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The culture of banning games like PUBG is not good for E-sports



Pakistan is on 11th spot in E-sports ranking, just because a guy named Sumail Hassan who is a 20 yr old has played more than 60 tournaments in the world. He is accounted to an earning of $3,591,225.34. On the other hand, PUBG game has been banned on the basis of spreading violence. Let me remind you who get us a playing pistol in our childhood, our family members. They want us to play with toy guns, why these toys are even made, arent they spreading the violence. We all grew up playing a virtual cop, IGI, counter strike and various other first-person shooting games. These games are in our DNA, obviously its fun to play games. There are tons and tons of guys in Pakistan who are earning money by playing PUBG, and some are even supporting their families.

Sumail is a prime example as he used to play DOTA 2, in internet cafes in Pakistan. He did not have much money to even afford a single personal computer. Arsalan Siddique is another prime example of the verge of E-sports gaming in Pakistan. This guy had gaming zones at the front of his home, his parents told him, that he was little he was going and sleeping in those gaming zones. Arsalan is the best Tekken game player in the world, he is being sponsored by the Red bull brand. Therefore, if we want these sponsors to stop investing in the youth of our country then we can ban every game that our children play.

Life is also a game, our enemies use weapons and we defend against them. But banning games and that young guy are not allowed to take part in e-sports activities is just plain stupid. Some of the guys are earning money by streaming games online and they don’t want this opportunity to go away from their hands as they want to do good for their family. Since now their families are counting on them to make it to the international level. If we want more guys like arsalan, sumail to lift our flag in this world, then just stop this stupidity and lift the ban from a bloody game.

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Ishaq Dar; An Exemplary fool!




Stephen Sackur, age 56 is widely known for his controversial BBC Hardtalks with guests from a wide variety of professions. Interviewed the ex-finance minister of Pakistan, Ishaq dar. This was the kind of an interview, where ishaq dar was supposed to cement his position about his perspective of the current government of Pakistan. But the interview went completely other way, since ishaq dar from the start of the interview, was called as an escapee from Pakistan by the interviewer, by Stephen sacker himself.

When asked that you are alleged to have more than 600 million dollars, these are assets more than your acquired resources, and that how many properties that you own in Pakistan?

Ishaq dar replied with hesitation at first, that its all declared in my tax returns, Stephen Sackur again asked how many properties did you own in Pakistan… Ishaq dar replied like a seasoned liar, “One property”!

“One property”, even a corrupt cleric owns more than one property in Pakistan, and Ishaq dar bluntly replied that i only own one property in Pakistan.

Stephen Sackur asked again, Not even in Dubai, Ishaq dar replied, ” My sons have just one villa and is owned by them since they are in business for last 17 years”.

Stephen Sackur said again, that when I asked you, “how many properties you have in total”, then you replied, “Only one” it’s not strictly true. Now, change of stance by Seasoned fool, “Agains insisting that it’s true, and that my children are adults, they can make as many properties as they want”. So Stephen Sackur asked again, that you know that when NAB (National Accountability Bureau) was looking at your assets, it meant that they were looking at both you and your family’s assets.

Stephen Sackur ask again, if all of this is very clear cut and if its true that you only own one property. And everything is just very crystal clear, then why do you not go back to Pakistan and make this case in the court of Law ( Where you were an ex-finance minister, where you looted all the money, made fool of the old and sick, took votes from innocent people who think you can change their lives)

Ishaq dar replies, ” Well, the court of law, my lawyers were there ( thinking in the back of his mind, that I don’t give a fuck about courts in Pakistan)… I am here for the medical treatment and I don’t wanna go back since my ass already escaped to London.

Again Stephen Sackur asks, “you been here for 3 fuckin years, are you trying to make a fool out of me, shit face” Because i have seen fuck boys like you giving me a prep talk, but i know a fool when i see one, and you are the one”.

Anyways lets move on seriously!

Stephen Sackur: Are you still really suffering from the disease?

Ishaq dar: Yes, Yes, I am ( i sometimes forget what i am suffering from, but yes i am suffering from schizophrenia too)

Stephen Sackur: Cant you possibly go back to Pakistan, we are already hosting a lot of fugitives like you here?

Ishaq dar: Well.. (hesitatingly) lets see…Now starts bashing Pakistan .. Where are the human rights.. and the current government is running a maligning campaign against former Prime minister, Nawaz Sharif

Hold on ! fuck face hold on …

Stephen Sackur: The truth is Nawaz Sharif is a convicted criminal..

Ishaq dar: its not proved ..its not proved! even in the two judgements gave by the court of Pakistan ( the court that i don’t give a shit about, since i am escaping from it and sitting on my fat ass in London enjoying this beautiful life )

Stephen Sackur: Nawaz sharif (the leader of your party) was convicted by the court for ten years on the charges of corruption as his name appeared in the Panama Papers, ( then his sentence was reduced to 8 years) .. he was allowed to go to London on medical reasons like you were allowed, and then again you two fuck boys didn’t went back to face the criminal prosecution and now you are sitting in front of me and telling me that you are not escaping justice ..

First of all Ishaq dar tell me, who the fuck do you think i am…

Stephen Sackur: You are trying to run a campaign against current Prime minister of Pakistan (Imran Khan), what credibility do you have?

ishaq dar: It was a stolen and rigged election ..

Stephen Sackur: But according to the EU monitoring report, the election results were satisfied and this means not rigged, so why the fuck would i listen to you …

ishaq dar: But it was rigged election

Stephen Sackur: how?

Ishaq dar: That’s what they fucking told me .. what am I supposed to say on BBC ..

Stephen Sackur: So, the truth is that Imran khan has the democratic mandate and you are just a fuck boy! Because the EU chief of the commission said that the results of the elections are credible.

When Stephen Sackur asked that why did you put allegations on the army chief of your own country that he, himself influenced the election, Ishaq dar replied, ” The bug sits at the top”. “You don’t know that Pakistan is a deep state”, the term used by corrupt politicians when they are not in the government to indicate that army helped some party to win the elections.

But then again, Liar liar pants on fire ( you suck Ishaq dar, because you were in the government few years ago and sure you didn’t say shit at that time.

Then after arguing on the same, notion he said, i am not pointing at the whole army, i am just pointing at some individuals. Ishaq dar meant to say, that current army journal is bad and he helped the current prime minister to get elected. But he is the same army journal who was appointed by Ishaq dar’s government, so the fact that he helped the new Prime minster to get elected can never be true.

Again a tough question coming his way, Stephen Sackur asked that your leader, Nawaz Sharif made the govenrment with the military dictator General Zia, but suddenly he has decided that the Army is against him, because they are not working with him any more and he is not in the power…

Ishaq Dar: its an evolution process, this world came into being after the big bang!

Stephen Sackur: What the fuck is wrong with you Dar!

Ishaq Dar: I certainly disagree with you!

Stephen Sackur: I asked you a fucking question, you dick head!

Ishaq Dar: I…. I …. disbelief… i certainly don’t … i disagree with you!

Stephen Sackur: Fuck u!

Ishaq Dar: What!

Anyways … lets

Ishaq Dar: Imran khan is bad guy, he was known as Taliban khan, he accused Pakistani intelligence services …

Stephen Sackur: It was regrettable that Ex-Prime-minister took the name of the current army chief in Pakistan, said by Bilawal Bhutto, and even the daughter of Nawaz sharif said that i am not anti-military.

Ishaq dar: Hey, can you ask me any easy fucking question, because these questions are fucking hard..and i don’t know shit about them..

Stephen Sackur: Dummy! that’s why its called Hard talk!

Stephen Sackur: Why are you creating instability in Pakistan when there is Pandemic in the whole wide world? What is the fucking, reason, are you fucking insane?

Ishaq dar: You have to be a neutral umpire here …

Stephen Sackur: We are not playing fucking cricket here, dick head…

Stephen Sackur: You can choose to go home, but what you are doing is ..that you are sitting in London, and trying to destabalise the situation in Pakistan… who the fuck does that to their own country … your people elected Imran Khan… so stay the fuck away from them.. because you ain’t good to respond me now, how can you run the finances of a big country like Pakistan… Sure in hell, you cant run a small firm, you cheap stake..

Stephen Sackur: And i think Imran khan stand in a very tough stand against India and Modi.. and he cen never be a fascist…

Ishaq dar: ( smiling)

Stephen Sackur: What the fuck are you smiling about, i am serious!

Ishaq dar: Ok (serious)

Stephen Sackur: So, just tell me what kind of his policies personifies fascism, when he has opened the pilgrimage locations in Pakistan and invested upon them so that the Sikhs can come from India to Pakistan and they can visit their own religious sites … Tell me ?

Ishaq dar: Well, let me google the meaning of Fascism .. i think i said something else..

Ishaq dar: You haven’t studied.. and you haven’t had time .. to see what kind of fascism he is doing…

Stephen Sackur: Have checked from google, you wanted to say facism ..

Ishaq dar: Yes, it was Fascism!

Stephen Sackur: Well! i have to end it here! you really fucked my head with your crazy answers. I don’t know how and why people like you were ever appointed as the Finance ministers in Pakistan.

Ishaq dar: What… I disbelief… I dont agree with you ..

Stephen Sackur: Get the fuck outta here!

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Ek coin jitni choti device apki nazar ka masla, apki dimaghi halat, aur bht jismani masail hal krskti hy




Elon musk, jo k Tesla ( ek car banany wali company), Space X ( ek space rockets bnany wali company) or Neuralink kay bhi CEO hain. Neuralink ek coin jinti device hay jo apky brian main choty 1200 wires k sath stitch ki jaigi, usko stitich robot surgeon k thru kia jaiga. Takay apki body ka sara data computer screen par dekha jaskay. is device ki specs nechay wali tasveer main bayan ki gai hain. ye device jab apkay brain k sath lga di jaigi tou ye nazar nahi aigi kiun k ye ek coin jitni hay. Filhal ismain temperature aur pressure sensor lagai gai hain aur ye devices pig jesay janwar par successfully test karli gai hay. Is device ko bananay ka main maksad ye hay k insano ki jismani masail ko dur kia jaskay apko heart attack anay say pehly pta chl jai k apko treatment ki zrort hay, apka vision jo k age k sath khatam horha hy wo theek hojai aur apki body ko jo b physical masla hay wo dur hojai.

Elon Musk Literally Pigs Out With Impressive Live Demo Of Neuralink Brain  Chip Implant | HotHardware

ismain itni choti battery lgai gai hay jo puray din chal sakti hay, iski charging wireless mobile ki trah hogi jisko hum inductive charging b kehtay hain. filhal ye device ksi insan pr test nahi ki gai lekin ye buhat bari kamyabi hy k ye janwaro k dimagh main jakr bilkul theek kaam krai hay aur unkay dimagh ko nuksan be nai puhncha rhi. Elon musk ka wada hy k is device ko mazeed behtr banaingy aur ye device future main jakr bht insani jismani maslay solve krdygi

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How can we revive the doomed city of Karachi




The City of Karachi is certainly doomed, with flooded streets and no electricity, people are barely making the two ends meet. There are multiple reasons why Karachi is facing a disastrous situation because the city of Karachi should have been like a European city but currently its infrastructure, it cannot even compete with underdeveloped African cities. Every city is built on a mega plan, with roads and infrastructure of drainage is being laid out. The foundations of Karachi have become old and by this time, Karachi would have gone tons and tons of changes to become a self-sustaining metropolis. But, the tale about Karachi’s past is sad and not worth telling. Therefore, we don’t want to discuss the past, what has been done is done and now we have to move forward. What can we do make this city better, because there are three problems that are being faced by this city which are persistent and has made the life of 16,094,000 people a living hell. The problem of drainage, the problem of electricity and the problem of waste management. This article intends to provide a solution rather than criticising any authorities because criticism cannot make a difference, not now and not in future.

How to solve the Electricity problem

Electricity generation with solar panels

Karachi mostly witnesses hot weather, except a rainy monsoon season that does not persist for long. We can solve our electricity problem by taking advantage of the hot summers and the hot summers even persist until late October and also until the earlier days of November. A big field having tons and tons of solar panels can be created, that investment would be one time and every home can be given a particular quota of electricity that can be utilised every month.

best cities for solar
In states of Massachusetts, Arizona and Oregon, you will find homes with solar panels fitted on their roofs
Solar now 'cheaper than grid electricity' in every Chinese city, study finds
Government has to create a big solar field like this, that is an easy way to make electricity

Electricity generation with Waste

We all know that tons of tons of waste have been wasted on the streets of Karachi since we don’t have a proper waste collection system. An easy way to utilise that waste is to convert the excess waste into the energy. Again it will not be a big ask, and I don’t think what kind of 18th amendment is stopping a prime minister to invest in a megacity like Karachi. Below stated figure is a simple process to convert the waste into the useable energy. But the problem is that how do we collect waste, if people keep throwing the waste on their streets, since there is no one who will come to collect the waste from their home. Hence, it will be disposed anywhere outside their home. Now, lets talk about how to solve the waste management problem.

Waste-to-energy (MSW) in depth - U.S. Energy Information Administration  (EIA)
Waste to energy plant is required in Karachi if the excess waste has to be utilised effectively in the form of electricity

How to solve the problem of waste management

Design an incentive waste collection system

Waste collection can be easily done, by paying a simple amount to people, obviously, a workforce will be hired to collect the waste. The people of Karachi will be provided two bags and they have to segregate their waste with glass in one shopper and other waste in one shopper. So that the recyclable waste can be easily sent to waste to energy plant and hence its segregation from the waste that cannot be used to make electricity will not be a problem. Now lets talk about how to solve the problem of excess rainwater, and how the rainwater can be utilised effectively

How to solve the problem of excess rainwater

Design an underground sewage system

An underground sewage system will store the water and transfer it to certain parks and bigger fields that are specially created for a recreational basis. Chinese have created such solutions in which excess rainwater is being transferred to large recreational fields and hence they don’t have to water the plants with another source of water. Not only this rainwater can be treated and used to plant vegetables in the same recreational spaces. All of the above-provided solutions are not out of the world and might not demand huge investments. All we need is to invest in the city of Karachi and to ensure its proper development. Else our next generation would be suffering from the same problems that we are suffering from.

Rain Water Collection Tank | Rainwater harvesting system, Rainwater  harvesting, Rain harvesting
Rainwater utilisation to water the plants and trees

How to shape a sustainable city

A sustainable city includes a proper sewage system, renewable energy plants, good recreational spaces for people to hang out. Sustainable transportation and good infrastructure that is built to travel to and fro from a location. None of these can be found in a doomed city like Karachi. But in future, we as citizens of Karachi demand these things as we deserve better and better living standards. We cannot wait more, the waiting time has already passed and our lives have already infected!

Mapping components for a sustainable city (see online version for colours)
A sustainable city includes all of the amenities that are provided in the above figure.

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Why Pakistan is lagging behind in the moon race and why it is important to occupy space




Since 1975, its the first water landing of American astronauts, a space mission that is being launched with the co-operation of NASA and SpaceX. The correspondent congratulated, thanks for flying Space X. By that he meant, that the rocket that was used for this mission was built by the SpaceX. SpaceX has surpassed the engineering limits, and the dreams once seen by Elon Musk nor becoming the reality. I do not want to say that humans went to orbit, I will say that Americans want to orbit. Because, who takes all the praise, all of the nations present in the world when they launch a space mission or the one who are actually responsible for it. Americans are always way ahead when it comes to research and development, once they were fighting and launching moon mission since they had to compete with the Soviet Union. But now the cold war days are over, and there is no Soviet Union anymore. Now what is the need to launch such mission, now they are trying to occupy the space, and we all know that whoever occupies the space the first, will not be ruling the world but will be ruling the whole space. Means if Americans are able to occupy mars, before any other nation, then there will be no other flags on mars, but there will be only one flag on the mars, that is of America.

Pakistan has introduced its Political map today, that is not a bad initiative as far as its regional importance is concerned. There was a need to explain to the world, that which particular regions are an integral part of Pakistan. The importance of Kashmir has also been highlighted in it, as the Kashmiri leaders have also agreed that they want to become a part of Pakistan. But someone has to think beyond this world and has to understand why American are continuously trying to occupy the space. Because, space will help them monitor the whole world, and not only the world but a new planet will be theirs and all other nations would be working under Americans. Americans would be the first nation to develop rules and regulations on other planets, for instance, Elon Musk wants to take humans as a tourist to Mars. Can he take tourists to Pakistan, I don’t think so, neither he can make money from it. So, he is thinking like an occupier and he will be able to do it until 2050. SpaceX will be running commercial operations and taking tourists to moon or mars since it will be their rockets, their pilots and their planets.

We cannot lag behind in this race, we can think that humans went to orbit in 2020, but they don’t say humans, they say Americans went to space and came back easily. Therefore, we need to focus on space program and we need to initiate the findings for such programs that would help our own Pakistani astronauts land on planets like Moon or Mars, India has already made an attempt, now they know the process. And soon they will launch a new space program that will reach the moon.

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