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The Last Cigarette that I lit!



The End

The End was about to start, ” I lit up the only cigarette in my pocket ” and I once looked at it thoroughly – “The End of the World” – those were the few words that were written over the tobacco paper. I was standing in an old Parisian neighborhood, to contest the cold night, hearing the huge cheers behind my back. The nightclub that I was standing in front of, was overcrowded with people. People were trying to behave like humans in an inhumane way, the clubs were never my thing, how can I concord with the buzzing trance where liaising is out of the question. I tried it multiple times to commingle with the high-pitched beats but it seemed like an excuse to lose myself in a peculiar environment but my adroitness is built around consciousness. Or am I totally right, and such places are designed to not be yourself, so you can be as far away from reality as you can!

Trance emerged in the first place to harmonize with the unconscious levels of our brain, once it is able to set up its attack and succeeds, you move along and every beat controls your body. Since the unconscious part of your brain has been tangled with and conquered by the pitch and the beats that are set up by the musical instruments. A person like me, who knows too much about trance, should have been in love with it, but I guess I never bow to a controlling kind. Once, I know that something is designed to control me in the first place, my senses invigorates and assemble a sentient army to tackle it.

All of this is very thoughtful, coming from a person who is letting a cigarette eat his brains out. it’s all about human preference, we prefer to do what seems right. I had smoked almost half of my cigarette, its scorching is benign to my lips, although it swipes away the saliva that is advertently produced by my body leaving behind a series of tobacco toxins. But that’s what tobacco does slowly, gleaning your prudence to instill imbecility and then you are a walking slave, to a tobacco stick and your very own fingers support the whole process; Smoking a cigarette is not more than an Asininity.

Laisse-moi finir, les derniers morceaux sont les plus excitants, c’est là que réside la vraie saveur (in French)

Hey! Wait dont finish it yet! The last bits are the most exciting! That’s where the true flavor lies! (That’s the English of what she said).

She forbade me to even finish what I started, The only cigarette that I had, instead grabbed it forcefully. I said, ” You should have let me finished what I started”

Let’s imagine the scene again in a slow mo. She is coming closer with a warning, eyeing my cigarette so that I cannot commit the final act (The End of the World), An act of finishing and then throwing my cigarette, and then, she uttered what I wrote earlier and just took my cigarette without even asking for my permission. Not that I care about these last bits but her takeover was active and energetic. if I put it precisely, then it was a brisk attack to stop the End!

Now, I am going to utter a few words that most of English-speaking tourists think of as magic words and use them as a privilege over non-English speakers. Although, English is not even my mother tongue that’s what I use often as a tourist for communication.

Let me describe her first!

The Parisian girl with black hair, black nail polish, and ruby red lips exuded an air of melancholy. Her beauty was striking, yet there was an energy in her eyes that seemed to reflect an electric soul within.

Her black nail polish seemed to match the darkness in her soul, a reflection of the pain that she carried with her. As she passed by, the sound of her high-heeled boots echoed in the empty streets, adding to the sense of desolation that seemed to surround her.

There was something hauntingly beautiful about her, something that drew you in and made you want to know more. But at the same time, there was a sense of danger, as if getting too close might mean being consumed by the darkness that she carried within.

In her black attire, she blended in with the shadows of the city, almost as if she was a part of it. She was a solitary figure, lost in thought and burdened by her pain. Her beauty was undeniable, but it was a beauty that was tinged with sadness, a melancholy that seemed to follow her wherever she went.

Coming back to the magic words! I told her, “Sorry, But I don’t speak French” And to my surprise, it didn’t open any unforeseen doors.

Vous êtes paresseux.. and English translation is that “You are lazy”… ( She responded )

While pondering upon my taken cigarette, I said an obvious word! …..What?

I meant you are lazy! ( She responded again to my reaction )

You can imagine the french accent but as I told you before that she took over so quickly that out of 100 permutations, I had only 1 percent chance to react in 99 of those situations. As she enthralled the remains of that cigarette, she tried to strike up a conversation with the very owner, who lit up the delights of that scorching paper and tobacco.

First time in Paris as a tourist? Yes, just visiting a few old mates here. But, how do you know it’s my first time here???? Your cigarette brand is foreign otherwise, you would be accustomed to a local one. So, you mean that the piece, you just snatched from me, that was about to become a part of Parisian history eventually, was not even worth the smoke at all? (I said it with a pause).

Correct! ( While Nodding )

Or as you say in English that it was sheeeth. (Even the word “Shit” sounded like a Prophecy in her European accent).

You want to come with me ?? Ah! No, Clubs are not my thing. ( I showed my complete disinterest )

Well, I am about to walk to my home!

Ohh! Comes as a surprise to me that a total stranger needed company while going back to her place.

if you are thinking about that! She paused and then said, I am not a putain (she meant a whore or slut, I knew the word through the liberty of my friends) and this is not some scam. I know that’s what scammers say but I am not a walking Parisian scam. Otherwise, if I had wanted, I would have scammed you a long time ago.

She was picking me apart, piece by piece. I was thinking, we just had a few minutes of interaction and she is saying, a long time ago.

I know what you are thinking again. I noticed you in the bar, your friends were talking to you in English and foreigners are speaking targets for us. ( She meant, the moment we start speaking English, probably she meant walking targets but speaking targets seemed relevant too, isn’t it?? as we become an easy target for scammers).

So, we Parisians can also easily notice people who are speaking English but you seem different, your accent is a bit different from your friends.

I guess, now that you had completed your psychoanalysis on me, you could probably guess where I am from. Your friends looked like they were from India, “I haven’t seen anyone who had a brown beard like yours, spoke with an accent, and was from India also”. So, I don’t know if you have migrated to an English country maybe.

You seem a bit confused right there! ( it was the first time, I felt in charge)


Fuck! She grabbed that few minutes of pleasure away from me. ( I had to nodd )

Amen ! from Pakistan! You got me!

Are you from the north, because they had ancestral links from Alexandar? You are right, but I am not from the north, I am actually from the south and I am blessed by the heat and sunlight that’s why most of us, who live in the south are mostly brown or dark brown, and correct you are talking about people who live in Hunza.

Goes the same for some European countries, so why not clubs, is it not a cultural thing in Pakistan?

Well! that’s an easier explanation, Anyways lets go inside, I need to check out my mates, I hope their excitement levels don’t turn them into zombies.

Then let’s get in again, and this time, I will be in charge, but then again, me being in charge thing was short-lived. She grabbed my hand without my consent and led me into the club. Charging through the crowd, and then she plugged her handsfree into her phone, put one earbud in my ear and the other in hers, and started texting someone, suddenly the DJ started playing a melo tune and she played the same tune on her phone as well.

I didn’t said anything to her, nor she said anything to me. We started dancing slowly, it was so discreet that my guard went down and the melody started to resonate in my encephalon. My body went through a strange and amorous sensation, my eyes were unsheathing vivacity, slackening my grip on reality. It felt like floating on water, even the full force produced less shift, eyeing the destination felt like we were closing-in on it, but it still seemed very far. Her intermittent breaths set the tone, her flushed cheeks aroused my ardor. Alleviating my stress levels, breaking all the poignant reminders of clubs, passing over the reminiscences without giving any due attention. I had no choice but to concede to this divertissement, she knew all the script and yet I was just a pawn following the queen’s movements. She was pulling all the strings to my body, and I was up and about after her extravaganza.

When it stopped! It felt like an inception! A new world that I have stepped into!

Now, we were heading to her place, whatever was happening felt like a startling surprise! Why am I gushing about her? it’s probably because of her ascendancy that has taken over my soul. She broke my silence. So, How was it?

Quiet an experience, but how many times have you done this? You clearly had some sort of relationship with that DJ! ( I spilled out my entire acumen )

Yes! we all do, actually, most of my friends are business partners in this club. I used to be a DJ once and I can still take over that job sometimes when someone needs me to cover for them.

Yeah! you clearly know your music, and how to react to it!

How to react! Can’t you give me a compliment that I can dance very well! ( She was coming back at me)

Glancing each other with gentle smiles, I looked ahead towards the devious nabes of paris, weaved to amiss. She moved through the streets of Paris with a slow and measured pace, as if weighed down by the weight of the city itself. Paris seemed like a maze that was bound to make you overlook your own place, people waiting to commit a crime, offering you drugs. It was more of a scary and dark welcome rather than an inviting gesture by the not-so-calm neighborhoods of pairs. I have heard that Paris is the nerve centre of perfumes and Parisian often demonstrate such perception by using good quality perfumes to stand out from the rest of the Europeans, but I was smelling something else, seeing there is a difference between toxic waste. when you are drinking water and then discarding the remains, might not smell that bad. But when you are only drinking beer and there is so much beer in your stomach that your body is being forced to expel the remnants, then it becomes the supreme level of malodorous. No less than a radiation level that man should never be allowed to experience, but it is actually noisome; offensive to your body.

If she would be reading my thoughts, she could have sanctioned my ass to the police, that I am probably a refugee trying to harass Parisian women.

Excuse the smell, in these neighborhoods, it’s just getting stronger and stronger! she uttered (Probably human senses react in the same way and they have their own ways to interact with each other)

Well! I was just thinking about the same thing, that Paris smells so delicious!

Yes, not quite delicious but murderous in these small neighborhoods but I also don’t think that there is anything else that can replace the authenticity of these small neighborhoods. I am not scared because I know my way and people are familiar with the locals but I understand that it must be difficult for a tourist to go about their way through these dark neighborhoods.

But you can say, that this is what’s unique about this neighborhood!

Yeah! strong smell of piss!

She laughed!

Well look at the top, it’s around midnight, and hostels won’t allow the guests to access the rooftops, so this is either people signaling others to rob someone or a lonely someone trying to commit suicide. Normal Parisians who do 9 to 6 would never be up there at midnight, they had already slept.

Never quite imagined Paris to be a quiet place, where people would commit suicides (I was curious to know more)

You know France is ranked second highest for suicides in Europe?

No! is it?

Yes ! the suicide rate in France is around 18 per hundred thousand, and probably it is around 7 per hundred thousand for women.

I hope that poor dude is just looking to rob a tourist, I pointed in the direction of a guy who was focusing on us and then suddenly vanished from the rooftop.

You just scared that poor guy, he might be thinking we are police officers or we are going to call cops on him. So, it’s a Parisian secret, and you have to keep it as a secret and it has to die with you.

So where do you live exactly ?? I mean what’s this area called? because I am always looking at the maps and with you by my side, I am not looking at one.

You can say this is the northern 18th and 19th district, google it and you will know the rest.

And trust me there are so many shortcuts in this neighborhood, from where these people can run away and you have no chance of catching them at all!

Show me any of your prized possessions!

Well, I have my purse and..

Give it to me!

And then, I witnessed the same exact moment, how she snatched my cigarette, she snatched my purse and started running and then I shouted.

Am I supposed to chase you?

If you don’t care about your purse. ( she shouted, and took a quick turn towards a..)

When I ran and saw with my own eyes, it was a cemetery, and she was laughing, and calling my name.

Ammar! Catch me if you can! you are lazy.

I thought that I hadn’t told her my name yet, has she gone through my belongings already?

I was not perspiring but after midnight, it’s scary for a tourist to chase a girl in a cemetery, who has his purse, in which he has kept his driver’s license, his identity card, and his credit and debit cards. what not!

I was clearly losing her, and she had no intentions to stop, now I had been trying to find her for about 10 minutes but she was already gone. She was not even within my visibility radius, I shouted.

Hey! I don’t even know your name, and this is getting a bit too much for me. I thought we were just playing a game.

Someone shouted from the Rooftop! ( Not anymore she is long gone )

That took the bejesus out of me, It was a rug pull, a sudden shock and then I started cursing myself how could I be so careless, I didn’t even know her name, how would I fucking file a report against her.

Should I go back to the bar, it was going to be a long night, and then I started tracing my footsteps backward, footsteps that were blemished by this unforeseen controversy. Foreseen for meticulous people but for people like me it was an inescapable danger. Handing over my prized possession to a total stranger who also took my cigarette unilaterally from me was a risk comparable to putting a glass on the edge of a plinth!

I literally faced a barrage of questions and disappointment was apparent on my friend’s face. They literally told me that they thought I would be better left alone. But they never knew that I had the audacity to hand over my belongings to a total stranger. A person like me is a true definition of gullible, I can be easily fooled and tricked, just because I perceive people around me to behave in the same way that I do! But it’s a fact people like me will always fall into such traps! We are programmed fools blinded by our naivety, a bunch of nincompoops and dullards who keep a positive perception of this world. I demonstrated the true capabilities of being an alien in her world.

It’s going to be a long night, we faced a lot of trouble answering all of the copper questions, and their investigation was more focused on us. They would rather blame us and jail us for negligence than listen to us. Their intentions were clear, you are stupid, go and sort your shit out yourself. The French lady copper constantly said, ” ces stupides tourists “, and I finally had the courage to tell them. Hey, I know you are calling me stupid. But if you don’t know the name of the person you have been hanging out with all night long, it’s hard to prove anything at all. So, I was in a phase of acceptance, rather than arguing about anything, that was the job of my friends. Their faces made it pretty clear, that I had spoiled their night, and they could have been hanging out and enjoying themselves rather than spending the night at this suffocating police station. It felt like all the homeless Parisians had volunteered to spend a night at the police station so that they could feel at home rather than sleeping openly outside but here at the police station, they had been looked after very well by the authorities. They thought of these policemen as their waiters, who would bring them things, all of those locked-up guys looked happy, trust me. Well, it was my first time at a police station, thank God, it’s not me who has done something horrible to someone, it’s me who is the victim. Well! who am I kidding, even if I would have wanted to commit a crime intentionally, I would have failed to even commit it. So, that’s one thing that is out of my league, if I had been Thomas Edison, trying to commit a crime, he made many attempts to achieve the result he wanted, I, on the other hand, would have failed even the 1000th time thinking that I am going to commit a crime. Or Shakespeare would have titled a book on my character, ” An imbecile’s failed crime”.

I gave them whatever information I could about that girl, but they told me, if I didn’t have her name, then it’s going to take some time. One of the police officers also told my friend, that this crime can only be solved if the person who committed it, wants to unilaterally come to the station to accept that she committed it. Otherwise, it’s a wild goose chase. While discussing all of such possibilities after the aftermath of this unfortunate event, we went to my friend’s place and slept like we didn’t care. Well, they slept like they didn’t care, but for me it was troubling, I thought I could be all wrong, I am a naive entity who was trying to experience an alien world but sometimes, I am able to understand people from deep down inside but I truly and admittedly failed this time to create a proper perception about a person.

While gazing at the empty chardonnay bottles, that my friend used to grow his plants, somehow fell victim to sleep, natural oblivion, and a split reality, and my emotions tried to overturn the ruling of the situation by changing the timeline of what happened, within my dream. But even in my dream, I was trying really hard to overturn the final verdict, it could have been better if I had never lit that cigarette at all. I should have been in the club with my friends, enjoying and critiquing the music and different forms of it. And then my focus was diverted to a similar song, my dreams started to buzz, I was getting tense, confused as to what was real or what was a dream and if I should wake up and if it’s too good to be true to escape from what happened last night. 

The Start

It was just my ringtone, buzzing over my head, and I woke up like a zombie trying to understand if I was dead or if I was meant to wake up to go about my day. So, I looked at my phone and I saw a call coming from an unknown French number, and then it ended. I opened my chat, with my dreading eyelids.

Hey! Good morning!

Sorry for last night!

Then, a location was shared!

Buzz me at 104! I will let you in!

Don’t bring the police, smiley!

Now, I was bound to make sure, if I was still dreaming and that someone was texting me if it was really her or not. If I should be scammed further or not. Maybe this time she is thinking of kidnapping me. Maybe it’s not her place, it’s her friend’s place. I thought to text her back, that tells me your name, what you did was not right but then I thought okay. I would just say, I will be there in half an hour, I am expecting my purse!

My friends were sleeping, I told them nothing just got ready and went to her apartment, just like she said buzz me at 104. I thought I was the victim, if I were about to do this right, I will do it myself. So, I went there alone, and surprisingly, she greeted me with a smile and brought me in.

Good morning! You haven’t responded to me and I can understand. Why you are behaving like that? But at first! And then she started looking behind my back. Ohh!

No Police! ( Ahh, I expected better from you, well after last night, I meant). she giggled and then asked.

Do you want coffee?

I thought she was gonna bring me my stuff!

Well, I am not here to make friends with you, I hope we can settle this matter like mature adults! She brought me my purse and I looked at everything, none of the things were stolen.

I used your belongings to contact you!

I don’t understand, was it all a game for you, you know I went to the police station afterwards!

I knew you might, and because I didn’t want to bother you anymore, I am really sorry for the tension and trouble that I have caused you.

She brought me coffee and cookies!

My intention was never to steal anything from you but to steal your soul! And then then I decided if I had to make this memorable for you, your trip to Paris then we should meet another day. So, I kept running and I knew you would not be able to keep up with me, as I told you but I can also understand from your perspective that last night could have been a horrible dream for you.

Did, you just say steal your soul?

My English is not very good, You looked like a bored tourist, so I wanted to steal your soul and put some excitement into it.

Ahh! Weird! I never slept! I was just thinking, why would a person like her, like to steal my purse, I don’t know probably sometimes the stereotypes that I have created in my mind are being challenged by my naive nature. I am still thinking, why would you do something like that?

I don’t know Ammar! It’s probably, that I am a bit adventurous and out of the box and you are not! Also, last night I wanted to do something different and then I saw you and then “different happened”.

She spilled the beans and I was unable to pick em up!

I mean who stands outside of a club, lost in his memories, especially after covid time and when you are a tourist, you have to at least enjoy yourself!

Okay! Okay! stop judging me, I might not like clubs, I introspect a lot of things, I talk to myself all the time, it’s very hard to explain my own thoughts to people, like right now there is cogitation that is happening in my mind. I meant (I wanted to explain myself easily, didn’t want to speak my mind).

So, Your thoughts are trying to understand me?

Yeah! just trying to make sense of this and what to do next!

Next ?? ( she asked me out of curiosity )

I couldn’t tell her, I am thinking what am I gonna tell my friends and if the police tried to contact me again, what would I do, I will figure it out!

I got to go! when I was about to leave she said (I thought you were different).

what do you mean? (took me by surprise, because it should have been what I might have said to her).

I didn’t see you as a confused man, I saw a man who was more lively and attentive to his surroundings (Excuse me if my English is bad) she continued to explain. I felt different around you, I felt more around you and I guess it’s just another reason to meet you here again, so if you want to join me we can probably venture outside. I want to show you something!

And stop this Cogi….Cogi… she stumbled upon her words!

Cogitation! ( so i completed her sentence )

I was reluctant from the inside, but I wanted to experience the thrill that she offered! I guess I wanted to hop on a crazy ride and dive deep into this madness by cutting off my strings with sophistication and cogent!

I am still new to her world, so why not lets say, “Yes”.

As I made my way closer to the Vespa, I couldn’t help but notice the captivating sight of her. Her gaze met mine, and a warm, enchanting smile graced her face, which, in that moment, radiated a brilliant shade of crimson. It was as if a sudden rush of emotion had caused her cheeks to flush, and I found it utterly endearing.

With a graceful motion, she extended a helmet toward me, a gesture that exuded both care and consideration. Without hesitation, I accepted the helmet and securely fastened it in place, ensuring our safety for the upcoming journey.

She gracefully mounted the driver’s seat of the Vespa, her confidence and poise adding to her allure. My anticipation grew as the Vespa’s engine roared to life, a sonorous and invigorating sound that resonated through the air. It was the promise of adventure and exploration, an invitation to immerse ourselves in the charms of the beautiful French city.

With a gentle twist of the throttle, we set off on our enchanting journey through the city’s winding streets, where history and modernity coexisted in perfect harmony. The breeze tousled our hair, carrying with it the fragrant scents of freshly baked pastries, blooming flowers, and the unmistakable ambiance of a city steeped in culture.

As we weaved through the labyrinthine alleys and boulevards, I couldn’t help but appreciate the intimate connection between us and the captivating cityscape. It was as though, in that moment, we were both explorers charting an uncharted course, and the Vespa was our trusty steed, carrying us toward the unknown wonders of the charming French city.

She drove the Vespa with ease, maneuvering through the streets with a grace that was impressive to watch. The best part was that I held onto her waist, feeling the wind whip past my face as we rode, I could smell her body odour too, and it felt magical, it felt like she is wearing a scent of an alien world.

Her beauty was undeniable, but it was difficult to find the words to describe it. Every inch of her face seemed perfect, without a blemish in sight. Her smile was infectious, and it was clear that she was enjoying the ride just as much as I was.

Despite the monotonous tone of my description, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of wonder and excitement as we rode through the city. It was a beautiful journey, and one that I would never forget.

The French city was a sight to behold, with its beautiful buildings and picturesque streets. The monotonous rhythm of daily life in the city was contrasted by the vibrancy of the Vespa that zipped through the streets, adding to the beauty of the city.

The old stone buildings were adorned with intricate details that were a testament to the craftsmanship of earlier generations. The narrow streets were lined with trees that provided shade during the day, and in the evening, their leaves rustled in the gentle breeze, creating a soothing sound.

As we rode around on the Vespa, the city seemed to come alive in a way that we had never experienced before, the corners of the mountains while gazing through the sees. The sound of the engine mixed with the buzz of people going about their daily routines, creating a symphony of sound that was both beautiful and mesmerizing.

But what made the experience truly unforgettable was the girl who rode with me on the Vespa. Her laughter and the way her hair danced in the wind as we rode around the city made everything more beautiful. It was as if the city had come alive just for us, and we were the only ones who truly understood its beauty.

At that moment, everything felt perfect. The monotonous rhythm of the city had been transformed into something magical, and we felt lucky to be a part of it. Who knew 24 hours ago that I would be riding around on an alien location on a Vespa with the girl who took my purse and disappeared in thin air, now the same girl had made the experience even more special, and it was a memory that we both would cherish forever.

After a while, we stopped at a cafe to take a break from our Vespa ride. We ordered coffee and croissants and sat at a table outside. We looked at each other and smiled as we sipped our coffee and enjoyed our order. The atmosphere was relaxed, with people chatting and going about their daily business. The cafe was bustling with activity, but we were in our own little world, lost in our thoughts and enjoying each other’s company. The croissants were fresh and flaky, and the coffee was rich and aromatic. As we ate, we chatted about the sights we had seen on our journey so far, and made plans for the rest of the day.

How is it going so far for you?

Well, nothing that I had experienced before! I responded!

And why is that?

Just 24 hours ago, I was trying to ditch this city, since you stole my belongings and ran away, it was a horrible experience but again the story has taken a different turn and the turn of events is spectacular, One that no one could have predicted, I just hope, you wouldn’t leave me stranded in some place again, this time it wouldn’t be more shocking.

She laughed out loud, and I just couldn’t help but admire her seeing laughing in the cold French sea breeze, at the moment, I was only present to experience her beauty. And then she took out a pack of cigarettes from her purse and started smoking in front of me. Seducing me and throwing the smoke in front of my face, just to know this was the first time I liked passive smoking.

She put another cigarette between her red ruby lips. She lit the cigarette with a small lighter, and inhaled deeply, the smoke curling around her face. She exhaled slowly, and the smoke dissipated into the air. Whenever she inhaled and exhaled, her red lips and the curling smoke added to her mystique.

As she continued to smoke, we talked about our day, and I couldn’t help but notice how the cigarette seemed to be an extension of her, an accessory that completed her look. It was difficult to deny the allure of her and her cigarette.

Suddenly her cellphone rang, she was still using this old motorolla phone that had to be flipped in order to check the recieve the call. And then the color of her skin had changed as if she had seen a ghost. She stood up and excused herself and went inside the cafe to receive the call. I was waiting for her and thought that she hasn’t yet told me anything about her personal life. I still don’t know who am I travelling with, I am just lost in her beauty that I don’t even want to question her. Who knows, she is married, running away from her husband, or fiance, or she has a kid to look after. But I don’t think, I had seen any family photos in her apartment, but this is also confusing, why there were no family photos in her apartment? None!

She came back behaving in a certain way that nothing had happened, and started smiling again!

I am sorry, I do understand that I shouldn’t be Paking my nose in your personal matters but who are you? And tell me something about yourself, I don’t even know your name.

She looked sideways and then said, “You can call me Seline”

Thats it? I can call you seline, do you think its enough to travel with a total stranger in an alien country?

I don’t think you will like what you would hear about me, and believe me its better that we should move on without knowing much about each other. So, If you are not enjoying my company, then I am not going to ask you to continue travelling with me.

But don’t you think, that you know more about me than I know about you?

You have seen my identification, but i dont even know if you are a seline or not?

I can understand Ammar but I think, we can enjoy each other’s company without even knowing anything about each other.

I realized that she was not willing to talk about her past, and despite my attempts to get her to open up, she remained closed off. As I spoke to myself in a monotonous manner, I realized that perhaps it was best to move on and enjoy the present moment.

We continued our conversation, talking about lighter topics such as the weather and our interests. She seemed to relax after that phone call episode, and I could tell that she was enjoying herself. I too, began to feel more at ease, and the tension that had been present earlier began to dissipate.

Despite the fact that I was curious about the girl’s past, I knew that it was not my place to pry. Everyone has their own story, and it was up to her whether she wanted to share it or not. As we continued to talk and laugh, I realized that the present moment was just as important as the past, and that sometimes it was best to let go and just enjoy the company of those around us.

I want to tell you a story, I wanted to uplift her mood a little bit more.

In older times within the turkish culture there was a man who could predict things about people’s future, he was called as “the man who had your secrets”. People went to him with a lot of different requests, to know about their kids future, about their own future etcetra. But once a woman came to him, and he said, I am unable to see your future, and then he says maybe you didn’t even had a past, that’s why I am unable to see your future. She smiled and went back, probably she was there to authenticate him. But still to this day, no one knows anything about that woman.

For me you are very similar to that woman, I cannot predict anything about you because I don’t even know anything about your past. She smiled, “Great story, did you just make it up?”

Well, no, but even if I did, it might not help me to let you open up about your past. So, lets move on! We went to the beach, threw away our clothes and started swimming.

The water was cool and refreshing as we swam in the ocean. The girl moved through the water like a mermaid, her long hair flowing behind her as she glided effortlessly through the waves. It was a beautiful sight, and I couldn’t help but be mesmerized by her grace and beauty. As we swam, I pulled the girl close to me and we began to kiss. It was a moment of pure bliss, and I was lost in the sensation of her lips on mine. But as we continued to kiss, I noticed a black spot on her face. It was small, but it stood out against her otherwise flawless skin.

I tried to wash the spot away, but it wouldn’t budge. I was worried that it might be something serious, she was at first worried, but after looking at her face in a small mirror that she had kept in her purse, she assured me that it was just a birthmark, and that it was nothing to worry about. I felt relieved, but also slightly embarrassed for making a big deal out of it.

As we continued to swim, I couldn’t help but think about the girl’s birthmark. I had been admiring her beauty, and I was looking at her like I had nothing else to do in that time. I had not seen it before.

We swam for a while longer, and as we made our way back to shore, I realized that the black spot on the girl’s face was probably a detail that I had missed, so I accepted it just like any other part of her body. It was a reminder that true beauty comes from within, and that our imperfections make us unique and special. As we dried off and made our way back to our towels, I couldn’t help but feel grateful for the moment we had shared. It was a moment of vulnerability and acceptance, and it brought us closer together in a way that I could never have imagined.

She was leaned towards me gasping, and we were walking towards our hotel, it was a steep walk but we had nothing more to cherish than each other. We went into our hotel room and then again we started kissing again, and then she pushed me onto the bed, As we continued to kiss, I couldn’t help but be drawn to the black spot on her face. It was a small detail, but it seemed to hold so much meaning for me. I felt a strange sense of connection to her, as if we were sharing a secret that no one else knew. Our bodies entwined on the bed, and I felt myself falling deeper and deeper into the moment. The girl’s beauty was overwhelming, and I couldn’t help but feel grateful for the opportunity to share this intimate moment with her. As we pulled away from each other, our lips still tingling from the intensity of the kiss, I knew that I would never forget this moment. It was a moment of true connection, a moment where I felt truly alive and in the presence of something beautiful and mysterious.

Then I started talking to her again, ” How could I miss this big detail of your face, this adds to your beauty”

Stop admiring me “You handsome stranger” …!

Probably your makeup was washed in the water, but they are selling waterproof makeup Nowadays? don’t they?

She touched my face with both of her hands while kissing me, and then said, “You question a lot, this is your problem ” I kissed her back, telling her, ” its because you don’t tell me anything at all”. At this moment, we were both taking turns in order to kiss each other, while delivering one half of the dialogue after the other. While making out with each other all night long, at some time of the late night, we both fell asleep. When we woke up, it just felt like we were two threads that were knotted with each other tightly, Its best to say that ” We were all over each other “

And then she stood up and went straight towards the mirror, and started looking at her face. I went after her, held her waist from behind, and started kissing her neck until I noticed that her “Black birth mark was not just a small spot on her face anymore” It was infect getting bigger. I could easily recognise her alarming face, tension was written all over it.

Hey, should we go to a doctor, she replied, “No, It’s going to disappear “

What do you mean disappear – my first thought was that she was unable to translate the right word in English.

It’s going to go away, you will not see me like this anymore!

She wore her clothes, asked me to wait for her, and then she disappeared into the thin air again.

So, I went outside to have breakfast at first and then as I walked through the city, my thoughts kept drifting back to her. I missed her already, but I knew that she needed some time alone. So I decided to explore the city on my own for a while.

As I was walking, I saw a group of tourists gathered outside an old church. They were being given a free tour of the city, and I decided to join in. The tour guide was a friendly woman with a wealth of knowledge about the city’s history and culture.

As we walked through the church, the guide began to tell us about the stories of lost spirits that haunted the city. It was a fascinating and eerie tale, and I found myself getting more and more drawn into it.

Suddenly, I saw a figure standing in front of me who looked exactly like her. My heart skipped a beat, and I walked towards her eagerly. But as she turned towards me, I realized that it wasn’t her at all. It was just someone who happened to have a sheer resemblance with her.

Feeling embarrassed, I excused myself from the group and walked away. But even as I walked, my thoughts kept drifting back to Seline. Now, I was not even sure, if she would come back again or not.

The Beginning of the Start

Seline is waiting on a couch eagerly waiting for her turn, the door is colored dark blue. As she anxiously waited outside the room, her anticipation grew with every passing moment, eager for her turn to be called inside. Then they called her name, And she went inside, the man who was sitting on the other side of the table, pulled up his chair near to the table and said, ” Do you know Seline, why are you called inside the blue room?”

Well, I reckon because my human form was deteriorating, So I realized that, I am doing something wrong here, but in my defense I could say that, ” My job might take more time because some humans are just not easier to maneuver, social engineering with humans is a bit different, you have done this job and as an experienced person, you can understand where I am coming from, ” Seline reverted the pressure off of her shoulders and through another question in front of her supervisor “

Well, Seline I can understand, but in this case, The higher authorities have assigned you another case, you might have to change your human form, and you have a new file, With a determined expression, the man reached into his drawer, pulling out a stamp bearing the words “case terminated,” a clear indication of closure.

He was about to stamp that file, but seline held his hand, Wait! I am not finished here, you cannot just put a stop to my hard work, I worked so much hard to get to this position, and in a matter of minutes, you are just dumping my hard work into a trash can.

Well, It can become a case study! (Supervisor spill some details)

What do you mean by that?

Seline, the higher authorities do not want you to pursue this case anymore, but I had heard my supervisors about discussing your case, and they were saying, it doesn’t happen everyday in our line of work, you have certainly outdone yourself here. Because, we don’t try to indulge so much within human lives, 3 to 4 hours, and we take their souls, Death is what’s our goal, and thats what we are designed to do. Take the souls out of human body, you were doing it right way, but I think you have started to enjoy this human form of yours more than your actual one.

Now, I am not sure, if your case study is going to be a positive lesson for other trainees or a negative lesson, in both the case, you have become one. So, that’s the reason why we are not demoting or firing you, but I don’t understand and it’s above my paygrade to question that’s why your case has been terminated. And, I am not even sure, who is going to continue it.

Also, I am realising that I have told you a lot, that I shouldn’t be telling you. But, anyways this is your new file. I think you should study it rather than wasting your time about your last case.

Listen! I do understand but let me finish it, please! Had I ever requested anything before? Please! I promise I will come back after finishing this within 30 minutes of human life.

30 minutes? you are kidding me, you couldn’t do it in days, now you are asking for 30 minutes, this is ridiculous, its impossible!

Please, give me my human form for 30 more minutes, and I am saying it for the last time for the authority’s sake, She looked into his eyes and suddenly he felt terrified.

Okay! 30 minutes and that’s it! I am calling them and extending your contract, remember if you don’t comply with the rules, and you are unable to take that human’s life, you will be terminated!

I do understand everything!

The Revelation

I was feeling lonely without her, It never felt like this before, I had been doing this for a long time, but this was something else. That interaction was nothing like I had ever experienced before. While, I was bearing the weight of the sadness of her disapperance, I received a call from the work, they notified me about some of the orders that I had given to my sub-ordinates, then I felt a bit relieved. But suddenly, my call was cut short.

I smelled something, that made me both excited and curious. I was also a bit shocked! I couldn’t believe my eyes! I saw her walking towards me and she said, If you are busy I can go away. But we both knew that we had never had enough of each other, In the bustling atmosphere of the open-air café, our eyes locked in an intimate connection, oblivious to the curious gazes surrounding us. Time seemed to slow as we leaned in, our hearts started pounding with a mixture of excitement and vulnerability. The soft murmur of conversation served as a backdrop to the gentle sound of our lips meeting, creating a fleeting moment of passion amidst the watchful eyes of the intrigued crowd. Our kiss, a spontaneous display of affection, carried an electrifying energy that left an indelible impression on everyone present, as if the world momentarily paused to witness our profound connection. We intimately kissed each other for countless minutes, we never cared about the crowd, but we had to ensure that our heartfelt moment should not be spoiled by the presence of human crowd.

Why did you came back? I asked her!

I had to! but I do not have enough time, Its been 14 minutes already, and I am not who you think I am!

I could see her scar was covering half of her face, and beauty was burying underneath this black mole. Do you still find me attractive?

Without answering her question, I asked again?

Why did you choose me?

I choose you because I never had felt anything like this before! And I choose them over you!

I am guessing them called you and It was the cause of your disapperance? Am I right?

Seline, Nodded! Yes!

Listen! Walk with me, She took my hand and we started walking, I have few minutes and I want to say that It felt like an eternity to be with you, and to spend those moments with you!

I turned over to her, held her beautiful face with both of my hands, kissed her lower lips, and told her, If you choose me over your them, ” then why cant you be with me for the rest of my life ” I cannot be, seline started crying, and then she said, ” I was here to take your life “.

What? Yes! While looking at her wrist watch, she said, ” I was here to take your life, but…”

Ammar put his index finger on seline’s lips and asked her to listen to him, ” Listen love, true eternity is not about living your whole life with each other, but it’s about sacrifice, and if you can sacrifice what you truely love for someone, thats called true eternity, and thats what true love is all about. I am going to leave you here, now close your eyes, and I am going to go now. Because, you are clearly sacrificing something for me here, what you truely love and what is very dear to you, that’s whats eternal love is all about. “You Stopped me from ending this World, the moment you grabbed that cigarette from my mouth”, you showed me the true beauty of this world. And the true beauty lies within the emotions, the happiness, and the sadness of being a human being and experiencing a life that is kept within a body to experience such intricate realms of symphonies!

She closed her eyes while crying, and then she shouted wait! The next moment, when she opened her eyes, ” Ammar was gone”. Seline’s human form had deteriorated a lot, now she was feeling a buzzing sound in her head, and then while crying she started running and her body started disintegrating like ashes. In a matter of minutes, her 30 minute time slot was completed, and she was unable to take the life of a human, that she was assigned to do in the first place. But, it happened because she fell madly in love with him! That’s what human emotions can do to an angel of death, when they experience the rollercoaster of such emotions, even if they are not willing to give up on human life.

Suddenly! Seline opens her eyes in a shock!

What? Is it an intervention?

Its training! I thought I was being terminated!

Sort of! But the authorities had other plans! ( Selines supervisor responded)

Seline now goes through rigorous training, where she is being trained to maneuver, how she can effortlessly take a human life, the rules were changing because of her case study. Seline, was given new assignments but she never had felt the same in any other human form, like she had with ammar. Assignment after assignment, she has now learned to take the souls of human beings without any social engineering. But, her curiosity was buzzing in her head. Her time had come to be promoted, and she was eagerly waiting for the call to replace her supervisor. But it was never happening, she was given as an assignment then the other, but whenever she raised an argument, that when she is going to be promoted, then she is being given false hopes all the time.

One day when she is being called into the Gray room for her next assignment, she questioned her supervisor, “Why the hell am I not getting promoted ?”

What am I doing wrong here?

Listen! I have also had enough of your shenanigans, do you remember you promised me 30 minutes, and then you didn’t complete your assignment. Thanks to the authority, that you are sitting in front of me, otherwise, you were terminated! You understand! You had become dust!

But! I believe the authority had different rules for you! You are still here, working!

So! Now you have a beef with me? Seline questioned her supervisor!

I dont have any beef with you!

Listen! you and your authority can kiss my ass! ( I want to know who is not letting me get promoted )

Ohh! Okay ! I understand! She had realised while arguing with her supervisor that authorities do not want her to know the details of her previous records, and that is the reason why they don’t want her to be in the supervisor’s role!

Okay! I am sorry! I do understand that its above your pay grade to disclose anything that who is not letting me get promoted!

Yes! that’s it, Seline! I am just following orders!

Seline leaves the gray room with a plan, she has stolen something precious, the key to the black room, the archives!

When the supervisor was about to lock gray room, he realises, he was missing something, no way!

That fucking bitch is going to be terminated after this for sure! Long live the authorities, he calls security, my black room key has been stolen by seline, please retrieve it as soon as you can.

The Archives loomed before Seline like a vast labyrinth of knowledge, the echoes of whispered secrets reverberating through the expansive hall. As she meticulously searched through row upon row of neatly organized records, her hands trembling with anticipation, she felt a mixture of excitement and trepidation. It was not easy to pin point her location in archives.

Every minute felt like an hour, and frustration threatened to consume her, until finally, her determined eyes landed on the elusive project number 20345. With bated breath, she pulled out the file, its faded label hinting at the enigmatic tale concealed within its pages.

The Beginning of the End

In a sleek, modern office space, A CEO of a prominent multinational corporation, gathered his team of senior executives for an extraordinary announcement. The executives, representing various departments and domains, took their seats around the polished conference table, their expressions a mix of intrigue and anticipation.

A, the CEO, cleared his throat and began, “Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining me today. I have an unusual request and a unique opportunity I’d like to discuss. I wish to gain first-hand experience of how I can experience the life of a human being. And for that adventure, I want to choose Earth, understand their challenges, and immerse myself in their world.”

The executives exchanged puzzled glances but remained attentive. The Head of Research and Development raised a hand, seeking clarification. “How do you plan to do this, sir?”

A responded, “I’ll be provided with a human form and personal belongings, but there’s a catch. I must protect my identity at all costs. If I lose my belongings, the real human I’ll be replicating will face grave consequences, and it could have far-reaching effects on the world.”

The Head of Legal Affairs, a figure of order and regulations, added, “You must adhere to Earth’s rules, sir. Maintaining your identity is crucial. We need to ensure a seamless experience.”

A nodded and continued, “I’ve chosen a Pakistani alias for my journey, and I’ll inhabit the body of a man named Ammar. Now, I’d like your input on where to begin this journey. Any suggestions?”

The Head of Marketing, known for understanding human behavior, spoke up, “Paris would be an excellent choice, sir. It’s a hub of culture, art, and history. You’ll find a diverse range of human experiences there.”

The Chief Technology Officer chimed in, “In terms of protecting your identity, we could create a secure digital trail and provide you with cutting-edge technology to blend in seamlessly. We’ll also monitor your experience from here.” 

“A” appreciated the support and assistance from his team and added, “ I will be fine without your support”. With a sense of determination, he declared, “Thank you for your input. I am eager to embark on this journey and gain a deeper understanding of the human world. Your expertise and vigilance will be crucial as I take on the identity of Ammar in Paris.”

With their roles defined and preparations set in motion, the team of senior executives committed to facilitating this extraordinary experience for their CEO. The meeting adjourned, and “A” was about to leave his office but his sight pondered upon the recommendations of the head of  innovation and risk management. He asked him to remain in his office and asked every one else to leave.

Why did you recommend such an outing, do you know the repercussions of it, and how much I have to put everything at stake.

I understand Sir, But we need a new start, we have already made a plan for new avenues for you to look at, have a look at it. But the problem is that in the meetings other departments would have opposed it, they have their own stakes and their own operations in the world, therefore they are reaping a lot of benefits out of it. Also, this world is going to put other worlds at stake also. Hence, We decided that you should look at these plans in secrecy and secret service has also worked out a plan. But, it’s your decision. The CEO closely looks at the new plans that are handed over to him and then asks the head of innovation and risk management to circulate those plans within the other departments. But Sir, as I told you before they are going to deny this.

Listen, do it! ( CEO insists )

Ok Sir! Head of innovation and Risk management leaves his office.

CEO then awaits the recommendations of the other departments, and when he receives the red light (rejection), from every other department then he decides that he should take the matters into his own hands.

He then goes into the vault, pick the only remaining cigarette from the vault and then disappears in the thin air!


Leafing through the document, Seline’s heart quickened, her eyes widening in disbelief as she reached the end. There, in stark contrast to the meticulous details, she found a signature that sent shockwaves through her being — the initials “A,” a code name she knew all too well: Ammar. Authority was written underneath the signature.

The weight of realization crashed upon her, forcing her trembling hands to release the file, which fell with a resonating thud against the cold, polished floor. The room seemed to shrink around her as she grappled with the implications of this unexpected revelation. Her mind raced, connecting dots that stretched back to forgotten memories and unanswered questions.

In that moment, Seline stood amidst the towering archives, the weight of her discoveries bearing down upon her. The path before her was unclear, but one thing was certain — the enigmatic so called Ammar had played a far deeper role in her life than she could have ever imagined.

She drops the file in an Awe!

————————– End of Story ——————————–

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The Bedwetter – While being Wet he explored the Whole Universe




Once upon a time in a small town, there lived a curious and adventurous kid named Alex. Alex loved exploring the world, whether it was through his imagination or by cycling around the neighborhood. He often found himself daydreaming about cycling through vast green fields, feeling the wind rush through his hair.

One sunny afternoon, Alex dozed off on his favorite armchair, lost in a daydream about racing on his bicycle. In his dream, he was pedaling with all his might, his legs moving in perfect rhythm with the spinning wheels. The excitement in his dream was so real that his body reacted to it.

However, as the dream progressed, Alex suddenly felt an urgent need to relieve himself. His eyes shot open, and he realized that his dream was interrupted by a very pressing matter. Panic surged through him, and he leaped up from the armchair, searching for a solution. His eyes landed on a small garden just outside the window.

Without wasting a second, Alex rushed outside, hoping to find a spot to answer nature’s call. He darted through the garden, scanning for a suitable hiding place. But as he fumbled to find a suitable spot, his body had other plans. The moment he found a quiet corner, the plants surrounding him started growing rapidly, towering above him.

Confused and desperate, Alex tried to stop the flow, but to his horror, he couldn’t. He looked down at his own body, desperately pleading with his own private parts to cease their release. “Stop! Stop! Please, stop!” he begged, his voice filled with embarrassment and distress. But his pleas fell on deaf ears as the stream continued relentlessly.

Suddenly, Alex’s eyes snapped open. He found himself back in his room, drenched in sweat. His heart raced, and he struggled to catch his breath. His friend, Ethan, sat across from him with a bewildered expression on his face.

“Bro, I saw you peeing all over your bed,” Ethan said, unable to contain his amusement.

Blushing furiously, Alex felt a mix of relief and embarrassment flood through him. He couldn’t believe that his dream had somehow become a reality, albeit an embarrassing one. He glanced at the wet bed sheets and quickly realized that he needed a plan to cover up his mishap before his parents found out.

“Let’s not tell anyone,” Alex pleaded with Ethan, hoping to salvage some dignity.

Ethan chuckled and agreed to help his friend. They hurriedly stripped the bed and bundled up the wet linen, brainstorming ways to wash them without their parents noticing. They tiptoed upstairs to the laundry room, hoping to avoid any confrontation.

However, just as they were about to begin their covert operation, Alex’s parents appeared at the top of the stairs, a concerned expression on their faces.

“Kid, have you peed on the bed again?” his mother exclaimed, her voice a mix of disbelief and exasperation.

Alex’s face flushed with embarrassment as he stood there, caught in the act. He stammered, trying to find the right words to explain the situation, but the evidence was clear. Ethan stood beside him, wearing a sheepish grin, knowing that their secret mission had failed.

As Alex’s parents took in the scene before them, a mix of amusement and frustration, they exchanged a knowing glance. While they were disappointed that Alex had once again wet his bed, they couldn’t help  friends, a story they would laugh about for years to come.but find the situation somewhat comical.

Sighing, Alex’s father shook his head and said, “Well, I guess it’s time for a serious talk about  using the bathroom before bedtime.”

And so, amidst a whirlwind of embarrassment, laughter, and life lessons, Alex and Ethan learned that dreams, no matter how vivid or embarrassing, can sometimes have a way of seeping into reality. From that day forward, Alex made sure to use the bathroom before bedtime, hoping to avoid any more unexpected mishaps. But, this ugly dream was just the start of this phenomenon that is called as the bedwetter

As the school day progressed, the whispers and gossip about Alex’s bedwetting habit continued to spread among the students. The group of kids who had been making up stories about him grew bolder with each passing moment. Alex and Ethan sat together at another table, finishing their lunch, aware of the stares and whispers directed their way.

Feeling frustrated and embarrassed, Alex turned to Ethan and asked, “Have you told them again?”

Ethan shook his head, replying, “No, I haven’t. But maybe you should tell them yourself. Otherwise, they’ll keep making up stories, and you’ll feel even more ashamed.”

Nervously, Alex glanced over at the group of kids who had been spreading the rumors. One of them, Jake, seemed particularly agitated. Determined to confront the situation head-on, Alex made his way towards Jake, hoping to set the record straight.

However, upon reaching Jake, Alex was met with a surge of anger. Jake swung his fist at Alex, aiming to hurt him for reasons beyond the bedwetting rumors. Instinctively, Alex raised his thermos to defend himself, but in the heat of the moment, he misjudged his movement. The thermos rolled off his hand, striking him in the face instead, causing his cheek to swell.

Jake, surprised by the unexpected outcome, quickly retreated, leaving Alex nursing his throbbing cheek. The commotion drew the attention of teachers, and soon Alex found himself back in the headmistress’s office, accompanied by his concerned mother.

The headmistress listened attentively as Alex explained the situation, recounting the rumors and the altercation with Jake. Sensing Alex’s sincerity, the headmistress decided to address the issue firmly. She summoned Jake and the other kids involved in spreading the stories, demanding an explanation for their behavior.

Reluctantly, the kids confessed to their part in the rumor mill. The headmistress expressed her disappointment and issued appropriate consequences, reminding them of the importance of empathy and understanding.

Turning to Alex, she offered words of encouragement, advising him to be cautious and to report any future incidents promptly. She assured him that his well-being and reputation were important to the school community.

After the meeting, Alex returned home, his swollen cheek a painful reminder of the day’s events. His mother, a mix of concern and anger, scolded him for getting into a fight but recognized the need to address the underlying issue.

The next day at school, as Alex navigated the hallways with a hint of trepidation, a new classmate caught his attention. Nerma, a Muslim girl from Bosnia, entered the classroom, exuding a quiet grace and beauty that captivated Alex instantly.

Over time, Alex’s friendship with Nerma blossomed. They often found themselves seated together during classes, helping each other with their respective subjects. Nerma struggled with algebra, while Alex found history challenging. Recognizing their complementary strengths, they agreed to study together, exchanging knowledge and expertise.

Nervous yet excited, Alex brainstormed with Ethan about his upcoming study session at Nerma’s house. Ethan, always the mischievous one, suggested watching a movie to prepare for the possibility of seeing naked women, as a lighthearted attempt to broach the subject of puberty.

They devised a plan to acquire a VHS tape with scenes of a movie that included nudity. Sneaking it into Alex’s house, they settled in to watch, unaware that Alex’s father had arrived home early.

Caught off guard, Alex’s father walked in on them, his face filled with surprise and disappointment. He sternly questioned the boys about the tape, demanding an explanation for their actions. Concerned for their well-being, he decided to take both Alex and Ethan to the local video store, urging the owner not to lend any movies to the kids in the future.

Through all the ups and downs, Alex learned valuable lessons about navigating rumors, friendships, and the complexities of growing up. And as time went on, he discovered that the path to self-discovery was filled with unexpected twists and turns, but it was in those moments that he found the truest connections and forged the most meaningful relationships.

Finally, the time has come and alex visits nermas house, he is being welcomed by her parents. While studying, alex cannot control his affection for nerma, tries to kiss her but she stops him and says to him that her parents have asked her not to get involved with any christian kid.

Feeling disheartened by Nerma’s rejection, Alex returned home with a heavy heart. The realization that his religion had become a barrier between him and someone he cared about left him questioning his own beliefs and values. He contemplated how he could bridge the divide that seemed to separate them.

As he walked through the streets lost in his thoughts, a familiar voice calling his name snapped him out of his reverie. It was the same kid from school who had been harassing him earlier. Fear gripped Alex as he realized he was being pursued. He quickened his pace, desperately trying to find a safe haven.

Running as fast as he could, Alex managed to reach his house just in time, shutting the front door behind him. The group of kids outside began pelting his room with pellets, their malicious intent evident. Their actions grew more aggressive, and a stray pellet shattered the window, sending shards of glass scattering across the floor.

The incident left Alex shaken and fearful for his safety. He sought solace within the walls of his home, grateful for the protective embrace it offered him.

Later that evening, as his family gathered around the television, a sudden disruption in the broadcast caught their attention. The antenna was malfunctioning, causing the screen to flicker and distort. With his father absent, Alex took it upon himself to investigate the issue. He climbed up to the rooftop to inspect the antenna, unaware of the danger that awaited him.

In a cruel twist of fate, Alex lost his footing and slipped, tumbling down from the rooftop. The impact left him with a broken right hand and a sense of profound vulnerability. He was rushed to the hospital, where his mother tirelessly cared for him, her love and concern unwavering.

During his recovery, Nerma paid him a visit. She expressed her sympathy for what he had endured and acknowledged the limitations placed on their relationship by her parents’ expectations. Despite the restrictions, she conveyed her desire to remain friends, offering him a sense of support and understanding in a difficult time.

As Alex reflected on his experiences, he realized the importance of resilience and the strength that could be found within oneself. He recognized that the challenges he faced were opportunities for personal growth and self-discovery.

With time, Alex’s broken hand healed, but the scars from his encounters remained, serving as reminders of the lessons he had learned. 

Overwhelmed with mixed emotions, Alex held onto the hope that there might still be a chance for a deeper connection with Nerma. Her kiss on his forehead lingered in his thoughts, sparking a sense of possibility within him. He became determined to find a way to navigate the religious barrier that separated them.

Meanwhile, the disappearance of his dear friend Ethan weighed heavily on Alex’s mind. The search efforts by his family and the police yielded no leads, leaving them in a state of worry and uncertainty. Days turned into weeks, and the absence of his closest companion created a void in Alex’s life.

Then, one fateful day, a note mysteriously arrived for Alex. The message, written in Ethan’s handwriting, revealed a surprising revelation: “I am too a bedwetter.” Alex showed the note to his parents, who became deeply concerned and promptly handed it over to the police as evidence.

After conducting a thorough analysis, the police confirmed that the note was indeed written by Ethan. This discovery intensified the search efforts, as authorities recognized the urgent need to locate him.

Days passed, filled with worry and unanswered questions. But then, a ray of hope emerged when news spread throughout the school that Ethan had returned. Alex’s heart raced with excitement and relief. He immediately rushed back home to find his long-lost friend.

Upon arriving, Alex discovered Ethan calmly lying on his bed, as if he had never disappeared at all. Bewildered, Alex approached him, eager to understand the truth behind his absence. Ethan began recounting a fantastical story about his journey to a cave in his dream, where he spent an entire lifetime before returning as a child.

Alex, initially taken aback, couldn’t help but laugh in response to Ethan’s mischievous nature, and told him that he is very good at making up these stories. But Ethan is adamant about the fact that he did live a lifetime in that cave, and he advised Alex not to stop peeing the next time, just keep peeing and don’t wake up whatever happens. Alex is still not convinced but he promises Ethan that he will try to do that the next time he falls asleep on his bed. 

To be continued!

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Once there lived a young man named Ahsan in the bustling city of Karachi. He lived a simple life, working as a clerk in a small office and spending his free time with his family. However, one day, while he was walking to work, he stumbled upon something that would change his life forever.

Ahsan stumbled upon a group of men engaging in what appeared to be a criminal activity. They were speaking in hushed tones and he could tell they were up to no good. Intrigued, he followed them discreetly and managed to gather enough evidence to suggest they were involved in a serious crime.

Determined to do the right thing, Ahsan approached the local police station and reported what he had seen. However, to his disappointment, the police officers he spoke with were not interested in his information and brushed him off. Undeterred, Ahsan decided to pursue the matter himself.

As Ahsan delved deeper into the criminal underworld of Karachi, he soon found himself tangled in a dangerous web of lies and deceit. He was being pursued by the criminals he had witnessed and he was in way over his head. But despite the dangers, Ahsan was determined to see the truth come to light.

One night, as he was investigating a lead, he received a call from his sister who told him that their mother had been murdered. In a fit of grief and rage, Ahsan confronted the killers and discovered that they were the same men he had been pursuing. In the heat of the moment, Ahsan found himself unleashing a burst of supernatural energy that he never knew he possessed.

Over the next few days, Ahsan discovered that he had developed superpowers. With his newfound abilities, he vowed to track down the criminals who had killed his mother and bring them to justice. He would use his powers to protect the innocent and to fight for justice, no matter the cost.

And so, Ahsan set out on a mission to rid Karachi of its criminal element, using his powers for good and becoming the city’s greatest defender. Despite the loss of his mother, Ahsan had found purpose in life and was determined to make a difference, one crime at a time.


Ahsan, now known as the protector of Karachi, continued to rid the city of its criminal element, wiping out one criminal organization after another. He became a legend, feared by the criminal underworld and revered by the citizens of Karachi who saw him as their savior.

However, as his reputation grew, so did the attention he was receiving from the police. They were becoming increasingly concerned about the vigilante justice being meted out by Ahsan and they were determined to bring him to justice.

One day, Ahsan received a cryptic message from an unknown organization called MDM. The message warned him that his actions were endangering the city and that MDM would stop him at any cost. Undeterred, Ahsan continued his mission, determined to rid Karachi of its criminal element.

As Ahsan continued to track down and eliminate the city’s criminal organizations, he began to realize that MDM was more than just a simple group of vigilantes. They were a highly organized and well-funded criminal organization that controlled the city’s underworld from the shadows.

Despite their efforts, Ahsan was relentless in his pursuit of justice, and he soon found himself locked in a deadly battle with MDM. The organization proved to be a formidable opponent, and Ahsan was pushed to his limits as he fought to take them down.

The final showdown took place on the rooftops of Karachi, as Ahsan faced off against the leader of MDM. In a brutal battle, Ahsan emerged victorious, but at a great cost. The city of Karachi was left reeling from the conflict, and the police were more determined than ever to capture Ahsan.

However, Ahsan had disappeared into the night, his whereabouts unknown. The city of Karachi was left to wonder if they would ever see their protector again. But as time passed, tales of his bravery and heroism continued to circulate, and the citizens of Karachi held onto the hope that one day, Ahsan would return to save them once more.


Ahsan, the superhero of Karachi, had faced many challenges over the years, but none were as daunting as the one he now faced. Years had passed since Ahsan disappeared into the night, and the citizens of Karachi had forgotten his name. But one day, an old man appeared on the streets, fighting with the grace and skill of a young man. The people of Karachi soon realized that this old man was none other than their beloved protector, Ahsan. The city was being terrorized by a new criminal mastermind, a man known only as “The Shadow.” The Shadow was a shadowy figure, shrouded in mystery, who controlled the city’s criminal underworld with an iron fist.

Despite his age and the loss of his leg, Ahsan was determined to take down The Shadow and bring peace back to the city. He spent months gathering information, tracking the criminal’s movements, and plotting his next move.

Finally, the day of the final showdown arrived. Ahsan donned his mask and, armed with his trusty cane, he set out to face The Shadow. The two men clashed in a brutal battle, exchanging blows and grappling with each other in a fight to the finish.

As the battle raged on, Ahsan realized that The Shadow was more than just a criminal mastermind. He was a man driven by a personal vendetta, a man who would stop at nothing to get what he wanted. Despite the odds, Ahsan refused to give up, and he fought with all his strength and skill, determined to bring an end to the criminal’s reign of terror.

In the end, Ahsan emerged victorious, bringing peace back to the city of Karachi once more. The citizens of Karachi hailed him as a hero, grateful for his unwavering commitment to justice. And as Ahsan slipped away into the night, the city of Karachi knew that they would never forget the superhero who fought for their safety and freedom.

He had lost his leg in the battle, and the people of Karachi believed that he had also been killed.But in the final scene of the story, Ahsan was seen alive, living under a different name with his family. Despite his injury, he was still a proud and noble man, determined to continue fighting for justice until his dying day. The citizens of Karachi would always remember the protector who gave his all for the city he loved.

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Nathan Drake, a treasure hunter and adventurer, was on the trail of the greatest discovery of his career. He had received a mysterious map that promised to lead him to the lost city of El Dorado, a city said to be filled with gold and riches beyond measure.

Along with his trusted friends and allies, Sully, Elena, and Chloe, Nathan set out on an epic journey across the globe, from the bustling streets of London to the treacherous jungles of South America.

As they journeyed deeper into the heart of the jungle, Nathan and his friends encountered all sorts of obstacles and challenges. They battled against rival treasure hunters, hostile local tribes, and the forces of nature itself, all while searching for the key to unlock the secrets of El Dorado.

As they got closer to their goal, they discovered that they were not the only ones searching for the lost city. A powerful and dangerous organization was also after the treasure, and they would stop at nothing to claim it for themselves.

In a final showdown, Nathan and his friends took on the organization and the ancient traps and booby-traps of El Dorado. They emerged victorious, but at great cost, as they lost one of their own and the city was destroyed in the process.

Despite the loss, Nathan and his friends continued on, inspired by the adventure and the thrill of the hunt. They were Uncharted, and they would always be searching for the next great discovery, no matter what challenges lay ahead.

Nathan Drake was ready for another adventure, driven by his unquenchable thirst for discovery and adventure. He had received a tip about the lost city of Shambhala, a city said to be filled with incredible treasures and secrets beyond measure.

Along with his trusted friends and allies, Elena and Chloe, Nathan set out on a journey that took him from the bustling streets of Istanbul to the remote mountains of Tibet. As they journeyed deeper into the heart of the Himalayas, they encountered all sorts of obstacles and challenges. They battled against rival treasure hunters, hostile local tribes, and the forces of nature itself, all while searching for the key to unlock the secrets of Shambhala.

As they got closer to their goal, they discovered that they were not the only ones searching for the lost city. A powerful and dangerous warlord named Zoran Lazarevic was also after the treasure, and he would stop at nothing to claim it for himself.

In a final showdown, Nathan and his friends took on Zoran and his army, facing off against impossible odds. They emerged victorious, but at great cost, as they lost one of their own and the city of Shambhala was destroyed in the process.

Despite the loss, Nathan and his friends continued on, inspired by the adventure and the thrill of the hunt. They were Uncharted, and they would always be searching for the next great discovery, no matter what challenges lay ahead. And so, they set off on their next adventure, ready to face whatever lay ahead.

Nathan Drake was once again on the trail of a legendary treasure, this time the fabled Atlantis of the Sands. He and his friends, Elena and Sully, set out on a journey that took them from the sun-baked streets of Syria to the scorching deserts of Arabia.

As they journeyed deeper into the heart of the desert, they encountered all sorts of obstacles and challenges. They battled against rival treasure hunters, hostile local tribes, and the forces of nature itself, all while searching for the key to unlock the secrets of Atlantis of the Sands.

As they got closer to their goal, they discovered that they were not the only ones searching for the lost city. A mysterious and powerful organization, led by a ruthless leader named Katherine Marlowe, was also after the treasure, and they would stop at nothing to claim it for themselves.

In a final showdown, Nathan and his friends took on Katherine and her agents, facing off against impossible odds. They emerged victorious, but at great cost, as the city of Atlantis of the Sands was destroyed in the process.

Despite the loss, Nathan and his friends continued on, inspired by the adventure and the thrill of the hunt. They were Uncharted, and they would always be searching for the next great discovery, no matter what challenges lay ahead. And so, they set off on their next adventure, ready to face whatever lay ahead.

Nathan Drake was on the trail of one final treasure, the long-lost pirate colony of Libertalia. He was joined by his wife Elena, as well as his old friend Sully, as they set out on a journey that took them from the tropical islands of Madagascar to the rugged shores of the Madagascar coast.

As they journeyed deeper into their quest, they encountered all sorts of obstacles and challenges. They battled against rival treasure hunters, hostile local tribes, and the forces of nature itself, all while searching for the key to unlock the secrets of Libertalia.

As they got closer to their goal, they discovered that they were not the only ones searching for the lost colony. A mysterious and powerful organization, led by a mysterious figure known only as “Rafe,” was also after the treasure, and they would stop at nothing to claim it for themselves.

In a final showdown, Nathan and his friends took on Rafe and his agents, facing off against impossible odds. They emerged victorious, but at great cost, as the city of Libertalia was destroyed in the process.

Despite the loss, Nathan Drake had finally found what he had been searching for all along: a sense of peace and closure. He was ready to retire from his life as a treasure hunter and start a new chapter with Elena.

And so, Nathan Drake hung up his hat and closed the door on his adventures as an Uncharted treasure hunter. He had faced incredible odds and come out on top, leaving behind a legacy as one of the greatest adventurers of all time.

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The last of US, “the past and the future”




Once upon a time, in a world ravaged by a fungal pandemic, there lived a man named Joel. He was a smuggler and a survivor who had seen his fair share of tragedy and loss. One day, he was tasked with escorting a young girl named Ellie across the country to deliver her to a group of resistance fighters known as the Fireflies.

At first, Joel was reluctant to take on such a dangerous mission, but he soon found that Ellie was more than just a package to be delivered. She was brave, resilient, and quick-witted, and as they journeyed across the country, they formed a bond that transcended their differences.

Together, they faced countless challenges and overcame seemingly insurmountable obstacles. They battled infected monsters, scavenged for supplies, and outsmarted hostile human enemies, all while trying to stay one step ahead of the dangers that lurked at every turn.

As they journeyed deeper into the heart of the country, they began to uncover the truth about the outbreak and the sinister forces that had brought the world to its knees. Despite the odds against them, Joel and Ellie refused to give up hope and continued to fight for a better future.

In the end, they reached their destination and discovered that the Fireflies had a devastating plan in store for Ellie. Joel was faced with a choice: to let Ellie go and risk losing her forever, or to risk everything to save her.

Joel chose to fight for Ellie and in a final showdown, he and Ellie took on the Fireflies and emerged victorious. They continued their journey together, stronger and more united than ever before.

Years passed, and Joel and Ellie settled into a new life, surrounded by friends and loved ones. They had each other, and that was all they needed to face whatever the future might bring. They were The Last of Us, and they would always stand together, no matter what.

Years after their journey across the country, Joel and Ellie settled into a quiet life in Jackson, Wyoming. Despite the peace they had found, they could never forget the hardships they had faced and the sacrifices they had made.

One day, however, their world was turned upside down when Ellie learned that a group of enemies was seeking revenge against Joel for something he had done in the past. Faced with this new threat, Ellie set out on a journey of her own to take down their enemies and protect the people she loved.

Along the way, Ellie encountered new allies and new enemies, and she discovered that the world was far more complicated than she had ever imagined. She also came face to face with her own demons, as she struggled with the weight of the things she had done and the person she was becoming.

As Ellie journeyed deeper into the heart of enemy territory, she learned the truth about Joel’s past and the reasons for the enemies’ pursuit. In a final showdown, Ellie faced her enemies and emerged victorious, but at great cost.

Though she had won the battle, Ellie was left to grapple with the consequences of her actions and the knowledge of the truth about the man she had called “father.” In the end, she returned to Jackson, a changed person, with a newfound appreciation for the people she loved and the world she had once taken for granted.

Years after the events of the previous game, Ellie found herself faced with a new challenge. A new pandemic swept the country, one even more deadly and virulent than the last. As the world around her crumbled, Ellie was forced to confront the reality of life without Joel.

Despite her grief, Ellie refused to give up hope. She set out on a new journey, determined to find a cure for the new pandemic and save the people she loved. Along the way, she encountered new allies and new enemies, and she was forced to confront the harsh realities of a world gone mad.

As Ellie journeyed deeper into the heart of the infected zone, she encountered scientists and researchers who were working to develop a cure. But she also encountered a powerful and dangerous organization that was intent on using the pandemic to further its own interests.

In a final showdown, Ellie faced off against the organization and the infected, and she emerged victorious. But at great cost, as she was exposed to the virus and became infected herself.

Despite her illness, Ellie refused to give up. With the cure in hand, she set out on a final journey to bring hope to a world in desperate need. She faced countless challenges and overcame seemingly insurmountable obstacles, determined to save as many lives as she could before her time ran out.

In the end, Ellie passed away, but her legacy lived on. She had been The Last of Us, and she had given everything to save the world she loved. And though she was gone, her spirit and her courage would always be remembered, as a beacon of hope in a world gone mad.

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