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George Knapp, a renowned journalist who brought the case of Bob Lazar in 1989 and further pursued the topic has presented with now non-classified documents. The documents quoted, that “its a 75 percent probability that inter-terrestrial civilization is located in between 1361 and 3979 light years from us. Speed of light is 3 x 10 raise to the power 8, and for us it is now not possible to travel with the speed of light. That is the reason why we are unable to cover the intergalactic missions. Bob Lazar was also on the Joe Rogan podcast earlier, and most of his theories are getting proved now. Because now the credible people like Commander Fraver are coming up with the UFO sightings and now people are starting to believe it. Not only this, United States government is also looking into it. Both Russians and Americans have stated that during the world war 2 when Moscow was targeted by U.S and New York and other states of the United States were targeted by Russia, at that time these UFO’s appeared and have halted the nuclear missiles.

Bob lazar explained the propulsion system, that same propulsion system has been seen and verified by Commander Fraver. Commander Fraver in 2004 recorded the UFO sighting with his companions, they locked onto a Tic Tac like thing that has no heat visibility around it, and was moving with no propulsion system that is yet to be seen by the human eye. Now that Video has been declassified by the pentagon and the remarks were that this was an unidentified flying object. All of this means that nothing has been theorized by Bob Lazar and infect we can now today say with conformity that he might have worked on or would have seen the alien technology.

Area S4 that is 15 miles south of Area 51, Bob knows everything about the area, even then it was stated by government that he had no degrees and he never worked as a physicist in the area S4. Before that he was working in Los Alamos national labs and new mexico. He was always involved with nuclear weapon development. In 1982, when Bob Lazar put a jet engine in his Honda, then he was approached by these authorities and Los Alamos, put had a headline news regarding it too. He also said, that he used the same car to drove to work every day. As explained. that he was approached by the authorities when he went to see the Lecture of Edward Teller (father of Hydrogen Bomb). He sent various resumes at the time. And Edward teller also received his resumes, and asked the authorities to contact Bob Lazar. He also said, that his job description stated that it was about advanced propulsion systems. He recalled his first day, filling the paperwork ( 2 to 3 hours of paperwork). He said when i first saw the Flying saucer, it had an american flag on it.

So, he said that i think this is the answer to all of the UFO”s bullshit. That is american technology, he also said when i touched that thing, i got reprimanded by a guard. The guard instructed, you are not allowed to touch it. Then some time later, he was being introduced to his lab partner, Barry. Then he talked about a reactor, size of a basket ball and it was producing its own gravitational field. So, that makes it more complicated for him, since we cannot produce gravitational field through a device. Bob said, it could not touch it because the gravitational field was pushing his hand and not letting him touch it. Then he read various documents which stated to reverse engineer the alien technology. His area was power and propulsion, he also stated in the podcast, that there were various departments working on several other technologies. And they give us an overview to understand that if our working area might be connected to the others in some way.

The reactor he worked on, can be activated in various ways, he said when you put the hemisphere on the tower it starts to work. There is no wiring whatsoever in that, it was just working in the vicinity of each other. He said, it was borderline magic. He also said, that before me various people might have died. Since, they were trying to cut the reactor. They used the plasma cutter and that created some dangerous incidents. 9 Aircrafts were kept there, and he said i watched all of the 9 Aircrafts. All of these were of different shapes and they were alien technology. This story will be continued in another post .. bob lazars story

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Был ли Пакистан политически захвачен Соединенными Штатами; Вердикт Топибааза




Топи бааз, когда он был маленьким, видел, как головорезы MQM (политическая партия в Карачи) приводили людей, как стада овец, на избирательные участки и заставляли их голосовать за MQM. Несмотря ни на что, в те дни жители Карачи были напуганы головорезами MQM Альтафа Хусейна, которые разыгрывали карту махаджира в Карачи, чтобы собрать голоса. Альтаф Хусейн, который является террористом и несет ответственность за кровопролитие и убийства в Карачи, в настоящее время живет в Лондоне. В 2014 году Топибааз вспоминает, что у него был велосипед cd70, а его избирательный участок находился по крайней мере в 25 км от его дома, время для голосования было около 8 утра, топи отправился туда и отдал свой голос, думая, что на этот раз произойдут перемены. Тем временем его друзья сказали ему вечером, что они отдавали несколько голосов за MQM, когда время голосования закончилось. Все люди в кабинах для голосования работали на MQM, так что MQM никак не могла проиграть в Карачи.

В 2018 году, хотя MQM снова получила большинство мест в Карачи, ИМРАН ХАН был избран президентом. Так что топи был доволен тем, что ИМРАН ХАН стал президентом. Но затем, в течение нескольких дней, в ассамблее выносится вотум недоверия, и такие политические партии, как ННООМ, ПППП и ДМК, становятся на одну сторону против ИМРАНА ХАНА, а затем премьер-министр этой страны теряет большинство, и внезапно его заменяют человеком, который является осужденным преступником в Пакистане, а его брат был предыдущим премьер-министром Пакистана, и его брат был отстранен от должности, потому что его имя появилось в панамских документах. Такие люди, как Зардари, который является мужем покойной Беназир Бхутто (экс-премьер-министра), также являются коррупционерами в Пакистане. Пакистанская политика не выходит за рамки Зардари и шарифа, которые по очереди становились премьер-министрами и президентами Пакистана.

Имран Хан предупреждал свой народ, что эти люди встречаются друг с другом, а также проводят встречи с американскими официальными лицами, поскольку обычно американские официальные лица встречаются с избранными правительственными чиновниками, а не с оппозиционными партиями, поскольку они знают, что избранные партии – это те, которые выбраны народом и занимаются делами страны. Но на этот раз американские официальные лица записали встречи с оппозицией, которая не была у власти, а затем всего за несколько дней люди начали покидать партию ИМРАНА ХАНА, а затем начали становиться частью оппозиции, поскольку они знали, что теперь у них достаточно людей, чтобы сместить нынешнего премьер-министра с его места.

Давайте поговорим об отношениях Пакистана с Соединенными Штатами, с тех пор как Байден вступил в должность, он не разговаривал с Имраном Ханом, но только некоторые официальные лица разговаривали с Имраном ханом по телефонным звонкам, в последний раз, когда Имран хан ездил в Соединенные Штаты, у него была встреча с экс-президентом Дональдом трамп. Пакистан снова попросили передать свои авиабазы Соединенным Штатам, но Имран хан отказался, поскольку США покинули Афганистан, их аргумент заключался в том, что они все еще должны заботиться о перспективах безопасности в регионе. Итак, точка зрения ИМРАНА ХАНА была прямолинейной: мы никогда не будем участвовать ни в чьей войне. Согласно , США провели 414 атак беспилотников.

Удары беспилотников, нанесенные Соединенными Штатами по Пакистану

Общее число погибших в результате этих атак беспилотников составило 23663702 человека, в то время как число погибших среди гражданского населения составило 245 303 человека. Ни разу США не признавали перед средствами массовой информации, что Пакистан помог Соединенным Штатам бороться с террористами, такими как террористы, которые затем начали действовать в Пакистане из Афганистана, а затем такие операции, как Зарб-и-азб, были проведены пакистанской армией, чтобы гарантировать, что никаких взрывов террористов-смертников не будет. будет проводиться на территории Пакистана. Пакистан поймал индийского шпиона Кульбхушана Ядава, который совершал нападения в Карачи и других частях Пакистана под псевдонимом мусульманина, приехавшего из Ирана. Итак, Пакистан вел всевозможные войны, афганские талибы, которые начали прибывать в Пакистан для совершения терактов смертников, Индия создала армию освобождения белуджей для нападения на различные провинции Пакистана и силы армии Пакистана. А затем “техрик-и-Талибан Пакистан” совершал нападения на пакистанскую армию, поскольку их девизом было то, что пакистан поддерживает американскую армию и предоставляет свои базы для проведения атак беспилотников, поэтому Пакистан подвергался нападениям со всех сторон.

А затем коррумпированные политики пожирают Пакистан изнутри, и после вступления в должность эти политики улетают из Пакистана. Шахбаз Шариф, Наваз Шариф и Мариум наваз также получили помощь от различных судов Пакистана, поскольку большинство дел против этой семьи было изъято и сожжено. чтобы помочь, topi собрал факты, и они перечислены ниже;

  1. В ноябре 1994 года FIA подала иск против hudaibia paper mills, и hudaibia engineering, Наваз Шариф был обвинен в нерегулярных финансах и манипуляциях. В 1997 году, когда он стал премьер-министром, он подал петицию против обоих этих дел.
  2. После этого верховный суд Лахора принял его апелляцию и избавился от этих обвинений. По делу о вертолете суд вынес вердикт в отношении Наваза Шарифа, за который он был приговорен к 14 годам тюремного заключения и штрафу в 2 кроры рупий.
  3. В декабре 2000 года генерал пар Муш отправил его в Саудовскую Аравию после заключения сделки. После того, как 26 июня 2009 года высокий суд Лахора заявил, что с него должны быть сняты все обвинения. В марте 2000 года были поданы ссылки на дело hudaibia paper mills, а в октябре 2009 года высокий суд Лахора снова остановил nab для дальнейшего расследования Наваза Шарифа по этому делу.
  4. В 2014 году высокий суд Лахора заявил, что у nab нет надлежащих доказательств, и все ссылки на Наваза Шарифа были удалены. В деле штата Райванд были поданы ссылки на незаконное строительство участка канала 104 в пределах джати умры и использование государственных ресурсов.
    И снова, когда Наваз Шариф стал премьер-министром, обе ссылки были удалены. И снова верховный суд Лахора отменил оба этих дела против наваза Шаирфа.
  5. Наваз Шариф 6 июля 2018 года по делу о квартире Эвен Филд был приговорен к 10 годам тюремного заключения, а мариум наваз была приговорена к 7 годам тюремного заключения. И снова они были оспорены в высоком суде isb.
  6. 19 сентября 2018 года верховный суд Исламабада вновь отменил тюремное заключение для них обоих. 24 сентября 2018 года, снова наваз Шариф был приговорен судом по этическим вопросам к 7 годам тюремного заключения, ссылаясь на аль-Азизию.
  7. 16 ноября 2019 года верховный суд Лахора вновь на основании медицинских показаний заявил, что Навазу Шарифу должно быть разрешено выехать из страны. 8 августа 2019 года Мариам Наваз была арестована по делу сахарного завода Рамзана.
  8. 5 ноября 2019 года, поскольку она женщина, была освобождена от тюремного заключения, а ее паспорт будет конфискован. 5 октября 2018 года наб Лахора арестовала Шахбаза Шарифа за строительство жилья в Ашиане и сахарных заводов Рамзана.
  9. 14 февраля 2019 года в высокий суд Лахора было подано ходатайство Шахбаза Шарифа против его ареста. 28 сентября 2020 года nab арестовало шахбаза Шаирфа за отмывание денег и за его активы, превышающие его стоимость.
  10. 23 апреля лахорский верховный суд снова отпустил его. 11. 14 января 2022 года суд по банковским преступлениям остановил FIA на семь дней для расследования и продолжения разбирательства, и это же дело не расследовалось до сегодняшнего дня. Сейчас он премьер-министр

Видение Имрана Хана состоит в том, чтобы сделать Пакистан великой нацией, которая в будущем привлекла бы людей со всего мира к таким видам деятельности, как исследования, туризм, и Пакистан мог бы стать примером, если бы он смог облегчить положение своего низшего класса, чтобы процент неравноправия не создавал много проблем. разница между богатыми и бедными, не следуя тому, что было использовано Китаем, а предоставляя стимулы, стимулы для инноваций в области информационных технологий, стимулы для инвестиций из-за рубежа. Это не означает, что Пакистан должен принимать сторону какой-либо нации, но должен иметь сердечные отношения с каждой нацией, поскольку на большинство из нас, пакистанцев, влияет инфраструктура США. Если вы побродите по Карачи, вы увидите улицы, названные в честь улиц в Соединенных Штатах, например, бульвар Сансет, вы увидим, как молодежь использует такие платформы, как Facebook, YouTube и instagram. Итак, мы были бы лицемерами, если бы сказали, что ненавидим американцев и не зависим от их ИТ-инфраструктуры. Но проблема заключается во внешней политике США в отношении Пакистана, которая полностью ориентирована на Индию, и в этих отношениях нет баланса, который можно было бы увидеть. Несмотря на то, что Пакистан сражался в афганской войне бок о бок с США, а не с Индией, даже продажа различных видов оборонительного оружия не приносит результатов, потому что конгресс США этого не разрешает.

Следовательно, Соединенные Штаты сохраняют позицию хулигана, которую они также сохраняют по отношению к другим нациям, таким нациям, которые Соединенные Штаты считают Слабыми. В данном случае США через Дональда Лу, который с 2021 года является помощником госсекретаря по делам Южной и Центральной Азии в качестве дипломата США, направили коммюнике, такие сообщения в основном держатся в секрете от общественности, поскольку используемая форма общения может раскрыть много секретов, которые как пакистанские спецслужбы ведут свою коммуникацию, поэтому такое письмо держалось в секрете и было передано имрану хану. Это письмо было прямой угрозой правительству Имрана хана, поскольку Имран хан посетил Россию, поскольку США хотели, чтобы Имран хан отменил свой визит в Россию, поскольку она вторглась в Украину. Имран хан должен был посетить Россию, так как это был обычный рутинный визит, и он был проведен после сотрудничества всех пакистанских властей, но в этом коммюнике было заявлено, что Имран хан в одностороннем порядке принял решение посетить Россию. Письмо с угрозами после того, как Имран хан был заменен новым правительством (не избранным народом), было отправлено главному судье для расследования, и нынешнее правительство попытается осудить серьезность этого письма, создавая повествования в свою пользу.

Нынешняя ситуация указывает на то, что США также любят иметь дело с коррумпированными партиями внутри Пакистана, поскольку они будут следовать приказам Соединенных Штатов, не думая об интересах Пакистана. Поэтому такие правительства играют в соответствии с внешней политикой США и, проще говоря, работают как марионетки, чтобы работать не в своих собственных интересах, а в интересах монополии США. Если бы вы спросили Топибааза, чего он хочет, то он бы посоветовал, чтобы никто не издевался над вами, а старался работать ради вашей собственной выгоды, на самом деле, мы также не можем пренебрегать поддержкой, которую Соединенные Штаты также оказывают Пакистану, поскольку они продолжают поставлять вакцины Пакистану для инициативы Covax. Поэтому никогда нельзя пренебрегать поддержкой Соединенных Штатов, не только это независимые агентства в Соединенных Штатах предоставляют Пакистану средства для сохранения исторических памятников внутри страны.

Сам Топибааз вырос, смотря американские пропагандистские фильмы, упс, голливудские фильмы, сам топибааз выучил большую часть своего английского через американские шоу. Хотя, возможно, существовала такая советская пропагандистская машина, как Голливуд, и топибааз в альтернативной вселенной мог свободно говорить по-русски, но из-за пропаганды холодной войны американцы захватили Пакистан, а русские захватили Индию. Поэтому не стоит пренебрегать тем, что Америка является центром исследований, и в ней есть различные независимые организации, что позволяет вам даже представлять свои рассказы против американской политики внутри Америки. С другой стороны, американская внешняя политика полностью противоречит суверенитету некоторых стран, просто фокусируясь на выгоде Америки и пренебрегая выгодами других стран. Учитывая ответный удар со стороны Америки, большинство более слабых правительств (финансово и политически слабых) не в состоянии выступить против Америки и в пользу своих собственных выгод. Следовательно, такие страны продолжают страдать, поскольку их программы никогда не приносят пользы их собственным народам, и у них нет долгосрочных планов на благо своей собственной нации. Следовательно, тогда растет региональная напряженность и конфликты внутри этих стран, и эти страны никогда не смогут встать на собственные ноги и полагаться на другие варианты финансирования, такие как МВФ, частью которого также является Пакистан.

Вердикт Топибааза: Ни в одну страну нельзя вмешиваться с помощью иностранного политического влияния, если ее собственные институты или ее собственная политика достаточно сильны, чтобы никогда не принимать чью-либо сторону, и на нее никогда нельзя повлиять с помощью финансовых средств или каких-либо унизительных программ. Следовательно, наша собственная политическая коррумпированная элита выступает в качестве истинных предателей этой страны. Но день расплаты не за горами, эта страна так или иначе станет великой сверхдержавой во всем мире и обеспечит процветание других наций.

Пакистан Зиндабад! Пакистан Пейндабад! Да здравствует Пакистан

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Local Topi

Has Pakistan been Politically Invaded by UnitedStates; Topibaaz’s Verdict




Topibaaz when he was little, has seen MQM ( political party in Karachi) goons taking people like flocks of sheep to the polling stations, and harassing them to vote for MQM. No matter what back in the days, people of karachi were scared infront of Altaf Hussain’s MQM goons who played the mahajir card within Karachi to collect votes. Altaf hussain, who is a terrorist and is responsible for the bloodshed and killings in karachi is currently living in London. In 2014, Topibaaz remember, that he had a cd70 bike, and his polling station was at least 25 km away from his residence, time to cast the vote was around 8a.m, topi went there and casted his vote, thinking that this time a change would happen. In the meantime, his friends told him in the evening that they were casting multiple votes for MQM, when the time of casting the votes had been finished. All of the people within the polling booths were working for MQM, so there was no way MQM could loose in Karachi.

In 2018, although again MQM had most of the seats in Karachi, IMRAN KHAN has been elected as the president. So topi was satisfied to have IMRAN KHAN as president. But then, in a matter of days, a no-confidence motion is being presented within the assembly, and political parties like PMLN, PPPP, and MQM become one, side against IMRAN KHAN, and then the prime minister of this country loose the majority and suddenly he is being replaced with a person who is a convicted criminal in Pakistan, and his brother was the previous prime minister of Pakistan and his brother had been removed from the office because his name had appeared in Panama papers. People like Zardari, who is the husband of Late Benazir Bhutto (ex-prime minister) are also of the corrupts in Pakistan. Pakistani politics go no beyond Zardari and sharifs, who had been taking over their turns to become prime ministers and presidents of Pakistan.

Imran Khan had been warning his people, that these people are meeting each other, and are also having meetings with American officials since normally American officials meet elected government officials and not the opposition parties since they know that elected parties are the ones chosen by the people and have been handling the affairs of the country. But this time American officials had recorded meetings with opposition who were not in power and then in just a matter of days, people started leaving IMRAN KHAN’s party and then started becoming a part of the opposition since they knew that now they have enough people to remove the current prime minister from his seat.

Let’s talk about Pakistan’s relations with the United States, since Biden came into office, he has not talked to Imran khan, but only some officials have talked with Imran khan on telephone calls, the last time Imran khan went to the united states, he had a meeting with the ex-president Donald trump. Pakistan had been asked to give their air bases to the united states again, but Imran khan declined as the U.S exited Afghanistan, their argument was that they had to still look after the security prospects in the region. So, IMRAN KHAN’s perspective was straight forward we will never take part in anyone’s war. According to, U.S conducted 414 drone attacks.

Total deaths in these drone attacks were 23663702, while civillian deaths had been accounted as 245,303. Not once the U.S has acknowledged in front of the media that how Pakistan helped the united states to fight against the terrorist, such as terrorists who then started operating within Pakistan from Afghanistan, and then operations like Zarb-e-azb has been conducted by Pakistan Army in order to ensure that no suicide bombings would be conducted within Pakistan. Pakistan caught an indian spy Kulbhushan Yadav who was conducting attacks within Karachi and other parts of pakistan, and was under the alias of a Muslim man who came from Iran. So, Pakistan was fighting all sorts of wars, afghan Taliban, who started coming into Pakistan to conduct suicide attacks, India creating baloch liberation army to attack different provinces within Pakistan and Pak army forces. And then tehreek-e-Taliban pakistan was conducting attacks at the Pakistan army since their motto was that pakistan is siding the American army, and giving its bases to conduct drone attacks, so pakistan was under attack from all the sides.

And then corrupt politicians eating Pakistan from inside, and after the tenure, these politicians fly away from Pakistan. Shahbaz sharif, Nawaz sharif and marium nawaz has also been aided from different courts of pakistan, as most of the cases against this family has been removed and burnt. to dust, topi has gathered the facts and these are listed below;

  1. Nov 1994, FIA has submitted a challan against hudaibia paper mills, and hudaibia engineering, Nawaz Sharif has been accused of irregular finances and manipulation. In 1997, when he became prime minister, then he filed a petition against both of these cases.
  2. After that Lahore high court accepted his appeal and got rid of these accusations. In the helicopter case, the court has given a verdict against Nawaz Shareef for which he was sentenced to 14 years of prison, and 2 crore rupee fine.
  3. In Dec 2000, gen par mush sent him to Saudi after a deal. After on 26 june 2009, lahore high court stated that he should be free of all the charges. In 2000 march, hudaibia paper mills case references has been filed, and in oct 2009 again lahore high court has again stopped nab to further investigating Nawaz Sharif in this case.
  4. In 2014, Lahore high court stated that nab doesn’t have proper evidence and all the references against Nawaz Sharif had been removed. In the Raiwand state case, references have been filed for illegal construction for 104 canal area within jati umra, and the use of state resources.
  5. Again when Nawaz Shareef became prime minister, both of the references has been removed. Again lahore high court has removed both of these cases against nawaz shairf.
  6. Nawaz sharif on 6 July 2018, for the even field apartment case had been sentenced for 10 years in prison and marium nawaz had been sentenced to 7 years in prison. Again these had been challenged in isb high court.
  7. On 19 sep 2018, Islamabad high court again averted the prison sentence for both of them. 24 sep 2018, again nawaz sharif has been sentenced to 7 years in prison by ethical court, in al azizia reference.
  8. On 16 Nov 2019, again lahore highcourt on the basis of medical grounds have stated that Nawaz sharif should be allowed to go out of the country. On 8th August 2019, Mariam Nawaz has been arrested for the Ramzan sugar mill case.
  9. 5 Nov 2019, because she is a woman, had been relieved of her jail sentence, and her passport will be confiscated. On 5 Oct 2018, Shahbaz Sharif has been arrested by nab Lahore for ashiana housing and Ramzan sugar mills.
  10. On 14feb 2019, again lahore high court, Shahbaz sharifs application against his arrest has been submitted. On 28 sep 2020, nab has arrested shahbaz shairf for money laundering and for his assets beyond his worth.
  11. On 23 april, Lahore highcourt, again let him go. On 14 Jan 2022, the banking crime court stopped FIA for seven days to investigate and continue the proceedings, and the same case has not been investigated until today. Now he is the prime minister

Imran Khan’s vision is to make Pakistan a great nation, that in future would attract people from all around the world to activities like research, tourism and Pakistan could become a case study if its able to alleviate the status of its lower class so that the un-equality percentage would not create a lot of difference between rich and poor, not following that has been used by China, but by providing incentives, incentives for information technology innovation, incentives for investments from abroad. This does not mean that Pakistan has to take sides with any nation but should have cordial relationships with every nation, since most of us Pakistanis are being impacted by U.S infrastructure, if you roam around Karachi, you will see streets named after the streets in United States, for instance, Sunset boulevard, you will see youth using the platforms like Facebook, youtube, and instagram. So, we would be hypocrites if we were to say that we hate americans and we are not dependent on their I.T infrastructure. But, the problem lies in the U.S’s foreign policy for pakistan, which is totally tilted towards india and there is no balance that could be seen in that relationship. Although, Pakistan was fighting the afghan war alongside U.S and not india, even the sales of different defence weapons are not being fruitful because U.S congress does not allow it.

Hence, United States keeps an attitude of a bully, which it also keeps with other nations, such nations which United States percieves as Weak. In the current case, U.S through donald Lu who is serving as the Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs since 2021 as U.S diplomat sent a communique, such communications are mostly kept secret from the public, since the form of communication used, could reveal a lot of secrets, that how Pakistani intelligence agencies conduct their communication, therefore such letter was kept secret and was provided to imran khan. This letter was a direct threat to Imran khans government, since Imran khan visited russia, as U.S wanted Imran khan to cancel his visit to Russia, as it was invading ukraine. Imran khan had to visit russia, as it was a normal routine visit and it was conducted after collaboration all of the pakistani authorities, but in this communique it was stated that Imran khan unilaterally decided to visit russia. The threat letter, after Imran khan has been replaced by the new government (not been elected by public) has been sent to the chief justice for the investigation and the current government will try and denounce the severity of this letter through creating narratives in their own favours.

Curent situation indicates that U.S also likes to deal with corrupt parties within pakistan, since they would follow the orders given by united states without thinking about the interests of Pakistan. Therefore, such governments play according to the U.S foreign policy, and in simple words work like puppets not to work for their own interests but for the interests of the U.S monopoly. If you would ask Topibaaz, what does he want, then he would suggest that dont get bullied by anyone, and try and work for your own benefits, in reality, we cannot also neglect the support that united states provide to pakistan also, as it continues to provide vaccines to Pakistan, for Covax initiative. Therefore, one can never neglect the support of United States, not only this independent agencies within United states provide funds to Pakistan to coserve the historical sites within the country.

Topibaaz himself grewup watching american propaganda movies, oops, hollywood movies, topibaaz itself learnt most of his english through american shows. Although, there could have been a soveit propaganda machine like hollywood and topibaaz in an alternate universe could be speaking fluent russian, but due to cold war propaganda, Americans took over Pakistan, and Russians took over india. Therefore, not neglecting that America is a hub of research and it has various independent bodies, which allows you to even present your narratives against American policies within america. Then again, American foreign policies are totally against the sovereignty of some countries, just focusing America’s benefit and neglecting the benefits of other countries. Considering the retalliation from american most of the weaker governments (financially and politically weak) are unable to take stands against american and in favour of their own benefits. Hence, such countries continues to suffer, as their agendas are never benefitting their own nations, and they posses no long term plans to benefit their own nation. Hence, then grow more regional tensions and conflicts within these countries and these countries are never able to stand on their own feet and rely on other funding options like IMF that pakistan is also a part of.

Topibaaz’s verdict: No nation can be intervened through foreign polticial influences if its own institutions or its own politics are strong enough to never take sides and could never be influenced through financial means or through any demeaning agendas. Hence, our own political corrupt elite stands as the true traitors of this country. But the day of reckoning is not far away, this country one way or the other will emerge as a great superpower in the whole world, and will provide for the prosperity of the other nations.

Pakistan Zindabad! Pakistan Paindabad! Long Live Pakistan

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Ishaq Dar; An Exemplary fool!




Stephen Sackur, age 56 is widely known for his controversial BBC Hardtalks with guests from a wide variety of professions. Interviewed the ex-finance minister of Pakistan, Ishaq dar. This was the kind of an interview, where ishaq dar was supposed to cement his position about his perspective of the current government of Pakistan. But the interview went completely other way, since ishaq dar from the start of the interview, was called as an escapee from Pakistan by the interviewer, by Stephen sacker himself.

When asked that you are alleged to have more than 600 million dollars, these are assets more than your acquired resources, and that how many properties that you own in Pakistan?

Ishaq dar replied with hesitation at first, that its all declared in my tax returns, Stephen Sackur again asked how many properties did you own in Pakistan… Ishaq dar replied like a seasoned liar, “One property”!

“One property”, even a corrupt cleric owns more than one property in Pakistan, and Ishaq dar bluntly replied that i only own one property in Pakistan.

Stephen Sackur asked again, Not even in Dubai, Ishaq dar replied, ” My sons have just one villa and is owned by them since they are in business for last 17 years”.

Stephen Sackur said again, that when I asked you, “how many properties you have in total”, then you replied, “Only one” it’s not strictly true. Now, change of stance by Seasoned fool, “Agains insisting that it’s true, and that my children are adults, they can make as many properties as they want”. So Stephen Sackur asked again, that you know that when NAB (National Accountability Bureau) was looking at your assets, it meant that they were looking at both you and your family’s assets.

Stephen Sackur ask again, if all of this is very clear cut and if its true that you only own one property. And everything is just very crystal clear, then why do you not go back to Pakistan and make this case in the court of Law ( Where you were an ex-finance minister, where you looted all the money, made fool of the old and sick, took votes from innocent people who think you can change their lives)

Ishaq dar replies, ” Well, the court of law, my lawyers were there ( thinking in the back of his mind, that I don’t give a fuck about courts in Pakistan)… I am here for the medical treatment and I don’t wanna go back since my ass already escaped to London.

Again Stephen Sackur asks, “you been here for 3 fuckin years, are you trying to make a fool out of me, shit face” Because i have seen fuck boys like you giving me a prep talk, but i know a fool when i see one, and you are the one”.

Anyways lets move on seriously!

Stephen Sackur: Are you still really suffering from the disease?

Ishaq dar: Yes, Yes, I am ( i sometimes forget what i am suffering from, but yes i am suffering from schizophrenia too)

Stephen Sackur: Cant you possibly go back to Pakistan, we are already hosting a lot of fugitives like you here?

Ishaq dar: Well.. (hesitatingly) lets see…Now starts bashing Pakistan .. Where are the human rights.. and the current government is running a maligning campaign against former Prime minister, Nawaz Sharif

Hold on ! fuck face hold on …

Stephen Sackur: The truth is Nawaz Sharif is a convicted criminal..

Ishaq dar: its not proved ..its not proved! even in the two judgements gave by the court of Pakistan ( the court that i don’t give a shit about, since i am escaping from it and sitting on my fat ass in London enjoying this beautiful life )

Stephen Sackur: Nawaz sharif (the leader of your party) was convicted by the court for ten years on the charges of corruption as his name appeared in the Panama Papers, ( then his sentence was reduced to 8 years) .. he was allowed to go to London on medical reasons like you were allowed, and then again you two fuck boys didn’t went back to face the criminal prosecution and now you are sitting in front of me and telling me that you are not escaping justice ..

First of all Ishaq dar tell me, who the fuck do you think i am…

Stephen Sackur: You are trying to run a campaign against current Prime minister of Pakistan (Imran Khan), what credibility do you have?

ishaq dar: It was a stolen and rigged election ..

Stephen Sackur: But according to the EU monitoring report, the election results were satisfied and this means not rigged, so why the fuck would i listen to you …

ishaq dar: But it was rigged election

Stephen Sackur: how?

Ishaq dar: That’s what they fucking told me .. what am I supposed to say on BBC ..

Stephen Sackur: So, the truth is that Imran khan has the democratic mandate and you are just a fuck boy! Because the EU chief of the commission said that the results of the elections are credible.

When Stephen Sackur asked that why did you put allegations on the army chief of your own country that he, himself influenced the election, Ishaq dar replied, ” The bug sits at the top”. “You don’t know that Pakistan is a deep state”, the term used by corrupt politicians when they are not in the government to indicate that army helped some party to win the elections.

But then again, Liar liar pants on fire ( you suck Ishaq dar, because you were in the government few years ago and sure you didn’t say shit at that time.

Then after arguing on the same, notion he said, i am not pointing at the whole army, i am just pointing at some individuals. Ishaq dar meant to say, that current army journal is bad and he helped the current prime minister to get elected. But he is the same army journal who was appointed by Ishaq dar’s government, so the fact that he helped the new Prime minster to get elected can never be true.

Again a tough question coming his way, Stephen Sackur asked that your leader, Nawaz Sharif made the govenrment with the military dictator General Zia, but suddenly he has decided that the Army is against him, because they are not working with him any more and he is not in the power…

Ishaq Dar: its an evolution process, this world came into being after the big bang!

Stephen Sackur: What the fuck is wrong with you Dar!

Ishaq Dar: I certainly disagree with you!

Stephen Sackur: I asked you a fucking question, you dick head!

Ishaq Dar: I…. I …. disbelief… i certainly don’t … i disagree with you!

Stephen Sackur: Fuck u!

Ishaq Dar: What!

Anyways … lets

Ishaq Dar: Imran khan is bad guy, he was known as Taliban khan, he accused Pakistani intelligence services …

Stephen Sackur: It was regrettable that Ex-Prime-minister took the name of the current army chief in Pakistan, said by Bilawal Bhutto, and even the daughter of Nawaz sharif said that i am not anti-military.

Ishaq dar: Hey, can you ask me any easy fucking question, because these questions are fucking hard..and i don’t know shit about them..

Stephen Sackur: Dummy! that’s why its called Hard talk!

Stephen Sackur: Why are you creating instability in Pakistan when there is Pandemic in the whole wide world? What is the fucking, reason, are you fucking insane?

Ishaq dar: You have to be a neutral umpire here …

Stephen Sackur: We are not playing fucking cricket here, dick head…

Stephen Sackur: You can choose to go home, but what you are doing is ..that you are sitting in London, and trying to destabalise the situation in Pakistan… who the fuck does that to their own country … your people elected Imran Khan… so stay the fuck away from them.. because you ain’t good to respond me now, how can you run the finances of a big country like Pakistan… Sure in hell, you cant run a small firm, you cheap stake..

Stephen Sackur: And i think Imran khan stand in a very tough stand against India and Modi.. and he cen never be a fascist…

Ishaq dar: ( smiling)

Stephen Sackur: What the fuck are you smiling about, i am serious!

Ishaq dar: Ok (serious)

Stephen Sackur: So, just tell me what kind of his policies personifies fascism, when he has opened the pilgrimage locations in Pakistan and invested upon them so that the Sikhs can come from India to Pakistan and they can visit their own religious sites … Tell me ?

Ishaq dar: Well, let me google the meaning of Fascism .. i think i said something else..

Ishaq dar: You haven’t studied.. and you haven’t had time .. to see what kind of fascism he is doing…

Stephen Sackur: Have checked from google, you wanted to say facism ..

Ishaq dar: Yes, it was Fascism!

Stephen Sackur: Well! i have to end it here! you really fucked my head with your crazy answers. I don’t know how and why people like you were ever appointed as the Finance ministers in Pakistan.

Ishaq dar: What… I disbelief… I dont agree with you ..

Stephen Sackur: Get the fuck outta here!

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