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The Chinese Warships Advancement in the South China Sea and the Clouds of War



Patrolling the disputed waters of the South China Sea with a clear objective to minimize China’s influence in the Pacific Ocean, the U.S. warships have been alarmed by the abnormal movements of the Chinese warships.

While the small-scale encounters between the U.S. Navy and the Chinese Navy usually go unnoticed behind the curtains, the recent development is an exception. The massive mobilization of Chinese warships in the South China Sea has introduced a new challenge for the U.S. and the West.

As observed, these developments are posing a grave threat to the security of global maritime traffic. The Chinese government’s decision to mobilize the heavily-guarded warships capable of carrying heavy weapons in the South China Sea reflects Beijing’s intentions to leverage the COVID-19 pandemic for political motivations.

Consequently, the anti-China club is growing with Malaysia and Vietnam expanding their presence in the disputed waters. If the uncertainty remains the same for a long period of time, the Chinese Navy would have to face a possible counteroffensive from Japan, one of the key stakeholders of the disputed waters, and a major ally to the West.

Since the USS Theodore Roosevelt visited Da Nang in early March to mark the 25th anniversary of U.S.-Vietnam relations, China has significantly increased the number of warships in the South China Sea.

Activating the fishermen’s militia and deploying thousands of additional troops in the Pacific Ocean, China intends to drive the U.S. military out of the South China Sea.  A major response from Washington and its Western allies is inevitable and the unworthy collision between the greatest military forces could lead the world to a world-war-like situation.

Primarily speaking, the race to dominate the Pacific Ocean is negatively affecting global maritime movement. Therefore, the U.S. and China have been called by their partners to resolve the matter through effective diplomatic channels.

The escalating tension between the U.S. and China means the already crippling global economy could experience another major blow causing the global stock market to crash.

As the COVID-19 pandemic is increasing its sphere of influence to every inch of planet Earth, it is highly unlikely that mankind is prepared for another global war that would leave behind nothing but mere devastation and utter chaos.

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Let’s Dive deep into Ocean Gate’s Submersible Tragedy




The website now says that they have suspended all exploration and commercial operations after the recent tragedy in which CEO Stockton rush himself with five others and lost his life. The expeditions that were advertised on the ocean gates website for Titanic’s exploration were of 8 days and 7 nights, May 23 to June 23, max people were 6 on board, 5 others including the CEO Stockton rush, the minimum age for participation in this exploration is 17+, maximum people indicated for a dive were 6 per week. Wifi is also available on board. The departure and return location is St, Johns New Newfoundland, Canada. Dates for the 2024 expedition are also available on the website, 2024 Expedition Mission 1: June 12 – 20, Mission 2: June 21 – 29. Other essentials are listed below;



Price Includes

  • One submersible dive
  • Private accommodations
  • All required training
  • Expedition gear
  • All meals while on board

Price Excludes

  • Airfare and travel
  • Hotels and meals before departure
  • Travel or personal insurance

The video of the whole experience is also present on the website so that viewers can be advertised how and what are they going to experience if they are going to be on board for the titanic wreckage exploration.

It has also been indicated on the website that tourists onboard will be taking their trip with none other than PH Nargeolet, PH Nargeolet is a renowned Titanic expert, having led six expeditions to the Titanic wreck site and lectured at numerous Titanic exhibitions around the world. He’s known as “Titanic’s Greatest Explorer.” It was his 28th dive that led him to his death, in one interview, he recounts the memory when Stockton contacted him about the submersible, he said that he responded, “it’s okay, it’s fine, I will accompany you”. Seems like PH didn’t care about the design since, he had already dived and had seen the wreckage so many times, he could have hoped onto any submersible not considering the safety standards that has been taken or undergone by the manufacturer of the submersible.

From day 1 to day 7 the drip has had these features;

Day 1 St. John’s – Newfoundland – Canada

Arrive in the seaside city of St. John’s to meet your expedition crew and board the vessel that will take you to the wreck of the RMS Titanic. Visitors will familiarize themselves with life on a working vessel as we begin the 400-nautical-mile-journey to the wreck site.

Day 2 North Atlantic

Welcome to the wild North Atlantic Ocean. As we continue to steam out to the dive site, visitors will learn more about the days ahead and get to know the rest of the expedition crew more. The Expedition Leader will go over important safety information and dive day logistics, and our science team and content experts will help visitors prepare for what they may discover on their dive. It would be wise to make it an early night – dive days begin bright and early and ocean gate may be diving as soon as Day 3. 

Day 3 – 7 Titanic Dive Site

Depending on the sea state, diving could begin as early as Day 3.

On a dive day, ocean gate said that they will begin with final dive checks on the back deck before heading to the bridge for a pre-dive meeting. Then visitors will climb inside Titan, OceanGate’s five-person submersible, to begin the dive. Those who are not diving the first day will be incorporated into other areas of dive ops — like driving the dingy, assisting the Expedition Manager, collecting media or simply enjoying watching the team work together to do something truly unique.

Once the submersible is launched visitors will begin to see alien-like lifeforms whizz by the viewport as visitors sink deeper and deeper into the ocean. The descent takes approximately two hours but it feels like the blink of an eye. Visitors may assist the pilot with coms and tracking, take notes for the science team about what people see outside of the viewport, watch a movie, or eat lunch. There is a private toilet at the front of the sub if nature calls.

Soon visitors will arrive at depth, and after some navigating across the seafloor and debris field, finally, see what you’ve been waiting for: the RMS Titanic. The content expert onboard will point out key features, be they of the wreck itself or the life that calls this corner of the ocean home. Enjoy hours of exploring the wreck and debris field before making the two-hour ascent to the surface.

Once on deck, you will be welcomed back by the expedition crew and be able to share the story of your incredible accomplishment.

On the days you’re not diving, you may be part of the dive ops crew for the other dive team, review underwater footage from your dive, chat with experts about the dive’s discoveries, sit in the sun on the top deck, watch a pod of whales swim by the ship, drive a dingy in the wild North Atlantic – non-diving days are just as busy as dive days.

Ocean gate will begin to steam back to St. John’s on Day 7.

Day 8 St. John’s – Newfoundland – Canada

Signal Hill is the first thing visitors will see as we motor into St. John’s. Take a moment to reflect on all that you have accomplished – ocean gate also claimed that, the visitors are one of less than 300 people in history who have dove into the world’s most famous shipwreck. Visitors leave the vessel with a collection of media from the dives and an amazing adventure to share when they get back home.

This is the total 8-day plan that was made to explore the Titanic wreckage, a novel so-called submersible that was made up of carbon-fiber. There were many speculations that had been done on the structural compromises that had been made by using this particular material, that is not usually used for manufacturing a deep diving submersible. Only future can tell what was the main problem due to which it lost its communication and then imploded, or it imploded due to which it lost its communication with the control central.

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Alien life signs are now visible on Planet Venus




A rare toxic gas called as Phosphine has been found on the atmosphere of Venus, which does not indicate that humans will be thinking of travelling to venus for the near future but it is an indication of possible signs of Alien life. It has been indicated by scientists that this kind of quantity of phosphine is unexplainable and it can be an indication of alien life. Phosphine on earth can be found in pond slimes and penguin dungs, and it is the most foul-smelling gasses on earth. Therefore, scientists believe that it indicates a sign of life on Venus.

How this is an indication of life, this is the main question which further states the fact that the phosphorus cannot be produced without any non-biological way. Therefore, the alien microbes could be causing the production of this gas on venus’s atmosphere. Because on the earth phosphine can only be made in a lab or through the help of the microorganisms. On Jupiter and Saturn also, there is a presence of phosphine but the idea storms on these planets are the main cause of the phosphine gas.

About 5 to 20 parts billion of phosphine gas is present on the venus’s atmosphere. It is a lot more than we have the amount of phosphine present on earth. phosphine can be broken down by light and therefore it can be realised that some particular phenomena are continuously making or producing the gas again and again on the planet venus. We think that it is the causing of any biological life but it can be some other process that might be producing the phosphine gas.

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Elon Musk has introduced the first neuralink, the chip in your brain to solve physical problem




From Space engineering to providing one of the best autonomous cars to a human being. Elon Musk is here to solve the problems of the world, by introducing the best technologies that are not available anywhere around the earth. Nueralink device is one of his new ventures, that will solve various physical problems of human beings, the device will be stitched with the brain and then it can solve and cancel out various problems that are associated with the human body for example epilepsy and seizures.

Elon Musk shows Neuralink brain implant working in a pig - CNET
Neuralink stitched in brain

Additionally, a robot surgeon will be doing all of this, therefore the surgery will be dead accurate and after just four hours the human would be able to go back home without any problem. Although the current prototype has been tested on pigs, some pigs are even implanted with two neuralinks. Also, some pigs have underwent surgery and then neuralink has been taken off from their brains and the live demonstration showed that they have no physical problems at all and they seem healthy and fit.

Elon Musk sets update on brain-computer interface company Neuralink for  August 28 | TechCrunch

The size of the neuralink is just close to a small coming, with almost 1200 electrodes stitched to the brain of the human being and then all the signals of the body can be read on the screen and hence it could save humans from potential organ failures, heart attacks etc. The device is called as “utah array”, the device has 64 electrodes in it, and the robot will stitch it with the brain without having any neural damage to the brain.

Elon Musk Literally Pigs Out With Impressive Live Demo Of Neuralink Brain  Chip Implant | HotHardware
Specs of the Prototype

The sensors in the device can detect motion, temperature and pressure, and 1024 wires to pick the electrical signals from neurons. The neuralink will be charged wirelessly, and after charging it can last a full day. The data transmission will be done on the Bluetooth, hence there are some challenges of the interference but the device will send data like a normal Bluetooth device. In future, the neuralink is able to do wonders like solving the mental illness, hearing impairment, vision problems, memory loss, and addiction also.

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Why Pakistan is lagging behind in the moon race and why it is important to occupy space




Since 1975, its the first water landing of American astronauts, a space mission that is being launched with the co-operation of NASA and SpaceX. The correspondent congratulated, thanks for flying Space X. By that he meant, that the rocket that was used for this mission was built by the SpaceX. SpaceX has surpassed the engineering limits, and the dreams once seen by Elon Musk nor becoming the reality. I do not want to say that humans went to orbit, I will say that Americans want to orbit. Because, who takes all the praise, all of the nations present in the world when they launch a space mission or the one who are actually responsible for it. Americans are always way ahead when it comes to research and development, once they were fighting and launching moon mission since they had to compete with the Soviet Union. But now the cold war days are over, and there is no Soviet Union anymore. Now what is the need to launch such mission, now they are trying to occupy the space, and we all know that whoever occupies the space the first, will not be ruling the world but will be ruling the whole space. Means if Americans are able to occupy mars, before any other nation, then there will be no other flags on mars, but there will be only one flag on the mars, that is of America.

Pakistan has introduced its Political map today, that is not a bad initiative as far as its regional importance is concerned. There was a need to explain to the world, that which particular regions are an integral part of Pakistan. The importance of Kashmir has also been highlighted in it, as the Kashmiri leaders have also agreed that they want to become a part of Pakistan. But someone has to think beyond this world and has to understand why American are continuously trying to occupy the space. Because, space will help them monitor the whole world, and not only the world but a new planet will be theirs and all other nations would be working under Americans. Americans would be the first nation to develop rules and regulations on other planets, for instance, Elon Musk wants to take humans as a tourist to Mars. Can he take tourists to Pakistan, I don’t think so, neither he can make money from it. So, he is thinking like an occupier and he will be able to do it until 2050. SpaceX will be running commercial operations and taking tourists to moon or mars since it will be their rockets, their pilots and their planets.

We cannot lag behind in this race, we can think that humans went to orbit in 2020, but they don’t say humans, they say Americans went to space and came back easily. Therefore, we need to focus on space program and we need to initiate the findings for such programs that would help our own Pakistani astronauts land on planets like Moon or Mars, India has already made an attempt, now they know the process. And soon they will launch a new space program that will reach the moon.

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