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20 best South American vacations




South America has one of the most versatile landscapes on planet earth. From jungles to the mountain to old heritage, south America has abundant travel spots. No tourist can remove the south American journey from their travelling list. The Latino continent is full of colours, vibrant houses, smoky volcanoes and most importantly house friendliest people. The kindness of the people and the hospitality is also one of the beauties of the South American vacation. In this article, 20 best south American vacations will be discussed.  

  1. Take a trip to Angel Falls, Venezuela

The angel falls is one of the breathtaking waterfalls in South America, it is also known as Kerepakupai. This means the great fall and is also called as Salto Angel. Canaima national park is the location of this beautiful site. It peaks at about 979 meters. It could also be noted as one of the might highest waterfall in the whole world. A direct flight to Canaima can be taken to enjoy this natural scene. The reason for the direct flight is that there are merely no roads that connect to Canaima. But this experience will certainly blow your mind away.

  • Head to Bolivia, Salar de Uyuni

If you want to see the world’s largest salt flat, then Salar de Uyuni is the place to go. It can be seen at over 10,000 square kilometres. The scenery is amazing and it seems like you have landed on some other planet. Wild fauna also grows abundantly in this particular region. Pink flamingos are also a part of this region and they grow all over the lakes. This can be one of the most enthralling journeys that you can have in South America. Bolivia is filled with nature, erupting volcanoes, coloured lagoons. One can never be bored with the beauty of this country.

  • World-renowned Machu Picchu in Peru

Machu Pichu is called as the sacred city. This was built in around 15th century. Abandoned afterwards, but still, this place has extraordinary archaeological importance. It is renowned for its special stoned walls, and its enticing history and myths. Not only this place offers a lot of greenery and soothing history experience. Machu Picchu is also known as Inca site, it is often called as the lost city of Inca. But most of the historians contend this opinion about Machu Picchu.

  • The Portuguese speaking nation of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro

The South American country which speaks Portuguese, is filled with beaches, bars and diverse cultural experience. Rio de Janeiro also holds a big secret, it can offer you an African-European cultural experience like nowhere in South America. You can go for a boat ride or choose to roam around on an adventurous trip in jungles. When it comes to mountain peaks, Rio de Janeiro is an exceptional place to be. The football culture in Rio de Janeiro will also keep you busy if you are a football fan.

  • Try the best coffee in the world in Eje Cafetero, Colombia

Columbia does not only offer you a wide variety of nature but it also offers the best coffee in the world. If you are a coffee lover and want to see how the best coffee in the world is produced. Then you have to head towards to Eje Cafetero, Colombia. The country grows a variety of coffee types that can entice your coffee buds. The gateways to this place are Salento and Pijao. These towns will also offer beautiful and colonial feel to you.

  • Learn the language and traditions of Isla del Sol, Bolivia 

This place is located on the incredible island of the sun, called Lago Titicaca. This is the aboriginal land of Quechua and Aymara people. A boat can be taken to this small island. You might feel that you are residing on a sacred island. The lake is surrounded by an ocean. It is recommended to get on the top of the hills and enjoy the camping experience. Sunrise and sunsets will also become you, companion when you will open your tent in the morning. And when you will be waiting for the sunset.

  • Experience the magnificent stratovolcanoes in Cotopaxi National Park, Ecuador 

If you are visiting Ecuador, then conical-shaped stratovolcanoes can never be missed. For this, you have to go to 6000 meters at the top. And therefore, you have to continuously hike but this can be a unique experience in South America. This can be a challenge against the darkness. Just hire a good guide, if you are going to hike above.

  • Iguazu Falls will amaze you, Brazil and Argentina

Iguazu means big water, Iguazu is the term of Guarani language. This is an indigenous language spoken in parts of Brazil and Argentina. The Iguazu waterfalls can be seen from both Argentina and brazil. If you are going to visit from the Argentinian side, then you can also go through the Passo del Diablo. It is a trail that can take you over the highest fall in the park. Called as the Devils’ throat.

  • The resounding architecture of Cartagena de Indias, Colombia 

The colonial architecture of Colombia offers you an everlasting experience of mastery and elegance. You will find the best-preserved sites in this place. You can also find the Caribbean vides in this city. Colourful streets, good food will also add extra value to your pleasure.

  1. Have an adventurous ride on Mount Roraima, Venezuela 

Mount Roraima is known for its splendid beauty. It is also known as the table shaped mountain. It is located in the south of Venezuela. It is stretched over the triple border point of Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana. Go and take the five-day hike at the top of the mountain, and you will be amazed. You will also find various waterfalls and vertigo views that will startle your mind. Not only this but this is known as one of the most astonishing places in all of South America.

  1. Soothe your inner soul in Torres del Paine, Chile

One of the most popular destinations in Chile is the Torres del Paine. During the high season, the park will be very crowded but it can offer enticing views to the tourist. Torres W trek can be taken and this can be completed in five days. This region also has trees that change their colours. Dramatic views of lakes and peaks will also astound your inner senses. Famous O circuit can also be taken but it will take 7 to 8 days.

  1. Feel the Caribbean vibes in Tayrona Park, Colombia 

Tairona park is the home for the indigenous people and they date back to the 15th century. Wild nature is one of the most striking things a human can see. Beaches are full of blue clear water and just similar to a Caribbean feel. Lush green mountain and good beaches are the main attraction of this place. But, various archaeological sites are also hidden as the gems of nature in this region. Cabo San Juan will also give you a soothing experience of beach vibes.

  1. Hiking on the El chalten, Argentina 

For hiking lovers, this is a paradise. The Argentinian Patagonia is a must-see place for the tourists. It should also be the starting point of your travel itinerary when you visit South America. Fitz Roy mount and Cerro Torre are the two trails that you cannot miss at any cost. Day tours are the most common to take if you want to explore the mornings in the day’s light. Lakes and glaciers are also the highlight reel of this spectacular piece of nature. Then afterwards, go to the town and walk around to meet the locals.

  1. Visit the Amazonas in Iquitos, Peru 

Amazonas is a must-see when you visit South America. This journey will be the most adventurous journey of your life. Start from the Iquitos, and the city can be reached by plane or the boat. Just feel the local vibe and wander around the marketplace. This will teach you an extra lesson of history about these people. There you can also contact the tour guides who will take you to the forest. In the forest, embrace the wild fauna and flora. Go to the traditional village, navigate around rivers, and also walk in the rain forest. You will also come around a variety of animals like tarantulas, caimans, sloths, and various kind of birds.

  1. Embrace the European atmosphere of Buenos Aires, Argentina 

Buenos Aires provides a European feel to the tourist. It has countless museums, theatres and painting galleries. All of this, you can only find in European cities. The colourful streets of Buenos Aires will also entice your mind. Wander around Sant Telmo, Puerto Madero and in the city centre. The colourful neighbourhood of La Boca will also show you the diversity in Buenos Aires. Have some lessons in tango dances, you might need one.

  1. Giant valleys of Chapada Dia mantina, Brazil

Chapada Dia maintains is a never-ending scope of nature. You can never haze away from the natural beauty of this place. Deep canyons covered with greenery and hundreds of waterfalls make this place very unique. Cachoeira da Fumaca is the highest among the all, as it is 353 meters high. There is also a path that can take you right at the top, and at that location, you can see the waterfall.

  1. The deep blue waters of Cayo Sombrero, Venezuela 

Yet again you will fall in love with the beauty that South America has to offer. Visit Venezuela for Cayo sombrero. These are one of the most appealing beaches in South America. This place has remarkable beaches that you might have never seen anywhere else. No roads or hotels can be found. The sand is pure white, and the water is turquoise. Just get into the water and find yourself the tropical fish. Eat it near the water and have some joy that will last forever. You have to travel to Chichiriviche first to get to this place. Find a boat, and it will leave you exactly in the right place.

  1. Magnificent glacier of Perito Moreno, Argentina

Include this glacier to your itinerary, whenever you visit Argentina. Perito Moreno will tell you strange stories of its existence on mother earth. It will be your friend but you have to be careful around the region. The mass of ice is about 5 kilometres, and it is 70 meters above sea level. When you will see the ice blocks falling, this will be the best moment of your life. 

It can be an unforgettable scene of your life.

  1. Learn the history of the slave port in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil

This the slave port of Portuguese in brazil. That is the main reason that most of the people here are of African origin. Here, you will find the traditions and culture that mainly resembles most of Africa. The charming neighbourhood is colourful and a common tourism point. The African culture means that you will find great food and you will these moments later.

  • Feel the heat in the desert of Atacama, Chile 

 This place is called as the driest desert on earth. Hence, it becomes a must on the travel itinerary. You can also feel that you have flown towards the moon, and remember never miss the sunset. Piedra del Coyote is another place that can entice you, it is known as a big stone on which you can stand and take some incredible pictures.


South America is full of history, culture and nature’s maestros. You can never blink an eye while travelling to South America. All of these 20 destination have something unique about them that you cannot miss. You can enjoy the beaches, learn the history, embrace the culture and come back with an everlasting experience.

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Fiction and Non-Fiction in Contemporary Times




I was invited by Fatima Jinnah University for Women to talk about the topic of fiction and non-fiction in contemporary times at the prestigious occasion of Fatamians Literature Festival 2023. In which I explained my own journey that how an engineer became a writer, i explained about my passion to write fiction and non-fiction, because I had always used parts of non-fiction (reality ) and merged them with fiction to create intriguing stories; an example is my work of “the oblivion of affection” and “the hitlers nephew”, “A slash B normal”.

Link of youtube lecture

I also explained that how did i organically started making money just because I loved writing and i wanted to invest my time to write novels. The power of imagination is unreal, I also emphasized on the aspect that we are never going to get a combo of fiction and non-fiction in our mainstream media, so start writing today. If you have some unique stories to tell then just start writing, because 13 years ago when I started writing the hitlers nephew I only had ideas but my writing was not up to the mark, today I revised it because the stories that I had written back then were intriguing. So, now that i have polished my writing skills, I can also revised my old works, my current work triviality is also inspired by final year project of my bachelors degree, ” The Zigbee based synchronised clocks”, and even the idea of that project came about because of a dream that I saw in which I was stranded in a desert. Therefore, even for my readers the message is somewhat similar, start turning your dreams into realities, or as a writer start turning your ideas into physical books.

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What is a submersible and how it is different from a submarine, what were the possible causes of incident of Titan Submarsible




We had been struck with a huge tragedy of Titan sumarsible that was designed and developed by the OceanGate Inc, but before getting into the depth of the tragedy, lets compare the submarine and the submarsible and how these two are very different from each other.

A submersible and a submarine are both types of underwater vessels, but they have some key differences in terms of design, purpose, and capabilities.

  1. Design:
  • Submersibles are usually smaller and more compact compared to submarines. They are often single-person or small crewed vehicles designed for exploration, research, or deep-sea diving.
  • Submarines, on the other hand, are larger and capable of carrying a crew and cargo. They are designed for military purposes, such as warfare, surveillance, and strategic missions.
  1. Purpose:
  • Submersibles are primarily used for scientific exploration, deep-sea research, underwater archaeology, or filmmaking. They are often employed in areas such as marine biology, geology, or oceanography.
  • Submarines have both military and civilian applications. In a military context, submarines are used for naval warfare, including patrolling, reconnaissance, and launching missiles. Some submarines are also used for intelligence gathering and special operations. Civilians submarines may be used for underwater tourism or scientific research, but they are less common.
  1. Depth and Range:
  • Submersibles are typically designed for specific depth ranges and may be limited to a few hundred meters or a few thousand meters. They are generally not capable of prolonged operations at great depths.
  • Submarines, especially military submarines, are built to operate at significant depths, often reaching several hundred meters to even over a thousand meters. They are capable of extended missions, including staying submerged for extended periods and traveling long distances.
  1. Construction:
  • Submersibles are usually constructed with lighter materials, such as aluminum or fiberglass, to enhance their buoyancy and mobility. They often have transparent domes or viewports for better visibility.
  • Submarines are built with strong hulls, often using steel or other sturdy materials to withstand high water pressure. They are designed to be watertight and are equipped with various systems to ensure the safety and survival of the crew.
  1. Propulsion:
  • Submersibles typically use electric batteries or other power sources to propel themselves. They may rely on thrusters or propellers for movement.
  • Submarines employ various propulsion systems, including diesel engines for surface travel and electric batteries for submerged operations. Nuclear-powered submarines use nuclear reactors to generate steam and drive turbines, providing them with extended range and endurance underwater.

In summary, submersibles are smaller, often single-person or small crewed vehicles used for exploration and research, while submarines are larger vessels primarily used for military purposes, such as warfare and strategic missions. Submersibles are limited in depth and range, while submarines are built for extended operations at greater depths.

Now lets talk about the tragedy that happened earlier this week, various research articles has discussed warnings and concerns that were raised about OceanGate, a company that planned to take wealthy tourists on trips to explore the wreckage of the Titanic. The company faced criticism from experts both inside and outside the company who expressed concerns about the safety of its submersible craft, named Titan. OceanGate’s director of marine operations, David Lochridge, prepared a report stating that the craft needed more testing and highlighted potential dangers to passengers at extreme depths. Another warning came from 38 industry leaders, deep-sea explorers, and oceanographers who sent a letter to OceanGate’s CEO, Stockton Rush, expressing concerns about the company’s experimental approach and the potential for catastrophic problems with the Titanic mission.

The criticisms focused on Rush’s refusal to have the Titan inspected and certified by leading agencies, which would ensure it met safety standards. Lochridge’s report revealed that the craft’s viewport was only certified for depths of up to 1,300 meters, far less than the 4,000-meter depth required for Titanic trips. Despite the warnings, OceanGate did not pursue certification and dismissed Lochridge, leading to a legal battle that ended in a settlement. The experts also criticized OceanGate’s decision to forgo testing the prototypes under the supervision of a leading certification company, emphasizing the importance of third-party validation for submersible safety.

OceanGate defended its approach, arguing that certification would stifle innovation and that it would take years to get the Titan certified due to its innovative design. The company also avoided certain U.S. regulations by operating the vessel in international waters. Submersibles are largely unregulated, and the Titan, loaded onto a Canadian ship and dropped into the North Atlantic near the Titanic, does not need to register with a country or follow many vessel rules.

The article mentions previous expeditions by OceanGate to the Titanic site, which faced technical issues, including battery problems and damage to the exterior of the submersible. Despite these challenges, some individuals were able to visit the Titanic wreckage on the Titan.

The warnings and criticisms raised about OceanGate’s safety practices and refusal to pursue certification have gained attention in light of the recent disappearance of the submersible craft with five people onboard.

So, the possible causes could be more likely an implosion and not explosion, experts also indicated that led to sudden death of all the individuals on board. Additionally, Years before the tragic incident in which a tourist submersible went missing during an expedition to explore the Titanic shipwreck, concerns over safety issues were raised about the company responsible for the vessel. OceanGate, the privately held company charging $250,000 per person for the Titanic voyage, faced lawsuits and warnings from industry experts. In 2018, a professional trade group expressed concerns about OceanGate’s experimental design approach, citing potential “catastrophic” outcomes.

An employee, David Lochridge, who later sued the company, had raised safety concerns about the submersible’s design and hull testing protocol. Lochridge claimed the company could subject passengers to extreme danger. Lawsuits were also filed by customers who struggled to get refunds for canceled trips due to certification and equipment failure issues. Certification problems emerged as the Titan did not have the intended DNV-GL certification as advertised. Lochridge alleged that OceanGate refused to pay for necessary upgrades to meet safety requirements. OceanGate’s lawsuit against Lochridge emphasized that he was not an engineer, while he argued that his role was to ensure safety during operations.

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Former Chief of Staff of Army of Pakistan increased in Assets and an Outlook of Army’s Wealth




Introduction: Over the years, Pakistan has witnessed a noticeable increase in the assets of its military leaders, including General Qamar Javed Bajwa and other army generals. This rise has sparked discussions and debates regarding the sources of their wealth and the implications it may have on the country’s socio-economic landscape. In this blog post, we will delve into the factors contributing to the increased assets of General Bajwa and other army generals, examining the possible reasons behind this phenomenon and its significance for Pakistan.

  1. Military Service and Perks: Army generals in Pakistan hold high-ranking positions with corresponding salaries and benefits. As senior military officials, they receive substantial salaries and allowances, including housing allowances, medical benefits, and other financial incentives. These perks, combined with their long years of service, contribute to the accumulation of wealth over time.
  2. Investments and Business Ventures: Many army generals, including General Bajwa, have diversified their income streams through investments and business ventures. These ventures range from real estate investments to agricultural projects and private security firms. By utilizing their financial resources and connections, army generals can enter various sectors and generate additional income, leading to an increase in their personal wealth.
  3. Land and Property Ownership: Land ownership has historically played a significant role in wealth accumulation in Pakistan. Army generals, like many other individuals, have acquired land and properties over the years. As urban areas expand and property values increase, the value of their land and properties appreciates, contributing to their overall wealth growth.
  4. Inheritance and Family Wealth: In some cases, the increase in assets of army generals can be attributed to inherited wealth or family connections. Military leaders often come from privileged backgrounds and may have inherited businesses or properties that form a significant part of their assets. Family wealth, combined with their own financial activities, contributes to the growth of their overall wealth.
  5. Lack of Transparency and Accountability: The lack of transparency and accountability surrounding the financial activities of military leaders in Pakistan is a concern. Critics argue that the absence of a robust system for monitoring and scrutinizing the financial activities of army generals makes it challenging to ascertain the sources of their wealth. This lack of transparency can erode public trust and raise questions about the fairness and equity of wealth distribution in the country.

Conclusion: The rise in assets of General Bajwa and other army generals in Pakistan is influenced by various factors, including their military service, investments, property ownership, and inheritance. However, the lack of transparency and accountability surrounding their financial activities raises concerns about the fairness and equity of wealth distribution. To address these concerns, Pakistan needs to establish a transparent system for monitoring and scrutinizing the financial activities of military leaders, ensuring that their wealth aligns with their official income and legitimate means.

Disclaimer: This blog post provides a general overview of the factors contributing to the increase in assets of General Bajwa and other army generals in Pakistan. It is important to note that specific details regarding their personal finances and sources of wealth may not be publicly available. The information presented here is based on available knowledge and should not be considered an exhaustive analysis.

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