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Travelling Guide to Saudi Arabia etiquette customs and Traditions




Saudi Arabia is an official kingdom, it houses many Asian workers from Pakistan and India. Therefore, the official language is Arabic but there are other languages like Urdu and Farsi and many other Asian languages are spoken in this region. Also, the dialects in three different regions of Saudi Arabia are different. Islam is the main practising region as every year, the city of Makkah and medina house millions of people from around the world. These people perform their pilgrimage in the city of Makkah and also visit the Medina. Saudi Arabia is also an ally of America, Pakistan and India. Although, this country is also involved in a big conflict currently going on in Yemen. 

Culture of Saudi Arabia 

  • The eastern coast is populated with Shia Muslims, while the Sunni Muslims are populating the majority of Saudi Arabia. 
  • The official holiday in Saudi Arabia is of Friday, that is also a holy day for Muslims all around the world. 
  • Additionally, drinking is prohibited in Saudia Arabia, and there are various laws implemented to stop smoking, gum chewing, etc. 
  • Major celebrations include the Saudi national day, that is 23rd of September. The Eid ul Adha, and Eid ul Fitr. 
  • Additionally, there were bans of various kinds, like bans on cinema, ban on women driving cars. But now with the new king on the throne, the things are changing very fast for Saudi Arabia. 
  • The culture is changing very fast with temples of Hindus and churches for Christians are also being built
  • Not only this but cinemas are also open and women are also now allowed to drive the cars
  • Women can also attend a social gathering with men and various other sports events, before that it was not allowed in Saudi Arabia.

Family status in Saudi Arabia 

  • The tribal and close family traditions are common in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Saudi’s give all of their importance to their family culture, their clans and their tribes
  • Most of the families in Saudi Arabia and are close and contains many family members
  • Therefore, their social networks are mainly derived from the family cultures, cousins, friends etc
  • Nepotism is considered a privilege in Saudi Arabia, and the people are proud of it
  • Common beliefs are mainly divided among economic divides in the country, even the king of Saudi Arabia enslaved his cousins to get to the throne and to cement his stature in the kingdom

Gender roles in Saudi Arabia 

  • Gender difference is strict as indicated above that women were not allowed to go out without covering their heads or wearing an abaya
  • Additionally, women were not allowed to socialize
  • But now gender roles are gradually changing and the women are provided with equal opportunities in the country
  • Also, most of the women do not work in Saudi Arabia
  • Additionally, the presence of a male guardian is also necessary for Saudi Arabia
  • Women can invest in the property and own any property on their name

Women are conceptualized as the cornerstone of the family and nurturer rather than the provider of the family 

Socialization in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  • Socialisation is on a path to change in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, dramatic changes have happened in the last 40 to 50 years
  • In the older days, mothers used to give birth in the homes, she also played the role of the wet-nurse. But this aspect also induced the religion, and culture within their children and the whole family
  • Additionally, servants are also very responsible in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia to raise the children of the families

The economy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s economy is based on the oil and petroleum
  • Before the discovery of oil in Saudi Arabia, the kingdom was exporting coffee, sheep, cardamom, rice and clothes
  • Now, it produces very basic ingredients because most of its economy is based on oil
  • Modest income has been received by the kingdom of Saudi Arabia since the people from all around the world visit Saudi Arabia because of pilgrimage and they spend a lot of money on their holy journey
  • Not only this, now the kingdom of Saudi Arabia is opening various sites for tourists also, additionally, single women will be given visas also

Culture and arts of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  • Poetry and literature are widely renowned in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Recitation of the holy book Quran is also a normal tradition in weddings and various other events
  • Although, the mindset of people is changing and is being influenced by the cultures of Egypt and Lebanon
  • Because the shariah law is being imposed, various publications are being censored that are written against the king
  • Folk art and sculpture is also one of the most common arts and culture that can be experienced in Saudi Arabia
  • Additionally, paintings and statues are not considered valid in the culture of Saudi Arabia
  • The younger generation is being influenced by online gaming and the utilisation of the internet
  • The tradition of soccer in Saudi Arabia is also very prominent, a good national team also compete in FIFA tournaments

Business and etiquettes 

  • In the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, most of the men wear long and baggy shirts and also wear a traditional Arabic hat
  • Business is not given much priority over families, traditions and culture
  • Religion is intrinsic even in the business values of Saudi Arabia
  • Most of the workers are from Asian countries like Pakistan, India and Bangladesh
  • Conservative business attires are worn by women, the colours should also be neutral
  • Saudi’s expect three kisses while greeting or meeting with them
  • Saudi’s are strict about their time, and expect their business meetings to be started at the given time also
  • Negotiations are mostly made based on money because the kingdom is rich, therefore it has no problem to hire anyone for any particular project

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Alien life signs are now visible on Planet Venus




A rare toxic gas called as Phosphine has been found on the atmosphere of Venus, which does not indicate that humans will be thinking of travelling to venus for the near future but it is an indication of possible signs of Alien life. It has been indicated by scientists that this kind of quantity of phosphine is unexplainable and it can be an indication of alien life. Phosphine on earth can be found in pond slimes and penguin dungs, and it is the most foul-smelling gasses on earth. Therefore, scientists believe that it indicates a sign of life on Venus.

How this is an indication of life, this is the main question which further states the fact that the phosphorus cannot be produced without any non-biological way. Therefore, the alien microbes could be causing the production of this gas on venus’s atmosphere. Because on the earth phosphine can only be made in a lab or through the help of the microorganisms. On Jupiter and Saturn also, there is a presence of phosphine but the idea storms on these planets are the main cause of the phosphine gas.

About 5 to 20 parts billion of phosphine gas is present on the venus’s atmosphere. It is a lot more than we have the amount of phosphine present on earth. phosphine can be broken down by light and therefore it can be realised that some particular phenomena are continuously making or producing the gas again and again on the planet venus. We think that it is the causing of any biological life but it can be some other process that might be producing the phosphine gas.

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How can we revive the doomed city of Karachi




The City of Karachi is certainly doomed, with flooded streets and no electricity, people are barely making the two ends meet. There are multiple reasons why Karachi is facing a disastrous situation because the city of Karachi should have been like a European city but currently its infrastructure, it cannot even compete with underdeveloped African cities. Every city is built on a mega plan, with roads and infrastructure of drainage is being laid out. The foundations of Karachi have become old and by this time, Karachi would have gone tons and tons of changes to become a self-sustaining metropolis. But, the tale about Karachi’s past is sad and not worth telling. Therefore, we don’t want to discuss the past, what has been done is done and now we have to move forward. What can we do make this city better, because there are three problems that are being faced by this city which are persistent and has made the life of 16,094,000 people a living hell. The problem of drainage, the problem of electricity and the problem of waste management. This article intends to provide a solution rather than criticising any authorities because criticism cannot make a difference, not now and not in future.

How to solve the Electricity problem

Electricity generation with solar panels

Karachi mostly witnesses hot weather, except a rainy monsoon season that does not persist for long. We can solve our electricity problem by taking advantage of the hot summers and the hot summers even persist until late October and also until the earlier days of November. A big field having tons and tons of solar panels can be created, that investment would be one time and every home can be given a particular quota of electricity that can be utilised every month.

best cities for solar
In states of Massachusetts, Arizona and Oregon, you will find homes with solar panels fitted on their roofs
Solar now 'cheaper than grid electricity' in every Chinese city, study finds
Government has to create a big solar field like this, that is an easy way to make electricity

Electricity generation with Waste

We all know that tons of tons of waste have been wasted on the streets of Karachi since we don’t have a proper waste collection system. An easy way to utilise that waste is to convert the excess waste into the energy. Again it will not be a big ask, and I don’t think what kind of 18th amendment is stopping a prime minister to invest in a megacity like Karachi. Below stated figure is a simple process to convert the waste into the useable energy. But the problem is that how do we collect waste, if people keep throwing the waste on their streets, since there is no one who will come to collect the waste from their home. Hence, it will be disposed anywhere outside their home. Now, lets talk about how to solve the waste management problem.

Waste-to-energy (MSW) in depth - U.S. Energy Information Administration  (EIA)
Waste to energy plant is required in Karachi if the excess waste has to be utilised effectively in the form of electricity

How to solve the problem of waste management

Design an incentive waste collection system

Waste collection can be easily done, by paying a simple amount to people, obviously, a workforce will be hired to collect the waste. The people of Karachi will be provided two bags and they have to segregate their waste with glass in one shopper and other waste in one shopper. So that the recyclable waste can be easily sent to waste to energy plant and hence its segregation from the waste that cannot be used to make electricity will not be a problem. Now lets talk about how to solve the problem of excess rainwater, and how the rainwater can be utilised effectively

How to solve the problem of excess rainwater

Design an underground sewage system

An underground sewage system will store the water and transfer it to certain parks and bigger fields that are specially created for a recreational basis. Chinese have created such solutions in which excess rainwater is being transferred to large recreational fields and hence they don’t have to water the plants with another source of water. Not only this rainwater can be treated and used to plant vegetables in the same recreational spaces. All of the above-provided solutions are not out of the world and might not demand huge investments. All we need is to invest in the city of Karachi and to ensure its proper development. Else our next generation would be suffering from the same problems that we are suffering from.

Rain Water Collection Tank | Rainwater harvesting system, Rainwater  harvesting, Rain harvesting
Rainwater utilisation to water the plants and trees

How to shape a sustainable city

A sustainable city includes a proper sewage system, renewable energy plants, good recreational spaces for people to hang out. Sustainable transportation and good infrastructure that is built to travel to and fro from a location. None of these can be found in a doomed city like Karachi. But in future, we as citizens of Karachi demand these things as we deserve better and better living standards. We cannot wait more, the waiting time has already passed and our lives have already infected!

Mapping components for a sustainable city (see online version for colours)
A sustainable city includes all of the amenities that are provided in the above figure.

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George Knapp, a renowned journalist who brought the case of Bob Lazar in 1989 and further pursued the topic has presented with now non-classified documents. The documents quoted, that “its a 75 percent probability that inter-terrestrial civilization is located in between 1361 and 3979 light years from us. Speed of light is 3 x 10 raise to the power 8, and for us it is now not possible to travel with the speed of light. That is the reason why we are unable to cover the intergalactic missions. Bob Lazar was also on the Joe Rogan podcast earlier, and most of his theories are getting proved now. Because now the credible people like Commander Fraver are coming up with the UFO sightings and now people are starting to believe it. Not only this, United States government is also looking into it. Both Russians and Americans have stated that during the world war 2 when Moscow was targeted by U.S and New York and other states of the United States were targeted by Russia, at that time these UFO’s appeared and have halted the nuclear missiles.

Bob lazar explained the propulsion system, that same propulsion system has been seen and verified by Commander Fraver. Commander Fraver in 2004 recorded the UFO sighting with his companions, they locked onto a Tic Tac like thing that has no heat visibility around it, and was moving with no propulsion system that is yet to be seen by the human eye. Now that Video has been declassified by the pentagon and the remarks were that this was an unidentified flying object. All of this means that nothing has been theorized by Bob Lazar and infect we can now today say with conformity that he might have worked on or would have seen the alien technology.

Area S4 that is 15 miles south of Area 51, Bob knows everything about the area, even then it was stated by government that he had no degrees and he never worked as a physicist in the area S4. Before that he was working in Los Alamos national labs and new mexico. He was always involved with nuclear weapon development. In 1982, when Bob Lazar put a jet engine in his Honda, then he was approached by these authorities and Los Alamos, put had a headline news regarding it too. He also said, that he used the same car to drove to work every day. As explained. that he was approached by the authorities when he went to see the Lecture of Edward Teller (father of Hydrogen Bomb). He sent various resumes at the time. And Edward teller also received his resumes, and asked the authorities to contact Bob Lazar. He also said, that his job description stated that it was about advanced propulsion systems. He recalled his first day, filling the paperwork ( 2 to 3 hours of paperwork). He said when i first saw the Flying saucer, it had an american flag on it.

So, he said that i think this is the answer to all of the UFO”s bullshit. That is american technology, he also said when i touched that thing, i got reprimanded by a guard. The guard instructed, you are not allowed to touch it. Then some time later, he was being introduced to his lab partner, Barry. Then he talked about a reactor, size of a basket ball and it was producing its own gravitational field. So, that makes it more complicated for him, since we cannot produce gravitational field through a device. Bob said, it could not touch it because the gravitational field was pushing his hand and not letting him touch it. Then he read various documents which stated to reverse engineer the alien technology. His area was power and propulsion, he also stated in the podcast, that there were various departments working on several other technologies. And they give us an overview to understand that if our working area might be connected to the others in some way.

The reactor he worked on, can be activated in various ways, he said when you put the hemisphere on the tower it starts to work. There is no wiring whatsoever in that, it was just working in the vicinity of each other. He said, it was borderline magic. He also said, that before me various people might have died. Since, they were trying to cut the reactor. They used the plasma cutter and that created some dangerous incidents. 9 Aircrafts were kept there, and he said i watched all of the 9 Aircrafts. All of these were of different shapes and they were alien technology. This story will be continued in another post .. bob lazars story

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Why you should not use google translator





The platform of google translator is used millions and billions around the world. If you are wandering in Russia, or South America. You might realise that people don’t speak English a lot. Therefore, when you are wandering around the streets, asking for a way to your hotel or having trouble finding a good hotel. Then, you have the only choice, that is to use google translate. Not only this, but various applications are using the google translator to bridge the language gap among the people.

  1. Not made for professional translation
  2. Cannot translate lengthy documents
  3. Bugs on the platform of google translator
  4. Translate a text from English to French and then translate it back to English, you will learn the problem with the google translator
  5. Humans over bots
  1. Not made for professional translation 

Google translator is a very helpful application and mostly used in general by people around the world. But, if you are in a professional meeting, deciding the fate of your new project that worth millions then it would not be a good option to use the google translator. Not only this when you have some confidential documents and you are using a platform like a google. Then there are also chances of data theft and protection. Some of the companies have also claimed that their confidential documents were published online when they tried to use the normal translators. Therefore, it is for sure, that google translator platform cannot be used until when we are trying to translate our confidential documents that worth millions. In this case, a person having good translation skills can be hired to translate the documents. Then, it might not create a lot of problems for the company in future.

  • Cannot translate lengthy documents

If you are trying to translate some lengthy documents then google translator does not give you such a facility. Also, there Is no option to upload the document and get the exact translation of that document. Because Google knows that it is not easy for them to translate the whole document one go. Therefore, they are not willing to provide such a facility for now. Although they are trying different things to improve their translation platform, still there is a long way ahead.

  • Bugs on the platform of google translator 

This is another issue related to this platform when you are trying to translate any literal document. And, the translation is very ambiguous, therefore you have fewer chances of getting a professionally translated text. The bugs in programming are not new, because the programmers at google might not be translators. Hence, they need good translators who are also programmers. These programmers who also know the languages would also be able to program the platform of google translator effectively. But in another case, a programmer would encounter a lot of problems. And, in this case, various issues and bugs will be created while programming the platform of google translator.

  • Translate a text from English to French and then translate it back to English, you will learn the problem with the google translator 

You can cross-check doing the same to translate the efficiency of this machine platform. Ever talked to a robot, can you know the expression of that robot. That robot can never understand your wit, it will not laugh when you will crack a joke. Although, humans are trying their best to put the machine language and artificial intelligence at the forefront of helping humanity. But it is never possible for anyone to have the same kind of joy that we can have in a human to human interaction. Then again, when you are trying to translate French to English, it might be able to do it without some or no errors. But then again, when you again change the same sentence back to English. The translation would be so horrible, that you cannot stand it for even a second. It is not possible for you to accept that translation and to you can never easily interact with any foreign girl or guy while doing so. For instance, you want to greet them, and the translation shows you some bad slang word. This would spoil your trip, your translator can make you look bad if you are unable to communicate with the native language. Especially when you are unable to greet people, it would be an added pressure to survive alone in that particular country.

  • Humans over bots 

Leys take a google translator and a human, give them the same sentence and check their translation. A human will be using their research and perfection to change the language with the verbs, adverbs, noun and pronouns. On the other hand, the google translator would not be able to do the same. Hence it is never the same when you are comparing the google translator with the translation of a human. A human is groomed in a culture, he knows the slangs, the accurate nouns and how sentences should be connected. Human likes perfection, they will only translate when they are sure to understand that what they have translated and accurate. The human mind will always demand accuracy, and perfection, it can adapt and change according to the atmosphere. But on the hand, the machine language can only be improved if humans are continuously telling them the patterns and about human emotions, their norms and reactions. Therefore, a human can never be replaced by the bot, the bot will always be a humans creation. It can never attain such perfection that is required to effectively interact among two normal human beings. Therefore, the google translator demands a lot of work required to be done.


Google translator is a machine learning-based platform, if humans are trying to improve it continuously then only it can perform better. Otherwise, it would fail at every cost, it would not be able to deliver the correct kind of quality that is being required by the human for interaction with other humans. Human interaction is based on emotions, jargons, slang, but the google translator is unable to understand all of this. Google translate Is good for few sentences, but it cannot translate official documents also.

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