. Well! who am I kidding, even if I would have wanted to commit a crime intentionally, I would have failed to even commit it. So, that’s one thing that is out of my league, if I would have been Thomas Edison, trying to commit a crime, he did many attempts to achieve the result he wanted, I, on the other hand, would have failed even the 1000th time thinking that I am going to commit a crime. Or Shakespeare would have titled a book on my character, ” An imbecile’s failed crime”.

I gave them whatever I can about that girl, they told me, we don’t have an identity, then it’s going to take some time. One of the police officers also told my friend, that this crime can only be solved if the person who committed it wants to unilaterally come to the station to accept that she committed it. Otherwise, it’s a wild goose chase. While discussing all the possibilities after the aftermath of this unfortunate event, we went to my friend’s place and slept like we didn’t care. Well, they slept like they didn’t care, but for me it was troubling, i thought i could be all wrong, i am a naive guy but sometimes, i am able to understand people from deep down inside but I truly and admittedly failed this time to create a proper perception about a person.

While gazing at the empty chardonnay bottles, that my friend used to grow his plants, somehow fell victim to sleep, natural oblivion, and a split reality, and my emotions tried to overturn the ruling of the situation by changing the timeline of what happened, within my dream. But even in my dream, I was trying really hard to overturn the final verdict, it could have been better if I had never lit that cigarette at all. I should have been inside my friends, enjoying and critiquing the music and different forms of it. And then my focus was diverted to a similar song, my dreams started to buzz, I was getting tense, confused as to what is real or what is a dream if I have to wake up if it’s too good to be true to escape from last night.

It was just my ring tone, buzzing over my head, and I woke up like a zombie trying to understand if he is dead and is meant to wake up to go about his day. So, I looked at my phone and the call was coming from an unknown french number, and then it ended. I opened my chat, with my dreading eyelids.

Hey! Good morning!

Sorry for last night …

Then, a location was shared!

Buzz me at 104! I will let you in!

Don’t bring the police … smiley!

Now, I was bound to make sure, if I am still dreaming that someone is texting me if it is really her or not. If I should be scammed further. Maybe this time she is thinking to bring more out of me. Maybe it’s not her place, it’s her friend’s place. I thought to text her back, that tells me your name, what you did was not right.. but then I thought .. okay .. I would just say… I will be there in half an hour, I am expecting my purse!

My friends were sleeping, I told them nothing just got ready and went to her apartment, just like she said buzz me at 104. I thought I was the victim, if I were about to do this right, I will do it myself. So, I went there alone and surprisingly, she greeted me with a smile, and brought me in …

Good morning! You haven’t responded to me .. and I can understand .. why you are behaving like that.. but at first.. and she started looking behind my back..Ohh!

No Police! ( Ahh, I expect better from you, well after last night .. I mean).. she giggled and then asked…

Do you want coffee?

I thought she is gonna brought me my stuff!

Well, I am not here to make friends with you, I hope we can settle these like mature adults!

she brought me my purse and I looked at everything, none of the things were stolen..

I used your belongings to contact you!

I don’t understand, was it all a game to you, you know I went to the police station afterward!

I knew you might, and because I didn’t want to bother you anymore.. and I am really sorry for the tension and trouble that I have caused you.

She brought me coffee and cookies …

My intention was never to steal anything from you, but then I decided if I had to make this memorable for you, your trip to Paris then we should meet another day .. so I kept running and I knew you would not be able to keep up with me.. as I told you ..but I can also understand from your perspective that last night could have been a horrible dream for you …

I never slept! I was just thinking, why would a person like her, like to steal my purse I don’t know probably sometimes my stereotypes are being challenged by my naive nature. I am still thinking, why would you do something like that!

I don’t know Ammar! It’s probably, I am a bit adventurous and out of the box and you are not!

She spilled the beans and I was unable to pick em up!

I mean who stands outside of a club, lost in his memories, especially after covid time and when you are a tourist, you have to at least enjoy yourself!

Okay! Okay! stop judging me, I might not like clubs, I introspect a lot of things, I am talking to myself all the time, it’s very hard to explain my own thoughts to people .. like right now there is cogitation happening my mind … I meant (I wanted to explain myself easily, didn’t want to speak my mind)..

So, Your thoughts are trying to understand me?

Yeah! just trying to make sense out of this … and what to do next…

Next ?? ( she asked me out of curiosity )

I couldn’t tell her … I am thinking what am I gonna tell my friends and if the police tried to contact me again, what would I do… but I will figure it out!

I have got to go! when I was about to leave she said … (I thought you were different)

what do you mean? (took me by surprise, because it should have been what I might have said to her)…

I didn’t see a confused man, I saw a man who was more lively and attentive to his surroundings (Excuse me if my English is bad) she continued to explain… I felt different around you, i felt more around you … and I guess it’s just another reason to meet you here again .. so if you want to join me we can probably go outside.. I want to show you something!

And stop.. whatever you said…

Cogitation! ( I uttered )

I was reluctant from the inside, but I wanted to experience the thrill that she offered! I guess I wanted to hop on to a crazy ride and dive deep into this madness by cutting off my strings with sophistication and cogent!

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Был ли Пакистан политически захвачен Соединенными Штатами; Вердикт Топибааза




Топи бааз, когда он был маленьким, видел, как головорезы MQM (политическая партия в Карачи) приводили людей, как стада овец, на избирательные участки и заставляли их голосовать за MQM. Несмотря ни на что, в те дни жители Карачи были напуганы головорезами MQM Альтафа Хусейна, которые разыгрывали карту махаджира в Карачи, чтобы собрать голоса. Альтаф Хусейн, который является террористом и несет ответственность за кровопролитие и убийства в Карачи, в настоящее время живет в Лондоне. В 2014 году Топибааз вспоминает, что у него был велосипед cd70, а его избирательный участок находился по крайней мере в 25 км от его дома, время для голосования было около 8 утра, топи отправился туда и отдал свой голос, думая, что на этот раз произойдут перемены. Тем временем его друзья сказали ему вечером, что они отдавали несколько голосов за MQM, когда время голосования закончилось. Все люди в кабинах для голосования работали на MQM, так что MQM никак не могла проиграть в Карачи.

В 2018 году, хотя MQM снова получила большинство мест в Карачи, ИМРАН ХАН был избран президентом. Так что топи был доволен тем, что ИМРАН ХАН стал президентом. Но затем, в течение нескольких дней, в ассамблее выносится вотум недоверия, и такие политические партии, как ННООМ, ПППП и ДМК, становятся на одну сторону против ИМРАНА ХАНА, а затем премьер-министр этой страны теряет большинство, и внезапно его заменяют человеком, который является осужденным преступником в Пакистане, а его брат был предыдущим премьер-министром Пакистана, и его брат был отстранен от должности, потому что его имя появилось в панамских документах. Такие люди, как Зардари, который является мужем покойной Беназир Бхутто (экс-премьер-министра), также являются коррупционерами в Пакистане. Пакистанская политика не выходит за рамки Зардари и шарифа, которые по очереди становились премьер-министрами и президентами Пакистана.

Имран Хан предупреждал свой народ, что эти люди встречаются друг с другом, а также проводят встречи с американскими официальными лицами, поскольку обычно американские официальные лица встречаются с избранными правительственными чиновниками, а не с оппозиционными партиями, поскольку они знают, что избранные партии – это те, которые выбраны народом и занимаются делами страны. Но на этот раз американские официальные лица записали встречи с оппозицией, которая не была у власти, а затем всего за несколько дней люди начали покидать партию ИМРАНА ХАНА, а затем начали становиться частью оппозиции, поскольку они знали, что теперь у них достаточно людей, чтобы сместить нынешнего премьер-министра с его места.

Давайте поговорим об отношениях Пакистана с Соединенными Штатами, с тех пор как Байден вступил в должность, он не разговаривал с Имраном Ханом, но только некоторые официальные лица разговаривали с Имраном ханом по телефонным звонкам, в последний раз, когда Имран хан ездил в Соединенные Штаты, у него была встреча с экс-президентом Дональдом трамп. Пакистан снова попросили передать свои авиабазы Соединенным Штатам, но Имран хан отказался, поскольку США покинули Афганистан, их аргумент заключался в том, что они все еще должны заботиться о перспективах безопасности в регионе. Итак, точка зрения ИМРАНА ХАНА была прямолинейной: мы никогда не будем участвовать ни в чьей войне. Согласно , США провели 414 атак беспилотников.

Удары беспилотников, нанесенные Соединенными Штатами по Пакистану

Общее число погибших в результате этих атак беспилотников составило 23663702 человека, в то время как число погибших среди гражданского населения составило 245 303 человека. Ни разу США не признавали перед средствами массовой информации, что Пакистан помог Соединенным Штатам бороться с террористами, такими как террористы, которые затем начали действовать в Пакистане из Афганистана, а затем такие операции, как Зарб-и-азб, были проведены пакистанской армией, чтобы гарантировать, что никаких взрывов террористов-смертников не будет. будет проводиться на территории Пакистана. Пакистан поймал индийского шпиона Кульбхушана Ядава, который совершал нападения в Карачи и других частях Пакистана под псевдонимом мусульманина, приехавшего из Ирана. Итак, Пакистан вел всевозможные войны, афганские талибы, которые начали прибывать в Пакистан для совершения терактов смертников, Индия создала армию освобождения белуджей для нападения на различные провинции Пакистана и силы армии Пакистана. А затем “техрик-и-Талибан Пакистан” совершал нападения на пакистанскую армию, поскольку их девизом было то, что пакистан поддерживает американскую армию и предоставляет свои базы для проведения атак беспилотников, поэтому Пакистан подвергался нападениям со всех сторон.

А затем коррумпированные политики пожирают Пакистан изнутри, и после вступления в должность эти политики улетают из Пакистана. Шахбаз Шариф, Наваз Шариф и Мариум наваз также получили помощь от различных судов Пакистана, поскольку большинство дел против этой семьи было изъято и сожжено. чтобы помочь, topi собрал факты, и они перечислены ниже;

  1. В ноябре 1994 года FIA подала иск против hudaibia paper mills, и hudaibia engineering, Наваз Шариф был обвинен в нерегулярных финансах и манипуляциях. В 1997 году, когда он стал премьер-министром, он подал петицию против обоих этих дел.
  2. После этого верховный суд Лахора принял его апелляцию и избавился от этих обвинений. По делу о вертолете суд вынес вердикт в отношении Наваза Шарифа, за который он был приговорен к 14 годам тюремного заключения и штрафу в 2 кроры рупий.
  3. В декабре 2000 года генерал пар Муш отправил его в Саудовскую Аравию после заключения сделки. После того, как 26 июня 2009 года высокий суд Лахора заявил, что с него должны быть сняты все обвинения. В марте 2000 года были поданы ссылки на дело hudaibia paper mills, а в октябре 2009 года высокий суд Лахора снова остановил nab для дальнейшего расследования Наваза Шарифа по этому делу.
  4. В 2014 году высокий суд Лахора заявил, что у nab нет надлежащих доказательств, и все ссылки на Наваза Шарифа были удалены. В деле штата Райванд были поданы ссылки на незаконное строительство участка канала 104 в пределах джати умры и использование государственных ресурсов.
    И снова, когда Наваз Шариф стал премьер-министром, обе ссылки были удалены. И снова верховный суд Лахора отменил оба этих дела против наваза Шаирфа.
  5. Наваз Шариф 6 июля 2018 года по делу о квартире Эвен Филд был приговорен к 10 годам тюремного заключения, а мариум наваз была приговорена к 7 годам тюремного заключения. И снова они были оспорены в высоком суде isb.
  6. 19 сентября 2018 года верховный суд Исламабада вновь отменил тюремное заключение для них обоих. 24 сентября 2018 года, снова наваз Шариф был приговорен судом по этическим вопросам к 7 годам тюремного заключения, ссылаясь на аль-Азизию.
  7. 16 ноября 2019 года верховный суд Лахора вновь на основании медицинских показаний заявил, что Навазу Шарифу должно быть разрешено выехать из страны. 8 августа 2019 года Мариам Наваз была арестована по делу сахарного завода Рамзана.
  8. 5 ноября 2019 года, поскольку она женщина, была освобождена от тюремного заключения, а ее паспорт будет конфискован. 5 октября 2018 года наб Лахора арестовала Шахбаза Шарифа за строительство жилья в Ашиане и сахарных заводов Рамзана.
  9. 14 февраля 2019 года в высокий суд Лахора было подано ходатайство Шахбаза Шарифа против его ареста. 28 сентября 2020 года nab арестовало шахбаза Шаирфа за отмывание денег и за его активы, превышающие его стоимость.
  10. 23 апреля лахорский верховный суд снова отпустил его. 11. 14 января 2022 года суд по банковским преступлениям остановил FIA на семь дней для расследования и продолжения разбирательства, и это же дело не расследовалось до сегодняшнего дня. Сейчас он премьер-министр

Видение Имрана Хана состоит в том, чтобы сделать Пакистан великой нацией, которая в будущем привлекла бы людей со всего мира к таким видам деятельности, как исследования, туризм, и Пакистан мог бы стать примером, если бы он смог облегчить положение своего низшего класса, чтобы процент неравноправия не создавал много проблем. разница между богатыми и бедными, не следуя тому, что было использовано Китаем, а предоставляя стимулы, стимулы для инноваций в области информационных технологий, стимулы для инвестиций из-за рубежа. Это не означает, что Пакистан должен принимать сторону какой-либо нации, но должен иметь сердечные отношения с каждой нацией, поскольку на большинство из нас, пакистанцев, влияет инфраструктура США. Если вы побродите по Карачи, вы увидите улицы, названные в честь улиц в Соединенных Штатах, например, бульвар Сансет, вы увидим, как молодежь использует такие платформы, как Facebook, YouTube и instagram. Итак, мы были бы лицемерами, если бы сказали, что ненавидим американцев и не зависим от их ИТ-инфраструктуры. Но проблема заключается во внешней политике США в отношении Пакистана, которая полностью ориентирована на Индию, и в этих отношениях нет баланса, который можно было бы увидеть. Несмотря на то, что Пакистан сражался в афганской войне бок о бок с США, а не с Индией, даже продажа различных видов оборонительного оружия не приносит результатов, потому что конгресс США этого не разрешает.

Следовательно, Соединенные Штаты сохраняют позицию хулигана, которую они также сохраняют по отношению к другим нациям, таким нациям, которые Соединенные Штаты считают Слабыми. В данном случае США через Дональда Лу, который с 2021 года является помощником госсекретаря по делам Южной и Центральной Азии в качестве дипломата США, направили коммюнике, такие сообщения в основном держатся в секрете от общественности, поскольку используемая форма общения может раскрыть много секретов, которые как пакистанские спецслужбы ведут свою коммуникацию, поэтому такое письмо держалось в секрете и было передано имрану хану. Это письмо было прямой угрозой правительству Имрана хана, поскольку Имран хан посетил Россию, поскольку США хотели, чтобы Имран хан отменил свой визит в Россию, поскольку она вторглась в Украину. Имран хан должен был посетить Россию, так как это был обычный рутинный визит, и он был проведен после сотрудничества всех пакистанских властей, но в этом коммюнике было заявлено, что Имран хан в одностороннем порядке принял решение посетить Россию. Письмо с угрозами после того, как Имран хан был заменен новым правительством (не избранным народом), было отправлено главному судье для расследования, и нынешнее правительство попытается осудить серьезность этого письма, создавая повествования в свою пользу.

Нынешняя ситуация указывает на то, что США также любят иметь дело с коррумпированными партиями внутри Пакистана, поскольку они будут следовать приказам Соединенных Штатов, не думая об интересах Пакистана. Поэтому такие правительства играют в соответствии с внешней политикой США и, проще говоря, работают как марионетки, чтобы работать не в своих собственных интересах, а в интересах монополии США. Если бы вы спросили Топибааза, чего он хочет, то он бы посоветовал, чтобы никто не издевался над вами, а старался работать ради вашей собственной выгоды, на самом деле, мы также не можем пренебрегать поддержкой, которую Соединенные Штаты также оказывают Пакистану, поскольку они продолжают поставлять вакцины Пакистану для инициативы Covax. Поэтому никогда нельзя пренебрегать поддержкой Соединенных Штатов, не только это независимые агентства в Соединенных Штатах предоставляют Пакистану средства для сохранения исторических памятников внутри страны.

Сам Топибааз вырос, смотря американские пропагандистские фильмы, упс, голливудские фильмы, сам топибааз выучил большую часть своего английского через американские шоу. Хотя, возможно, существовала такая советская пропагандистская машина, как Голливуд, и топибааз в альтернативной вселенной мог свободно говорить по-русски, но из-за пропаганды холодной войны американцы захватили Пакистан, а русские захватили Индию. Поэтому не стоит пренебрегать тем, что Америка является центром исследований, и в ней есть различные независимые организации, что позволяет вам даже представлять свои рассказы против американской политики внутри Америки. С другой стороны, американская внешняя политика полностью противоречит суверенитету некоторых стран, просто фокусируясь на выгоде Америки и пренебрегая выгодами других стран. Учитывая ответный удар со стороны Америки, большинство более слабых правительств (финансово и политически слабых) не в состоянии выступить против Америки и в пользу своих собственных выгод. Следовательно, такие страны продолжают страдать, поскольку их программы никогда не приносят пользы их собственным народам, и у них нет долгосрочных планов на благо своей собственной нации. Следовательно, тогда растет региональная напряженность и конфликты внутри этих стран, и эти страны никогда не смогут встать на собственные ноги и полагаться на другие варианты финансирования, такие как МВФ, частью которого также является Пакистан.

Вердикт Топибааза: Ни в одну страну нельзя вмешиваться с помощью иностранного политического влияния, если ее собственные институты или ее собственная политика достаточно сильны, чтобы никогда не принимать чью-либо сторону, и на нее никогда нельзя повлиять с помощью финансовых средств или каких-либо унизительных программ. Следовательно, наша собственная политическая коррумпированная элита выступает в качестве истинных предателей этой страны. Но день расплаты не за горами, эта страна так или иначе станет великой сверхдержавой во всем мире и обеспечит процветание других наций.

Пакистан Зиндабад! Пакистан Пейндабад! Да здравствует Пакистан

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Local Topi

Has Pakistan been Politically Invaded by UnitedStates; Topibaaz’s Verdict




Topibaaz when he was little, has seen MQM ( political party in Karachi) goons taking people like flocks of sheep to the polling stations, and harassing them to vote for MQM. No matter what back in the days, people of karachi were scared infront of Altaf Hussain’s MQM goons who played the mahajir card within Karachi to collect votes. Altaf hussain, who is a terrorist and is responsible for the bloodshed and killings in karachi is currently living in London. In 2014, Topibaaz remember, that he had a cd70 bike, and his polling station was at least 25 km away from his residence, time to cast the vote was around 8a.m, topi went there and casted his vote, thinking that this time a change would happen. In the meantime, his friends told him in the evening that they were casting multiple votes for MQM, when the time of casting the votes had been finished. All of the people within the polling booths were working for MQM, so there was no way MQM could loose in Karachi.

In 2018, although again MQM had most of the seats in Karachi, IMRAN KHAN has been elected as the president. So topi was satisfied to have IMRAN KHAN as president. But then, in a matter of days, a no-confidence motion is being presented within the assembly, and political parties like PMLN, PPPP, and MQM become one, side against IMRAN KHAN, and then the prime minister of this country loose the majority and suddenly he is being replaced with a person who is a convicted criminal in Pakistan, and his brother was the previous prime minister of Pakistan and his brother had been removed from the office because his name had appeared in Panama papers. People like Zardari, who is the husband of Late Benazir Bhutto (ex-prime minister) are also of the corrupts in Pakistan. Pakistani politics go no beyond Zardari and sharifs, who had been taking over their turns to become prime ministers and presidents of Pakistan.

Imran Khan had been warning his people, that these people are meeting each other, and are also having meetings with American officials since normally American officials meet elected government officials and not the opposition parties since they know that elected parties are the ones chosen by the people and have been handling the affairs of the country. But this time American officials had recorded meetings with opposition who were not in power and then in just a matter of days, people started leaving IMRAN KHAN’s party and then started becoming a part of the opposition since they knew that now they have enough people to remove the current prime minister from his seat.

Let’s talk about Pakistan’s relations with the United States, since Biden came into office, he has not talked to Imran khan, but only some officials have talked with Imran khan on telephone calls, the last time Imran khan went to the united states, he had a meeting with the ex-president Donald trump. Pakistan had been asked to give their air bases to the united states again, but Imran khan declined as the U.S exited Afghanistan, their argument was that they had to still look after the security prospects in the region. So, IMRAN KHAN’s perspective was straight forward we will never take part in anyone’s war. According to, U.S conducted 414 drone attacks.

Total deaths in these drone attacks were 23663702, while civillian deaths had been accounted as 245,303. Not once the U.S has acknowledged in front of the media that how Pakistan helped the united states to fight against the terrorist, such as terrorists who then started operating within Pakistan from Afghanistan, and then operations like Zarb-e-azb has been conducted by Pakistan Army in order to ensure that no suicide bombings would be conducted within Pakistan. Pakistan caught an indian spy Kulbhushan Yadav who was conducting attacks within Karachi and other parts of pakistan, and was under the alias of a Muslim man who came from Iran. So, Pakistan was fighting all sorts of wars, afghan Taliban, who started coming into Pakistan to conduct suicide attacks, India creating baloch liberation army to attack different provinces within Pakistan and Pak army forces. And then tehreek-e-Taliban pakistan was conducting attacks at the Pakistan army since their motto was that pakistan is siding the American army, and giving its bases to conduct drone attacks, so pakistan was under attack from all the sides.

And then corrupt politicians eating Pakistan from inside, and after the tenure, these politicians fly away from Pakistan. Shahbaz sharif, Nawaz sharif and marium nawaz has also been aided from different courts of pakistan, as most of the cases against this family has been removed and burnt. to dust, topi has gathered the facts and these are listed below;

  1. Nov 1994, FIA has submitted a challan against hudaibia paper mills, and hudaibia engineering, Nawaz Sharif has been accused of irregular finances and manipulation. In 1997, when he became prime minister, then he filed a petition against both of these cases.
  2. After that Lahore high court accepted his appeal and got rid of these accusations. In the helicopter case, the court has given a verdict against Nawaz Shareef for which he was sentenced to 14 years of prison, and 2 crore rupee fine.
  3. In Dec 2000, gen par mush sent him to Saudi after a deal. After on 26 june 2009, lahore high court stated that he should be free of all the charges. In 2000 march, hudaibia paper mills case references has been filed, and in oct 2009 again lahore high court has again stopped nab to further investigating Nawaz Sharif in this case.
  4. In 2014, Lahore high court stated that nab doesn’t have proper evidence and all the references against Nawaz Sharif had been removed. In the Raiwand state case, references have been filed for illegal construction for 104 canal area within jati umra, and the use of state resources.
  5. Again when Nawaz Shareef became prime minister, both of the references has been removed. Again lahore high court has removed both of these cases against nawaz shairf.
  6. Nawaz sharif on 6 July 2018, for the even field apartment case had been sentenced for 10 years in prison and marium nawaz had been sentenced to 7 years in prison. Again these had been challenged in isb high court.
  7. On 19 sep 2018, Islamabad high court again averted the prison sentence for both of them. 24 sep 2018, again nawaz sharif has been sentenced to 7 years in prison by ethical court, in al azizia reference.
  8. On 16 Nov 2019, again lahore highcourt on the basis of medical grounds have stated that Nawaz sharif should be allowed to go out of the country. On 8th August 2019, Mariam Nawaz has been arrested for the Ramzan sugar mill case.
  9. 5 Nov 2019, because she is a woman, had been relieved of her jail sentence, and her passport will be confiscated. On 5 Oct 2018, Shahbaz Sharif has been arrested by nab Lahore for ashiana housing and Ramzan sugar mills.
  10. On 14feb 2019, again lahore high court, Shahbaz sharifs application against his arrest has been submitted. On 28 sep 2020, nab has arrested shahbaz shairf for money laundering and for his assets beyond his worth.
  11. On 23 april, Lahore highcourt, again let him go. On 14 Jan 2022, the banking crime court stopped FIA for seven days to investigate and continue the proceedings, and the same case has not been investigated until today. Now he is the prime minister

Imran Khan’s vision is to make Pakistan a great nation, that in future would attract people from all around the world to activities like research, tourism and Pakistan could become a case study if its able to alleviate the status of its lower class so that the un-equality percentage would not create a lot of difference between rich and poor, not following that has been used by China, but by providing incentives, incentives for information technology innovation, incentives for investments from abroad. This does not mean that Pakistan has to take sides with any nation but should have cordial relationships with every nation, since most of us Pakistanis are being impacted by U.S infrastructure, if you roam around Karachi, you will see streets named after the streets in United States, for instance, Sunset boulevard, you will see youth using the platforms like Facebook, youtube, and instagram. So, we would be hypocrites if we were to say that we hate americans and we are not dependent on their I.T infrastructure. But, the problem lies in the U.S’s foreign policy for pakistan, which is totally tilted towards india and there is no balance that could be seen in that relationship. Although, Pakistan was fighting the afghan war alongside U.S and not india, even the sales of different defence weapons are not being fruitful because U.S congress does not allow it.

Hence, United States keeps an attitude of a bully, which it also keeps with other nations, such nations which United States percieves as Weak. In the current case, U.S through donald Lu who is serving as the Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs since 2021 as U.S diplomat sent a communique, such communications are mostly kept secret from the public, since the form of communication used, could reveal a lot of secrets, that how Pakistani intelligence agencies conduct their communication, therefore such letter was kept secret and was provided to imran khan. This letter was a direct threat to Imran khans government, since Imran khan visited russia, as U.S wanted Imran khan to cancel his visit to Russia, as it was invading ukraine. Imran khan had to visit russia, as it was a normal routine visit and it was conducted after collaboration all of the pakistani authorities, but in this communique it was stated that Imran khan unilaterally decided to visit russia. The threat letter, after Imran khan has been replaced by the new government (not been elected by public) has been sent to the chief justice for the investigation and the current government will try and denounce the severity of this letter through creating narratives in their own favours.

Curent situation indicates that U.S also likes to deal with corrupt parties within pakistan, since they would follow the orders given by united states without thinking about the interests of Pakistan. Therefore, such governments play according to the U.S foreign policy, and in simple words work like puppets not to work for their own interests but for the interests of the U.S monopoly. If you would ask Topibaaz, what does he want, then he would suggest that dont get bullied by anyone, and try and work for your own benefits, in reality, we cannot also neglect the support that united states provide to pakistan also, as it continues to provide vaccines to Pakistan, for Covax initiative. Therefore, one can never neglect the support of United States, not only this independent agencies within United states provide funds to Pakistan to coserve the historical sites within the country.

Topibaaz himself grewup watching american propaganda movies, oops, hollywood movies, topibaaz itself learnt most of his english through american shows. Although, there could have been a soveit propaganda machine like hollywood and topibaaz in an alternate universe could be speaking fluent russian, but due to cold war propaganda, Americans took over Pakistan, and Russians took over india. Therefore, not neglecting that America is a hub of research and it has various independent bodies, which allows you to even present your narratives against American policies within america. Then again, American foreign policies are totally against the sovereignty of some countries, just focusing America’s benefit and neglecting the benefits of other countries. Considering the retalliation from american most of the weaker governments (financially and politically weak) are unable to take stands against american and in favour of their own benefits. Hence, such countries continues to suffer, as their agendas are never benefitting their own nations, and they posses no long term plans to benefit their own nation. Hence, then grow more regional tensions and conflicts within these countries and these countries are never able to stand on their own feet and rely on other funding options like IMF that pakistan is also a part of.

Topibaaz’s verdict: No nation can be intervened through foreign polticial influences if its own institutions or its own politics are strong enough to never take sides and could never be influenced through financial means or through any demeaning agendas. Hence, our own political corrupt elite stands as the true traitors of this country. But the day of reckoning is not far away, this country one way or the other will emerge as a great superpower in the whole world, and will provide for the prosperity of the other nations.

Pakistan Zindabad! Pakistan Paindabad! Long Live Pakistan

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