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An Inch Closer



Disclaimer: This is a fictional short story, bear no resemblance with any living or dead individual.. and is entirely based on the thoughts of the Writer

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The hospital 2

Chapter 2: The Funeral 4

Chapter 3: The Cafe. 6

Chapter 4: The Flight 10

Final chapter: One inch closer

Chapter 1: The hospital

My aggression translates the intention of not doing harm to other beings, but it reflects my coping with hardships, I understood pain in a different form. My pain is relieved when my thoughts collide with each other and provide me with an amalgamation of different sensations that are felt by human bodies. The cherish of seeing someone happy because of my very existence is my correct course of life. May that be a single person or many, I want to live this life for others but not for my self. 

Round of applause can is heard in the room, where people are gathered in a room full of chairs, listening to Osman Khalid.

Osman: Thanks, everyone! I have written this work with the bottom of my heart, this applause indicates your affection towards the piece. Stay safe and healthy. May peace be upon you.

Osman shakes give farewell to his audience after reading his new novel, the colours of sensation. When everyone leaves the room, he realised that there is someone still sitting on a chair, so he questions…

Hello, do you have any questions …. Ma’am do you have any questions?

He comes a little closer and realises the person is either sleeping or unconscious, he shrugs her but gets no response… he ultimately calls and ambulance and follows the ambulance on his car. When he reaches the hospital, he is being asked if he is the boyfriend, a brother or a husband of the girl he just brought to the hospital, then he has to explain the whole story that he has no idea about her, and that she is a total stranger to him. Doctors take her to the emergency ward, but then give him good news…that the person is stable but she has to be hospitalised so that her vitals can be stabilised. Usman was eagerly waiting to see her conscious face, but then he received another distress call. He has to attend the funeral of his friend’s mother, so he pays for the bill, and asks the doctors to call someone from her family or acquaintance.

Nurse: your full name?

Girl: Aliya Jamil… can you tell me why am I in the hospital and who brought me here?

Nurse: We think that you fainted because your blood pressure was very low, and a guy brought you here, you were supposedly attending his novel reading session.

Aliya: Ahh! Yes, bored me to death that I fainted …. So is he gone?

Nurse: Yes! He was in a hurry … so he had to leave ..

Aliya: Ass hole… he might be scared … if I am going to die here and he will be involved .. anyways i don’t want to pay you a hefty bill, so I am leaving this place now…

Nurse: Doctors recommended that you need these fluids and you should be under supervision for at least a day…

Aliya: I am sorry, as I told you … you guys are running a money-making machine here and I don’t want to waste my time here, I have a lot of stuff to do today ….

Nurse: Ma’am your bill has been already paid, so no need to bother about that …

Aliya: ohh! Anyways … it was his doing, boring me to death with his complicated thoughts, I don’t even know why I attended that session at all..

Aliya imposes her will and changes her clothes, and she takes a discharge… She is being recommended to take some medicine, which she throws into a bin when she gets out of the hospital….

Chapter 2: The Funeral

When she gets to her home, her family is also getting ready for a funeral, she insists that she does not want to attend, but it’s her mother’s sister, so she has to be there … that’s what her family insists about …. Aliya learnt driving merely weeks ago, even then she takes the keys with her and occupies the driving seat. She fearlessly drives the narrow Algerian streets … almost killing some of the people on the street. Driving with the same spirit she unwillingly hit the bumper of the car while applying brakes on a traffic signal. When she realise that she is in trouble she broke the traffic signal, with her family screaming ..all sorts of hooo’s and haaa’s and naaa’s … She realises the same person is following her, then again she tries some theatrics and it works for her …. Finally, she parks and her family attends the funeral safe and sound…

While attending the funeral Osman and Aliya did not realise that they are attending the same funeral, they are an inch closer to each other but still, they are unable to meet somehow.

Aliyas sister: Where were you all that time today?

Aliya: You are not going to believe me hun bun, but long story short, I was in the hospital?

Sis: What happened? Is it the B.P again?

Aliya: Yes for sure! But I think its getting worse …

Sis: You should see a good doctor, you cannot run away from this thing… you understand me ..

Aliya ignoring…

Sis: Aliya, I am talking to you, don’t ignore me ..

Aliya: ok! Ok! I am gonna give it a go.. Sometime… when I have an empty headspace …

Sis: listen to me, go on a vacation, you left the job for the good, you were just wasting your time there ….

Aliya: You are actually right here …. So where should I go …

Sis: I don’t know, maybe morocco… you always wanted to visit the damn country …

Aliya: Well, it’s not that different from here …. But if you say so. Why not…

Sis: Ok, so now you are making a decision .. because I said so 

Sis: What are you doing?

Aliya: Booking my plane ticket … the flight is tomorrow then…

Sis: What in the world, you should have asked mom about it …

Aliya: You already said, I need a clear headspace, so mom will understand issues.. So yeah .. it’s confirmed I am going to fly morocco tomorrow morning … and now I am gonna check some cosy apartment on Airbnb .. where I can have my coffee’s and enjoy myself …

Sis: and what about me?

Aliya: Again, you said I need a clear headspace and I don’t want to be near your whiny face…

They both exchange smile..

Sis: I just want you to enjoy … I am happy but you have to do something for me… you have to babysit my boyfriends baby… because I am going on a date with him…

Aliya: babies and me.. We don’t get along that much …. Its an emergency call.. You don’t want any babies near me .. they are going to fight me.. Until cry, piss and make me wet… please don’t do this with me…

Sis: its a request, do you want your sister to not go on a date…

Aliya: ok, enough don’t blackmail me emotionally … I am going to do it .. and you have to handle mom also, when she loses her shit when I will tell her that I am going to morocco and yes, alone…

Sis: Okay, got your back on that …. And no driving .. I am going to drop you at his house…

On the other hand, the father of the baby is the brother of Osman, he also calls Osman to babysit his child, but Osman says, that it is impossible for him, since he is going to have another reading session and after that, he has to pack up for his holiday to morocco. Additionally, he also asks for a lift from Osman, since he has a date with the sister of Aliya, so Aliya is being dropped by her sister on her boyfriends home … he thanks aliya for looking after his child, aliya gets busy and meanwhile, Osman arrives and wait outside his brothers home to pick him up…

Chapter 3: The Cafe

Hassan (osmans brother) gets into the car, says sorry to his brother Osman, that he has to pick him up, as he can’t trust the online taxi services…additionally, that has to reach the restaurant early to check if his surprise is ready for the sister of Aliya.

Hassan: Thanks brother, I have to make it right this time, I cannot lose this girl, she is a very sweet man, she even sent her sister to babysit my child.

Osman: isn’t that … a lot….

Hassan: Why don’t you see the brighter side.. Why are you always … sceptical…

Osman: I don’t know brother, my spidey senses were tingling, I said ..whatever came to my mind… you know you have to be sceptical about the people you don’t know.. If I knew her personally, maybe I would have a different opinion about her…

Hassan: Lets me go through tonight, then we can arrange some family meeting…

Osman: Family meeting… this means you are thinking about a step forward..

Hassan: why do you think, I am arranging this bloody surprise for her…

Osman: Then I look forward to meeting her …. And there you go … my friends are asking me to join them at this cafe… anyways… I wish you good luck brother and enjoy your time with her.

Both the Brothers hug each other… Osman left for his apartment and get his luggage ready for his early morning flight to morocco.

On the other hand.. Aliya is getting texts from her friends to join them at the same cafe … she is having the worst time of her life with the baby …. Finally, she survives… when Hassan comes to home…

Hassan: I am sorry, it seems you had a horrible time with my baby..

Aliya: That was just for my sister, even if you gave me a thousand euros, I would have never accepted this babysitting job…  anyways.. You seem happy, did you and my sister had a good time..

Hassan: Well! I think so… but you have to ask the same question from your sister…

Aliya: ok! Sure, anyways.. A little heads-up… if you fucked around with my sister if you broke her heart.. I know where you live..

Hassan: ok! I guess.. But i am sorry, we have mutual respect and love for each other, that happens only if the love is not mutual… So.. I guess.. I will take care of her… thanks for your heads up.. I am kind of scared..

Aliya: Hey, I am sorry for my language… don’t tell her, that about it…

Hassan: okay! Thanks again for your precious time ….

Aliya: no problem…

Aliya takes a bus and lands on the cafe… Now Osman is sitting with his two male friends on a table …. across their table is Aliya sitting with her two female friends … Aliya and Osman are facing their backs with each other … therefore they cannot see each other face..

Osmans friend 1: Osman check them out, three pretty girls are sitting on the north…

Osman’s friend 2: Yeah man ! that brunette, she is into me… I am just a text shy from her… surely getting her number today…

Osman friend 1: oh.. Man they are exchanging their bloody seats… ohh damn. The girl who was facing your back Osman .. she is even prettier …. I like her.. I might try to dangle with her.. Let me get something from the counter…

He goes.. Flirts .. and come back to the same…

Osman: so what did you do … ordered some foolish menu again … cz your tongue slipped..

Osman friend 1: yeah man .. fuck .. she was giving me some dark vibes.. Like she is going to kill me… it was like.. She was screaming don’t fuckin look at me .. I am gonna kill you… anyways .. I am going to go with the other brunette.. I might have a chance with her….

Osman’s friend 2: why don’t you try something with her..

Osman: Boys.. I am not in the fucking mood, I came here to chat with you guys.. But you are just wasting your time.. On those weird girls..

Osman’s friend 1: I bet you haven’t seen those girls yet…

Osman: Hey! Fuck this.. I had other things to do.. Better than this shit show…

Osman’s friend 1: calm down pretty boi, ok here is our menu. Let’s eat and have some chat..


The situation at Aliyas table …

Aliyas friend 1: Those guys are unstoppable… they look good, but I don’t think they came here to eat today.. They are just looking at us from the moment they sat on that very fucking table..

Aliyas friend 2: Yeah, I might go out with either of them.. I could not see the guy who is facing his back with Aliya.. Though…

Aliya: Let me fuck with their your seat with me …

Aliyas friend 1: No, I don’t want to .. it’s fine with me..

Aliya insists.. And then they exchanged their seats…

Aliya: This shit boy is coming here to order. And he is fucking weird.. I bet he dated those .. Daddy’s princess kind of girls.. Look how is he staring at us.. It is making me sick.. I am going to look at him .. like I am going to kill him… watch my face girls…

Aliyas friend 1: Why are you spoiling our dates.. He might give his number to us.. What the fuck is wrong with you Aliya..

Aliya: You guys can make better choices then these ass holes.. They look pretty fucked up to me anyways…

Aliyas friend 2: What are you jealous that they are looking at us and not you..

Aliya: I don’t give a fuck…and i think now they are leaving … ohh .. one of their friends is leaving from the other door, and they are coming straight towards here.. I bet they will not talk to me for sure… I am waiting for you girls outside..


Osman was waiting outside for his friends …

Osman: So.. boys, you got their numbers?..

Osman’s friend 1: yes, my boy…. We both have numbers.. The night is young ma boi … the night is young….

Osman’s friend 1 and 2 give each other a high five…

Osman: So mission girls completed, now can I leave …. Cz I have an early morning flight tomorrow…

Osman sees off his friends and leave…While when Aliyas friends come outside of the cafe, they seem happy too… and Aliya takes her bus to leave for home….

Chapter 4: The Flight

The next morning both Aliya and Osman board for the same flight again, an inch closer but still farther away…Osman is at the front row and Aliya is at the very back of the plane… so there is very fewer chances of them crossing their paths ….

meanwhile, when Osman sleeps on the flight.. Aliya faints … and she became the centre of attention for the whole plane … as a doctor on the flight treats her and she regains her consciousness… but the flight has to make an emergency landing because of her…

When Osman wakes up, he was told that they are making an emergency landing because of a patient on the flight … Everyone has to wait three hours … there are some passengers who are cursing Aliya.. That if she was not sure about her condition and if she was not fit.. Why did she take the flight anyway.. And that if it happens again with her .. then what… because of an announcement they learn that Aliya will be rejoining them on the same flight, since its the only flight today that is going to land in morocco. And no one wants to wait for a day..

Now, Aliya is given a complimentary business class flight, that erupts another discussion in the plane…Osman is also not feeling good since he pre-booked for his window seat… but now he is sitting in the very middle of two fat guys… who are farting abruptly ….

Osman (while sitting in the middle of those two fat guys) ask the air hostess, can I get another seat, because I don’t feel comfortable here.. He is being asked to co-operate, as there is no other seat left… so now he has to spend the rest of the flight with two fat and farty guys….

Chapter Five: Apartment

Finally, when everyone lands, both aliya and Osman book their respective taxis and coincidently they have booked the air-bnb apartments that face each other… the streets are very narrow.. So they are being dropped somewhere near of the apartment … again they are wondering about their respective one-story houses… in the same lane… Aliya found it first… and she is being given the tour of her apartment by the owner… while … Osman came second and then he was also given the tour and the key to the house.

Osman takes a sigh of relief in his balcony that faces the balcony of aliyas apartment… and start working on his new novel… When he starts, this loud music abrupts his writing and he cannot focus anymore… that goes around for the whole night.. He realises.. That the rock music sound is coming from the adjacent house.. So he leave a note on the door sayin… “Some of us were trying to work last night …. Please keep the sound of music lower”

Hence, he sleeps …

The other morning when Aliya sees that note.. She gets agitated…

Why the fuck would I listen to you…. I cannot be instructed… to do anything …

Similarly, she keeps the music on higher notes….  And then Osman goes straight to her door and while knocking .. he shouts… hey, ass hole this fucking door and we can see how can you ignore my fucking note from last night…

Aliya..opens the door and shouts.. Yes now, say ass hole to my fucking face, you moron… this isn’t fucking newyork, that you can complain to the fucking police about my music.. Go fuck off … get the hell out of my porch…

Osman is shocked.. He was not expecting it to be a girl…

Osman: i am sorry …

Aliya: See.. that’s not what you expected from a girl right…

Osman: I think I know you from somewhere…

Aliya: Yes! You know me from her.. Aliya shut close her door…

Osman being confused and wandering about her face.. Goes back to his apartment, and gather his thoughts.. Calls his house owner, that he wants to change his apartment, but the owner says, that he has to pay in full even if he leaves.. Therefore, Osman decides against it.. But then osman.. Leave some sweets and an apology note on Aliyas door, that she finds amusing and accepts his apology, as Osman is able to work on his novel without any interruption…

The other day, when he is leaving to get coffee… the same time… he finds Aliya on her porch locking her front door.

Aliya: Hey stranger.. Are you spying on me from your balcony…

Osman: Thanks for the last night gesture… they both start walking on their own path… while looking at different cafe shops, it’s almost 6 a.m so there are not many cafe’s that are open, con-incidentally they get into the same cafe … they sit few tables apart…

Aliya shouts from her table… I am sorry.. For my behaviour. I am not feeling good lately.. I am just blowing off my steam… and when I found your first note on my porch.. That got me more furious.. When you instruct me to do something… I am going to want to do it more… so that was just typical me…

Osman: fine with me .. I actually tried to change my apartment.. Can’t get the refund .. paid for the whole week.. So stuck there …but last night you followed the instruction

Aliya: Well if you ask me politely then why not… I like those sweets by the way…

Osman: feels weird we are talking to each other from three tables apart.. So you want to sit together?

Aliya: Why not if you ask me politely ….

They both sit together…

Aliya: You said .. last time that you saw me somewhere.. Yes … I think so..

Osman: Well, i am osman…

Aliya: this is aliya… with a “y”…

Osman.. Then its Osman with an “o”.. Not with “u”

Aliya: So, what do you do?

Osman: I write novels for living….

Aliya: wait for a sec.. Are you Osman khalid…

Osman…yes I am guilty…

Aliya: dang! Someone recommended me to attend your session.. Where you read your novel… I went there and after getting a little glimpse of your face, I fell unconscious ..

Osman: that’s why my answer to … I have seen you before.. I took you to the hospital.. But then I had to leave for a funeral… and then someone hit the bumper of my car from the back.. I followed that guy… but that ass hole runaway… people are weird.. Huh..

Aliya: laughing….

Osman: Why are you laughing….

Aliya: I am sorry, but you have to stop saying that ass hole… and start thinking that there might be a woman who was driving that car….

Osman: Was that you?

Aliya: I am very sorry, i have just learnt the art of driving… so what I came from the hospital and my family insisted me to attend the funeral.. and don’t tell me you were attending .. Razia aunty’s funeral…

Osman: I am sorry to say, but I was at the same funeral..

Aliya: Well shut the front door, how, is it possible… that you cannot recognise my face…

Osman: I met hundreds of people in that novel reading session, I don’t usually remember their faces… and I called the ambulance.. they took you to the hospital.. I went to the hospital.. so I also had few glimpses of your face.. but you looked better while you were sleeping…

Aliya: hahhhaha (giggles) ..

Osman: So, why did you came to morocco and alone… business meeting… for work?

Aliya: Well it was a quick decision for me, my sister recommended me to go on a vacation to Morocco, and so I decided to be here… and my family mostly wont allow me to travel alone.. but my sister affirmed that she is gonna take my mom into confidence…

Osman: and did she ask something in return for this favour?.. because my brother does it a lot..

Aliya: Well yes she did, I had to baby sit her boyfriends kid.. but she likes hassan and he seems to me a good guy…

Osman: Hassan? Is your sister dating my big brother… whats his name.. where were you baby sitting last night…??

Aliya: Gosh! This is getting super weird… he is Hassan khalid… and he lives near atlas forest …

Osman stand up covers his face from his both hands… this cannot be true.. we both were talking about your sister the last night… so you were baby sitting my nephew.. I refused .. because I had to packup for my flight and my friends were texting me to meet them at “second cup café”….

Aliya: are you kidding me this is unreal, the more we share the details about how we spend our yesterday, the more it is getting weird, actually, I was at the second cup café too last night, I was there with two of my girl pals..

Osman: Wait for a second… did you saw three guys.. the two of them were constantly trying to hit on your girl pals…

Aliya: yes those ass holes… ohh…I am sorry.. the third guy .. facing my back was it you…

Osman: Lady, you should mind the ass hole word, some of them could be my close friends …I don’t want to say this.. but somehow, yes I was there, I was unable to had a glimpse of you because I don’t do this thing.. my friends were forcing me to have a look at you.. they were even giving me directions..

Aliya: I am sorry for that.. but finally they succeeded they got what they wanted… but I am still not sure about your friends.. they seem a bit odd to me…

Osman: Well, they are a bit odd, but they are not that bad you know…

Aliya: You have brought a roller coaster to my head, and now its hard to swallow, that this is not a dream but a reality.. okay, one more question, which flight you took?

Osman: AG-345 ….

Aliya: Let me show you something, she takes out her boarding pass from her purse… and I was the passenger, because of which your flight was delayed

Osman: Please stop it, I cannot process this…

Aliya: and now we are….

Osman completes her sentence… Spending our vacation, in front of each other’s apartments..

Now there is a total silence among them.. and they both are looking at each other… in awe..

The story will end in a finale .. called as one inch closer… keep reading ..the final chapter will be voiced by both a female and a male character.. so shower us with your kind feedback..

Regards, your own


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As they journeyed deeper into the heart of the desert, they encountered all sorts of obstacles and challenges. They battled against rival treasure hunters, hostile local tribes, and the forces of nature itself, all while searching for the key to unlock the secrets of Atlantis of the Sands.

As they got closer to their goal, they discovered that they were not the only ones searching for the lost city. A mysterious and powerful organization, led by a ruthless leader named Katherine Marlowe, was also after the treasure, and they would stop at nothing to claim it for themselves.

In a final showdown, Nathan and his friends took on Katherine and her agents, facing off against impossible odds. They emerged victorious, but at great cost, as the city of Atlantis of the Sands was destroyed in the process.

Despite the loss, Nathan and his friends continued on, inspired by the adventure and the thrill of the hunt. They were Uncharted, and they would always be searching for the next great discovery, no matter what challenges lay ahead. And so, they set off on their next adventure, ready to face whatever lay ahead.

Nathan Drake was on the trail of one final treasure, the long-lost pirate colony of Libertalia. He was joined by his wife Elena, as well as his old friend Sully, as they set out on a journey that took them from the tropical islands of Madagascar to the rugged shores of the Madagascar coast.

As they journeyed deeper into their quest, they encountered all sorts of obstacles and challenges. They battled against rival treasure hunters, hostile local tribes, and the forces of nature itself, all while searching for the key to unlock the secrets of Libertalia.

As they got closer to their goal, they discovered that they were not the only ones searching for the lost colony. A mysterious and powerful organization, led by a mysterious figure known only as “Rafe,” was also after the treasure, and they would stop at nothing to claim it for themselves.

In a final showdown, Nathan and his friends took on Rafe and his agents, facing off against impossible odds. They emerged victorious, but at great cost, as the city of Libertalia was destroyed in the process.

Despite the loss, Nathan Drake had finally found what he had been searching for all along: a sense of peace and closure. He was ready to retire from his life as a treasure hunter and start a new chapter with Elena.

And so, Nathan Drake hung up his hat and closed the door on his adventures as an Uncharted treasure hunter. He had faced incredible odds and come out on top, leaving behind a legacy as one of the greatest adventurers of all time.

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The last of US, “the past and the future”




Once upon a time, in a world ravaged by a fungal pandemic, there lived a man named Joel. He was a smuggler and a survivor who had seen his fair share of tragedy and loss. One day, he was tasked with escorting a young girl named Ellie across the country to deliver her to a group of resistance fighters known as the Fireflies.

At first, Joel was reluctant to take on such a dangerous mission, but he soon found that Ellie was more than just a package to be delivered. She was brave, resilient, and quick-witted, and as they journeyed across the country, they formed a bond that transcended their differences.

Together, they faced countless challenges and overcame seemingly insurmountable obstacles. They battled infected monsters, scavenged for supplies, and outsmarted hostile human enemies, all while trying to stay one step ahead of the dangers that lurked at every turn.

As they journeyed deeper into the heart of the country, they began to uncover the truth about the outbreak and the sinister forces that had brought the world to its knees. Despite the odds against them, Joel and Ellie refused to give up hope and continued to fight for a better future.

In the end, they reached their destination and discovered that the Fireflies had a devastating plan in store for Ellie. Joel was faced with a choice: to let Ellie go and risk losing her forever, or to risk everything to save her.

Joel chose to fight for Ellie and in a final showdown, he and Ellie took on the Fireflies and emerged victorious. They continued their journey together, stronger and more united than ever before.

Years passed, and Joel and Ellie settled into a new life, surrounded by friends and loved ones. They had each other, and that was all they needed to face whatever the future might bring. They were The Last of Us, and they would always stand together, no matter what.

Years after their journey across the country, Joel and Ellie settled into a quiet life in Jackson, Wyoming. Despite the peace they had found, they could never forget the hardships they had faced and the sacrifices they had made.

One day, however, their world was turned upside down when Ellie learned that a group of enemies was seeking revenge against Joel for something he had done in the past. Faced with this new threat, Ellie set out on a journey of her own to take down their enemies and protect the people she loved.

Along the way, Ellie encountered new allies and new enemies, and she discovered that the world was far more complicated than she had ever imagined. She also came face to face with her own demons, as she struggled with the weight of the things she had done and the person she was becoming.

As Ellie journeyed deeper into the heart of enemy territory, she learned the truth about Joel’s past and the reasons for the enemies’ pursuit. In a final showdown, Ellie faced her enemies and emerged victorious, but at great cost.

Though she had won the battle, Ellie was left to grapple with the consequences of her actions and the knowledge of the truth about the man she had called “father.” In the end, she returned to Jackson, a changed person, with a newfound appreciation for the people she loved and the world she had once taken for granted.

Years after the events of the previous game, Ellie found herself faced with a new challenge. A new pandemic swept the country, one even more deadly and virulent than the last. As the world around her crumbled, Ellie was forced to confront the reality of life without Joel.

Despite her grief, Ellie refused to give up hope. She set out on a new journey, determined to find a cure for the new pandemic and save the people she loved. Along the way, she encountered new allies and new enemies, and she was forced to confront the harsh realities of a world gone mad.

As Ellie journeyed deeper into the heart of the infected zone, she encountered scientists and researchers who were working to develop a cure. But she also encountered a powerful and dangerous organization that was intent on using the pandemic to further its own interests.

In a final showdown, Ellie faced off against the organization and the infected, and she emerged victorious. But at great cost, as she was exposed to the virus and became infected herself.

Despite her illness, Ellie refused to give up. With the cure in hand, she set out on a final journey to bring hope to a world in desperate need. She faced countless challenges and overcame seemingly insurmountable obstacles, determined to save as many lives as she could before her time ran out.

In the end, Ellie passed away, but her legacy lived on. She had been The Last of Us, and she had given everything to save the world she loved. And though she was gone, her spirit and her courage would always be remembered, as a beacon of hope in a world gone mad.

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Once upon a time in the Nordic world, there lived a young man named Thorgrimm who lived in a small village surrounded by dense forests and towering mountains. Thorgrimm had always been fascinated by the stars and the mysteries of the universe. He would often spend hours stargazing, dreaming of traveling to distant galaxies and exploring the unknown.

One day, as Thorgrimm was exploring the forest, he stumbled upon a strange device hidden in the underbrush. It was a device that allowed him to travel between multiple universes and galaxies. With excitement and wonder, Thorgrimm set off on his intergalactic journey, exploring new and exotic worlds, and encountering creatures beyond his wildest dreams.

Thorgrimm’s travels took him to a universe that was unlike any he had ever seen. This universe was ruled by the powerful goddess Freya, who was known for her beauty and wisdom. Thorgrimm was enamored by Freya and soon fell in love with her.

However, the evil giant Loki, who was jealous of Thorgrimm’s relationship with Freya, began to cause trouble. He spread rumors and lies, trying to turn Freya against Thorgrimm. Thorgrimm was determined to prove his love and loyalty to Freya, and so he set off on a quest to retrieve the magical apples of immortality that grew in the Garden of Asgard.

The journey was long and dangerous, but Thorgrimm persevered. With the help of his loyal friends and companions, he finally retrieved the apples and returned to Freya. Upon his return, Freya was touched by Thorgrimm’s bravery and dedication, and she realized that he was truly the one she loved.

With their love now stronger than ever, Thorgrimm and Freya decided to rule the universe together, using their wisdom, courage, and compassion to bring peace and prosperity to all the worlds they encountered.

And so, Thorgrimm and Freya lived happily ever after, traveling from universe to universe, exploring new wonders and creating their own unique intergalactic fairy tale.


Once upon a time in the Nordic world, there lived a man named Khan who lived in a small village surrounded by dense forests and towering mountains. Khan was a simple man who lived a humble life, but he always felt as if there was something missing.

One day, as Khan was exploring the forest, he stumbled upon a strange device hidden in the underbrush. It was a device that allowed him to travel between multiple universes and galaxies. With excitement and wonder, Khan set off on his intergalactic journey, exploring new and exotic worlds, and encountering creatures beyond his wildest dreams.

Khan’s travels took him to a universe where he discovered that he had supernatural powers. He could control the elements and had immense strength and agility. He was amazed by his newfound abilities and began to train, honing his skills and learning to control his powers.

With his powers, Khan soon became a hero in the universes he visited, fighting against evil and protecting the innocent. He encountered many challenges along the way, but he was always able to overcome them with his courage and determination.

However, there was one universe where Khan faced his greatest challenge yet. The evil Loki, who was jealous of Khan’s powers and popularity, challenged him to a battle. The battle was intense and lasted for days, but in the end, Khan emerged victorious.

With Loki defeated, Khan returned to his own universe, where he used his powers for good, helping those in need and spreading joy wherever he went. He became known as a legend in the Nordic world, and people told stories of his bravery and kindness for generations to come.

And so, Khan lived a long and fulfilling life, using his powers to bring light into the darkness and making a positive impact in the many universes he visited.


Once upon a time, in a world of myth and magic, there lived a Nordic King named Odin who ruled over the land with strength and wisdom. Odin was known for his bravery and was respected by all who lived in his kingdom. However, there was one thing that worried him. A dark force was rising in the world, threatening to engulf everything in darkness.

In a far-off land, there lived an Irish superhero named Bridget who had the power of fire and the gift of foresight. Bridget was known for her courage and had used her powers to help others and fight against evil. One day, Bridget received a vision that the dark force was coming to her land, and she knew that she had to act fast to stop it.

As fate would have it, Bridget and Odin soon found themselves united in their quest to defeat the dark force. Together, they traveled through the land, battling demons and overcoming obstacles. Along the way, they formed a close bond, and their friendship grew into a deep and lasting love.

Eventually, they came face to face with the source of the dark force, a powerful evil sorcerer who threatened to destroy the world. In a final showdown, Odin and Bridget joined forces, using all of their powers and abilities to defeat the sorcerer and banish the dark force from the world.

In the aftermath of the battle, Odin and Bridget decided to rule their kingdoms together, using their wisdom, courage, and love to bring peace and prosperity to the land. They were soon married, and their love continued to grow, inspiring all those around them.

And so, Odin and Bridget lived happily ever after, ruling their kingdoms with strength and compassion, and their love for each other only continued to grow stronger with each passing day.

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